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Item #: SCP-545-KO

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation personnel are to be planted in all sports events and concerts in the Netherlands. As SCP-545-KO is hard to prevent, Foundation activities focus on minimising casualties. Incidents should be covered as safety accidents or audience fistfights.

Description: SCP-545-KO is a European Caucasian male with blonde hair and blue eyes, with a height of 183 cm and a weight of 78 kg. The subject wears a crudely made wingsuit with minimal safety equipment including a bicycle helmet, and a paper mask of former Dutch football player Dennis Bergkamp. Another mask appears when the mask is stripped off. For this reason, the subject's face, excluding the eyes and part of the mouth, is never exposed.

SCP-545-KO appears in sports events or musical concerts all across the Netherlands. It almost always appears on top of the highest structure in the vicinity and falls on the crowd. However, its poorly made wingsuit is insufficient to slow the fall, resulting in casualties at the crash site, including SCP-545-KO itself. SCP-545-KO disappears within an hour of its death, including anything that it is wearing. Afterwards, the subject randomly appears in other events seemingly unharmed.

Addendum: Dutch daily morning newspaper <De Telegraaf> records an incident on September 11th, 2000, when an unidentified crown wearing a wingsuit and Bergkamp mast dropped from the stadium ceiling in a pro football match, resulting in three casualties. However, no other records of the incident exist, including the football match itself. De Telegraaf's editing team later issued an apology about the misinformation. However, as 545-KO incidents started occurring after the event, Foundation investigation about the correlation of the report and the anomaly is in progress.

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