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Item #: SCP-522-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-522-JP itself is designated as Site-81██ as its size makes standard containment measures impractical. Security guards are to be posted around the perimeter to prevent the general public from entering. Measurement of airborne baguette concentration using SCP-522-JP requires the permission of a personnel with Security Clearance 2 or higher. Following the measurement, the effect of SCP-522-JP-1 on reality should be calculated and submitted.

Description: SCP-522-JP is a typical medium-scale airborne baguette concentration measurement station established at the top of Mount █████ in ████████, Gunma Prefecture, Japan. A 7m class Charles-type reflectometer is located inside.

Anomalous properties of SCP-522-JP manifest when it is used to measure the airborne baguette concentration. In addition to the baguettes that are normally detectable, the results are invariably accompanied by approximately 1-2.5% of an unknown non-baguette bread (hereafter referred to as SCP-522-JP-1). This is not usually observed by the Foundation's simplified measuring devices.

It is revealed that SCP-522-JP-1 actually exists in reality only during the time when the measurement data including SCP-522-JP-1 exists in the internal memory of SCP-522-JP. Since the internal memory data is reset after being automatically output to paper medium at the end of measurement, the existence of SCP-522-JP-1 is very brief. The characteristics of SCP-522-JP-1 are currently under research; see Document 522-JP-1 for detailed information.

While the effect of the existence of SCP-522-JP-1 on reality is negligible, the data of SCP-522-JP-1 per measurement should always be submitted.

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