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Personnel member, please inspect the contents of your pockets immediately. Run your hand along every seam and check every tear. Check your hems, your hood, your hair if you have any. If you happen to find a pink paperclip, you must imperatively execute the following procedure:
  • Firmly grip the paperclip.
  • Head towards the nearest emergency destruction station.
  • Slide the paperclip into the slit and press the "Destroy" button.
  • Inform your supervisor of the incident.

Once this has been done, you may return to your activities.


A follower of the SCP-555-FR cult

SCP Item #555-FR

Threat Level: Rose

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures

All woodlands, forests, caves and cemeteries in France have been organized into a patrolling order which is to be followed by Mobile Task Force Epsilon-13 ("The Decomposers"). SCP-555-FR cultists encountered during these patrols must be captured and receive B-Class amnestics.

All websites and forums dedicated to SCP-555-FR must be taken down without delay, and their members are to receive B-Class amnestics. All websites and forums mentioning SCP-555-FR must be monitored and their members captured and interrogated.

Every personnel member must examine the contents of their pockets as frequently as possible. If SCP-555-FR-A is encountered, it must be destroyed as soon as possible. To that end, emergency destruction stations have been made available to personnel within SCP Foundation Areas and Sites. Due to the low risk it poses to the civilian population but high for Foundation personnel, SCP-555-FR has received threat level Rose .


SCP-555-FR is a neopagan, animistic religious movement which has likely been created specifically to harm the SCP Foundation. SCP-555-FR cultists are almost exclusively French-speaking and their numbers are estimated to around █000.

Like other neopagan movements, SCP-555-FR does not have a defined hierarchy. However, there is a single individual referred to by cultists as the "Shaman" and regarded by the latter as the highest religious figure in the physical realm. SCP-555-FR followers exhibit an extremely intense feeling of admiration for the "Shaman" and a strong compulsion to get physically closer to him or her. They seem capable of locating the latter through unconscious, anomalous means, leading to the discovery of the "Shaman" by at least one cultist in almost all cases. Attempts at dissimulation or physical isolation have been ineffective.



SCP-555-FR-A is a pink paperclip of unknown brand and model. Any individual in contact with SCP-555-FR-A, or carrying it in anything that can be considered their clothes, instantly becomes the religion's "Shaman" and thereby becomes the object of the followers' obsession. Every few days, SCP-555-FR-A manifests in the clothes worn by an employee of the French-speaking branch of the SCP Foundation. This has caused several invasions of Foundation facilities by a large number of SCP-555-FR-A followers. As for the "Shaman," the cultists' attachment makes his or her work difficult at best, and in the worst cases, causes serious discomfort, sometimes escalating to death by stampede. ██ personnel members have died in this manner and ███ others were lightly injured in the scrambles.

This process may be interrupted by destroying SCP-555-FR-A, by cutting it, shredding it or melting it. However, this invariably triggers its reappearance a few days later in another personnel member's pockets, fully repaired. Recovered information indicates that the origin of this anomaly is Group of Interest Nemo and the Nautilus.

Known history

The SCP-555-FR movement was founded on March 21st, 2012 and the first known member is D██████ M█████. In the following months, the cult only gained a few members and D.M. alone was working to spread it, by translating American neopagan works into French. The following year, the number of members increased greatly and translation efforts were a lot more efficient, and accompanied by the creation of original French works. During its ten years of activity, the cult has written and distributed 192 original works. D. M█████ claimed during an interview that he founded the movement in order to create a French-speaking neopagan community and that he has no knowledge of the underlying anomalous phenomena or of SCP-555-FR-A.

During the year 2013, the cult gained popularity following the publication on the World Wide Web of several anomalous video games about it. During execution, the programs were capable of editing their code in order to create a customized experience for each player. A techno-memetic effect prevented subjects from realizing the anomaly by communicating with other players. Several million copies were downloaded in a few months and numerous internet personalities uploaded clips of themselves playing the games onto various websites. These games were produced by a company named SatanéMorts1 which appears to have vanished without a trace. It seems relevant to note that this name contains the string of letters "Nemo."

Despite censorship efforts from the Foundation, this phenomenon's influence on video game communities is still visible to this day. Some internet personalities have begun writing their own neopagan works, which some SCP-555-FR followers strongly oppose for poorly understood reasons.

On October 31st, 2016, the movement experienced a massive influx of new members following the publication on the website YouTube of a video by user Nemophiles describing several neopagan religions. The video featured D. M█████'s phone number as well as a techno-memetic agent compelling viewers to dial this number. D. M█████ would then invite them to join his cult. "Nemophiles" is the vernacular name of a flower species native to North America, but it seems relevant to note that this name contains the string of letters "Nemo." This video is the only known activity of the aforementioned user.

Although a large number of people are aware of SCP-555-FR's existence, only a fraction have joined the movement. Potential new members are faced with a number of barriers to entry, such as having to read a 700 pages-long text written for this purpose by D. M█████ and having to find two [REDACTED] inside, which often proves harder than anticipated. The number of cultists who have translated or written at least 3 neopagan works has been estimated to 2.


A sculpture after an SCP-555-FR ritual. Cultists claim that the statue tripped and fell.

Nature's Soul, Oise, France

Rituals and practices

SCP-555-FR's ideology revolves around the belief that every item is inhabited by a sleeping spirit which can "awaken" anytime, giving the item an unusual behavior. Thus, the majority of rituals involve objects that are generally inanimate and aim to "awaken their spirit" through various means, ranging from chants and dances to using hallucinogenic drugs. In the vast majority of cases, these rituals fail. Undercover researchers have reportedly witnessed anomalous behavior although the use of psychoactive substances renders these testimonies unreliable.

Rituals are typically carried out in groups of a dozen individuals in a remote location (often in forests). Cultists tour the location until they find an item they deem suitable. This can be a statue (most common scenario), animal skeletons (complete or not), remarkable stones or tombstones. Broken items are prioritized; believers claim that the disturbance caused by the damage eases the awakening of their spirit. ██████ forest in the Val d'Oise Department is renowned among cultists due to the large number of broken garden gnomes it contains (nicknamed "the gnome grave" by some).

As previously mentioned, followers write and translate neopagan works they then distribute to promote their religion. Members value this process to varying degrees: some write on a regular basis and dread the possibility that their production could be disliked by the rest of the community; other have not written for years and apparently do not wish to resume. There exists a form of unacknowledged conflict between members perceived mainly as translators and those who favor original works. However, peaceful cohabitation of these two subgroups is assured by "double agents" who engage in both activities.

Messages from Nemo

After most SCP-555-FR-A manifestations, the targeted personnel member also discovers a yellow post-it note bearing a message signed Nemo. A sample of recovered messages is available below.

Restricted documents

    • _

    You are currently trying to access a confidential document. Are you certain that you wish to proceed?

      • _

      Identity confirmation

      Personnel member, please confirm your username:

        • _

        Please enter the secret code associated to this document. Any incorrect submission will result in immediate termination.

          • _

          Good day, authorized personnel member. If you successfully accessed this file, you certainly already know that the SCP-555-FR anomaly exhibits effects defying our knowledge of the structure of reality. Although the Foundation has been researching this domain for quite a long time, information revealed by the study of SCP-555-FR is, one would say, revolutionary.

          I must inform you, however, that the nature of this data renders it difficult to understand by an unprepared mind. This is the last warning you will see; afterwards, you will be able to access the document. Proceed at your own risk. - O5-12

    > Cancel

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