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Object no: SCP-537-FR

Threat Level: Yellow

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-537-FR is kept at Storage Site-Kybian, warehouse 12. MTF PI-1 "City Slickers" is responsible for monitoring the Paris metropolitan area to detect any manifestations among the population and to recover unconfined instances. All requests for testing and analysis must be forwarded to Professor Drusson and can only be granted by a staff member with a Level 2 or higher security clearance.

Description: SCP-537-FR is a set of 1268 hard plastic children's makeup palettes. Each box measures 19 cm long by 12 cm wide by 4 cm deep, and features "Dr. Wondertainment's Halloween Makeup Magic™" in black letters on an orange background. The words "Halloween" and "Wondertainment" are in capital letters and accompanied by stylized red lines representing blood. Bats, pointy hats, vampire fangs, and pumpkins dot the box.

The pallet opens and closes with a snap button sewn into a thick purple fabric. Inside are the following items:

  • Six different colored make-up tablets (orange, red, black, white, blue, yellow).
  • A wooden brush with a round tip, 16 cm long.
  • A wooden paint palette 6 cm wide by 12 cm high.
  • 1 wooden brush, 18 cm long.
  • 1 plastic bottle of make-up remover with a capacity of 20 ml and its cap.

Each of these elements possesses its own designated slot in the plastic of the box for safe transport.

The unknown compounds in the make-up tablets are still being analyzed. The makeup remover contains eight times more zinc and twelve times more phospholipids than the maximum permitted by health standards.

If the makeup is used with a brush other than the one provided in the kit, it retains its abnormal properties. Conversely, using non-abnormal makeup with one of the brushes does not cause any particular effect.

No deterioration of the skin or the materials used in the tests is noted as long as the recommendations for use are respected. Any overdose of the makeup remover will result in the degradation of the material to which it is applied.

SCP-537-FR was recovered on October 31 20██ in Paris in several large make-up, beauty products, and children's entertainment stores, with a stock of advertising brochures and posters promoting SCP-537-FR and the Wondertainment company. In addition to offering the pallets for sale, the employees of the said large retailers were conducting free makeup sessions for children. Investigations are still underway to try to locate all the SCP-537-FR instances still unrecovered.

The abnormal effect of SCP-537-FR manifests when a child identifies with what they are made up as, regardless of the quality of the makeup or the disguise that may be associated with it. For each creature from the imagination related to the Halloween party, the child (identified as an instance of SCP-537-FR and designated with a number depending on the creature with which they identify) is endowed with an abnormal ability. The abilities are the same from one instance to another.

In the absence of tests carried out by the Foundation on children, the table below is based on the analysis of video surveillance and testimonies. A disinformation operation claiming traveling sound and light shows was broadcasted, and a Class A amnestic was distributed to witnesses.

Table of instances of SCP-537-FR :

Instance Number Representation Associated Anomaly
SCP-537-FR-Sor Sorcerer Levitation of small objects (such as sweets) within a radius of one and a half meters.
SCP-537-FR-Lup Werewolf Wolf howl (any instance of SCP-537-FR-LupX is inclined to respond to the howl of one of its fellows with another howl).
SCP-537-FR-Cit Pumpkin Spitting out small seeds in a flurry (no injuries were reported).
SCP-537-FR-Mom Mummy Insect control (up to four at a time).
SCP-537-FR-Pir Pirate Knowledge of sea shanties (twenty-four titles listed, in French and English), and the ability to sing them in a correct and catchy way, regardless of the singing skill level of the instance.
SCP-537-FR-Fée Fairy Photoluminescence of oneself, objects, and living beings by tactile contact. Any object or living being touched from a distance of more than 1.5 meters ceases to be photoluminescent.
SCP-537-FR-Dia Devil Spitting smoke1.
SCP-537-FR-Cha Cat Flexibility and agility. It has been reported to leap up to five meters, without injury, even in a fall.
SCP-537-FR-Clo Clown Exceptional swelling of the nose, which acquires a spherical shape and darkens to a bright red color. If pressed by the instance, it produces a trumpeting sound that makes the interlocutor laugh in 100% of instances.

Note: Despite the existence of make-up of superheroes and fantasy characters from major comic book, manga and film studios (existence attested by testimonies and the study of video surveillance of cosmetic stores), no anomalies related to these representations were established. It appears that SCP-537-FR is limited to representations of popular, non-individual concepts2.

Adults wearing SCP-537-FR makeup develop the same abnormalities, accompanied by uncontrollable violent outbursts that force them to attack any who approaches them. A hypothesis to be confirmed by tests on children's skin points to a chemical reaction operating between the compounds in SCP-537-FR make-up tablets and the sebum naturally present in greater quantities on the skin of adolescents and adults. These substances, when they meet, synthesize an unknown hormone (designated SCP-537-FR-1) making the subject violent and aggressive but easily controllable in view of the non-dangerous abilities granted by SCP-537-FR. Polluting compounds specific to cities could be linked to this reaction. Research is still underway to try to analyze the structure and volatility of the compound.

Addendum 537-FR-1 : Instructions for use of the makeup palette


You just got your claws on Doctor Wondertainment's limited edition "Halloween Makeup Magic™" palette"! The life of a witch, werewolf, mummy, and many other monsters is yours!

The Wondertainment company has used the best materials, guaranteed 120% hypoallergenic, for the well-being of children's skin. Strong and safe, they guarantee a night of laughter and thrills as you go trick-or-treating! Be sure to use the makeup remover provided, with a limit of three drops per application. Using any other lotion or water alone does not guarantee the complete removal of cosmetics.

Product strictly reserved for children aged 3 to 11 years. By purchasing this product and/or participating in an animation related to this product, you confirm that you have read these recommendations. Wondertainment companies cannot be held responsible in case of an inappropriate application or use contrary to the instructions.

Addendum 537-FR-2: Opinion of the Ethics Committee

Context: Because of the difficulty in testing adults that would reveal the anomaly and be safe for personnel; the harmlessness of the anomaly on children authenticated by the large collection of testimonies and videos coupled with reports from field officers; and the need to establish test groups on SCP-537-FR's target audience, an exceptional request for testing on children was issued to the Ethics Committee.

Due to the absence of minor test candidates, the research team is unable to further detail the effects of SCP-537-FR on children.

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