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SCP-546-JP (Anomalous properties removed)

Item #: SCP-546-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation web crawlers are to search for SCP-546-JP in parallel with the image recognition software. In case SCP-546-JP is detected, the post in question is to be removed as inappropriate. The poster is to be located to delete SCP-546-JP in their possession; in case the poster also possesses SCP-546-JP-A, it is to be replaced with a non-anomalous blade of the same model, and the poster is to be amnesticized. In the event of a strange death suspected to be caused by SCP-546-JP-B, amnestic treatment and standard information suppression procedures are to be applied to the individuals involved; SCP-546-JP and SCP-546-JP-A are to be handled according to the aforementioned measures.

In order to prevent the further creation of SCP-546-JP-A, the Foundation-operated bots are to routinely distribute similar non-anomalous images with phrases such as "Share and save it, and you will become happy".

Description: SCP-546-JP is an anomalous image file with 474x326 pixels and 400kB. Blades with a length of 2cm or longer that are placed within a range of 2m from the device storing SCP-546-JP for more than 24 hours (hereafter designated as SCP-546-JP-A) develop anomalous properties. The printed version of SCP-546-JP does not display any anomalous nature.

When a human injures themselves with SCP-546-JP-A based on a clear intention, an opaque, pale yellow fluid is released from the wound instead of blood. The fluid is invariably produced in a volume of approximately 300ml, regardless of the size of the wound. The produced fluid behaves like a normal liquid on the injured individual's skin, and consequently flows down. Once it leaves the skin and reaches a relatively flat surface, however, the fluid forms a cylinder approximately 1cm in thickness and 10cm in radius. This cylinder transforms into a cooked pancake (SCP-546-JP-B) over 3 minutes. While this process is closely similar to the cooking process of a non-anomalous pancake, it has been found that no thermal transfer or generation occurs, regardless of the temperature at the point where the fluid falls. In addition, the transformation from the fluid to SCP-546-JP-B is accompanied by the formation of accessories such as whipped cream and sliced fruit. The source of these "toppings" is unknown.

Ingredient analysis has revealed that SCP-546-JP-B has almost the same composition as that of the non-anomalous pancake, but in addition contains a large amount of cinnamon, as well as trace amounts of silver particles, calcium carbonate, and conchiolin1. In tastings with D-class personnel, SCP-546-JP-B was generally evaluated as an ideal pancake regardless of whether the tasters prefers the sweet taste or not. Additionally, the D-class personnel who ingested SCP-546-JP-B demonstrated an enhancement in Milgram Obedience Level.


Sugar confections recovered from D-546-3

SCP-546-JP-B does not cause toxic effects or anomalous reactions when ingested in small amounts. However, a person who ingests more than the threshold amount ( average: 5.4 pieces, standard deviation: ±0.95 pieces) is killed within the next 10 hours. It has been determined that a sharp rise in blood glucose level can be observed as a prodromal effect shortly before death. The corpse is subsequently transformed into a large amount of sugar confection except for the outer skin. These sugar confections do not possess any anomalous properties or toxicity, but have been described as "too sweet with a bad aftertaste" and "has an artificial flavor." Notably, individuals who have previously used SCP-546-JP-A are unaffected by the ingestion of SCP-546-JP-B.

SCP-546-JP was brought to the attention of the Foundation by the strange death case of ███ ██████ (age 15) in █████████ Prefecture, Japan. Amnestic treatment and standard information suppression procedures were applied to the individuals involved. The Foundation investigation revealed the involvement of █████ ████████ (age 14), who had been in a romantic relationship with Mr. ██████; the anomalous properties of SCP-546-JP were disclosed when she stated that she had owned and used SCP-546-JP-A. Since the observation proved that Ms. ████████ herself had no anomalous properties, she was released after amnestic treatment and several counseling sessions.

It is known that SCP-546-JP has been repeatedly distributed on a small scale through posts on social networking services. SCP-546-JP is generally posted with phrases such as "If you save this image and perform a series of rituals, you can change from the inside, and become a different self from before." The rituals vary from poster to poster, but the steps of "waiting overnight" and "reposting or spreading the image at the end" are invariably shared. Additional tests have demonstrated that the anomalous properties of SCP-546-JP are not related to the details of these "rituals".

The individual who supposedly posted SCP-546-JP first has already been identified, but it has been revealed that she committed suicide before posting it. The following are the posts before and after her suicide.

After all I am nothing but a sack of blood and flesh. Dirty. Helpless.
██:██ - 2017/2/10

All I can think about is how great it would be if I'm not like this.
██:██ - 2017/2/10

I thought it might be different this time, but it's still not right. I feel like an idiot. Another night of cleaning up blood by myself.
[A picture of a bleeding wrist]
██:██ - 2017/2/12

I no longer need such of me. Farewell.
[A picture of a large amount of pills. Based on the type and quantity of pills in the picture, it is considered that the dose would not be lethal even if all of them were consumed]
██:██ - 2017/2/13

It is believed that after making this post, the poster made a failed suicide attempt, and then successfully committed suicide by other means. There is no evidence of any anomaly being involved in this series of actions. The following text was posted after the original poster committed suicide.

Amazing. It's true. If you do this you can change from your inside. You can be a sweet, wonderful girl that everyone loves.
[A screenshot from notepad. Contents are as follows]
1. Soak a handkerchief in a dilute sugar water with dissolved cinnamon 
2. After the handkerchief dries, write your name on it with a lip balm 
3. Wrap a smartphone containing this image and an utility knife in the handkerchief 
4. Expose it to the moonlight overnight2
██:██ - 2017/2/18

While this account has not made any new posts since 2017/2/18, it has been found that the supposed poster subsequently "liked"3 her own posts dated 2017/2/10.

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