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Item #: SCP-544-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: In order to prevent civilians from entering the SCP-544-JP premises, the cover story "Planned Renovation Site" is to be applied and 4 security guards are to be stationed. When entering SCP-544-JP, be sure to keep the intrusion time within 3 minutes. If it is necessary to continue intruding for longer than 3 minutes, have D-Class personnel intrude. In this case, a small bomb is to be attached to intruding D-Class personnel so that it's possible to remotely terminate them. In order to perceive D-Class personnel who have intruded, changing some of the containment team members is allowed if necessary.

Description: SCP-544-JP is a five-story department in ██ prefecture, and was known as "██ Department Store". It went out of business in 19██ and was demolished █ days later, but the Foundation discovered that it had been completely restored to its original shape the next day, leading to its containment.

When a person intrudes SCP-544-JP, the announcement "We have an announcement. [Target A], [Target B] was waiting for you." is broadcasted every 3 minutes.
Target A is the person who has intruded SCP-544-JP. If more than one person has intruded SCP-544-JP, Target A will be randomly selected each time an announcement is made. Target B is a person who is directly or indirectly acquainted with the selected Target A. Target B is randomly selected even if he or she is not inside SCP-544-JP, but multiple people may be specified at once using words such as "family" or "friend".
When this announcement is complete, Target B loses his or her memory of Target A and cannot perceive them by any means. Announcements other than the sentence above can be broadcasted, but they are not anomalous.

The interior of SCP-544-JP is designed to mimic the time when SCP-544-JP was operating as ██ Department Store, but all areas are uninhabited and all foods has been replaced with sample products. On the 5th floor of SCP-544-JP, there is a room that can be assumed to be the broadcasting room, but it is impossible to see the inside from the outside and enter. On the door of the broadcasting room is written "Kisaragi Construction", but have not been able to confirm the whereabouts of such an organization. In addition, there is no official evidence of any involvement between ██ Department Store and Kisaragi Construction, or it has been expunged.

The following is an excerpt from the SCP-544-JP investigation record and accompanying information.

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