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Item #: SCP-548-JP

Object Class: Safe Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-548-JP is contained inside a low-hazard containment locker in Site-81██. Permission from at least one member with a security clearance level of 2 or up is required for conducting tests with SCP-548-JP, and is restricted to courtyard 3 of Site-81██, which has been soundproofed. In case of rainy weather, quickly generate a SCP-548-JP-A instance.

Description: SCP-548-JP is a plastic umbrella, similar to the ones sold in convenience stores. Minor scratches, stains and similar age-related deterioration can be appreciated on its surface. Past this, its appearance and structure have no noteworthy traits.

SCP-548-JP abnormal qualities occur when falling raindrops come in contact with the umbrella’s fabric. Liquids other than raindrops and drops of water will not activate the effect. When the raindrops drop continuously upon SCP-548-JP’s fabric, the sound of the falling rain produced instead changes to the notes of a piano, its melody consistent with Chopin’s “Étude Op. 10, No. 3 in E major”1 (Henceforth, the person holding SCP-548-JP will be known as the subject and the phenomenon referred to as SCP-548-JP-A). There is a difference between the time the droplets touch SCP-548-JP and the generation of the notes for SCP-548-JP-A, the lag being of anytime between 0,7 and 2 seconds. It is assumed this is the time it takes for SCP-548-JP to match the rain sounds to the melody of the music being played. If contact with the rain is lost, like when entering a room or if the weather clears, or if the tune is reduced to the point it cannot be reproduced, SCP-548-A will end, and the rain sounds will return to normal. If SCP-548-JP-A has finished, and raindrops continue to make contact with the fabric, a verbal request can be made to SCP-548-JP, and a new SCP-548-JP-A instance will be generated.

Music analysis of SCP-548-JP-A shows that there are slight improvements to the tune each time it’s played. If the song requested to SCP-548-JP has a high degree of difficulty, SCP-548-JP-A will occur, but the melody will tend to be disorganized. However, as the performances continue, the disorder diminishes, and eventually, the tune is reproduced perfectly. Also, if after the end of a SCP-548-JP-A instance applause and words of praise are dedicated to SCP-548-JP, and another SCP-548-JP-A is requested, the rate of improvement for the tune jumps from 3 times to 5 times. People listening to this new SCP-548-JP-A instance find the music more “delightful” and “pleasing”. On the contrary, if SCP-548-JP is mocked and booed, the tone of the following SCP-548-JP-A instance will be more disorganized, and SCP-548-JP could refuse to play it. This suggests SCP-548-JP might possess an ego.

SCP-548-JP was found at the scene of a traffic accident in 19██/█/█. It was raining at the time, SCP-548-JP’s effect activated at the scene. An agent working undercover as a police officer quickly brought the item into custody. At the time, an onlooker commented positively on SCP-548-JP-A, increasing the quality of the tune. Class-A amnestics were given to all onlookers and police officers at the scene.

It is known that SCP-548-JP belonged to one of the victims of the traffic accident (A woman named ███, ten years old at the time), that the victim was on her way to a piano competition, and that was going to play “Étude Op. 10, No. 3 in E major” as her competition piece.

First Testing Record File: 548

Testing record 548-1
Person in charge: Researcher Tsukahara
Details: D-548-1 is to applaud SCP-548-JP’s performance, then request “Étude Op. 10, No. 3 in E major”.

Results: SCP-548-JP-A’s performance leaned towards disorganization, but the tone of the piece felt “joyful”.

Notes: SCP-548-JP seems to enjoy it even if it cannot play the piece faithfully.

Testing record 548-10
Person in charge: Researcher Tsukahara
Details: D-548-10 is to shout abusively at SCP-548-JP for five minutes, then request “Étude Op. 10, No. 3 in E major”.

Results: SCP-548-JP played disruptive tones at megavolumes, rupturing D-548-10’s eardrums.

Notes: Reply with malice to malice; that’s a human-like reaction.

Testing record 548-31
Person in charge: Researcher Tsukahara
Details: D-548-31 is to request a song with extremely violent lyrics.

Results: SCP-548-JP-A was played, with the second half played in a more cheerful tone.

Notes: SCP-548-JP doesn’t seem to like nor dislike the genre. It poses no danger if handled with care.

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