Item #: SCP-557-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The abandoned road leading to SCP-557-JP is to be blocked and monitored via security cameras 24 hours a day. Exploration of SCP-557-JP is prohibited, and all requests related to exploration are to be rejected. SCP-557-JP exploration logs are to be checked, sorted out, and reviewed at regular intervals; subsequently, the access to these logs is to be suspended with several exceptions.

Description: SCP-557-JP is an abandoned tunnel located near Mount ███ in ████████ Prefecture, Japan. Its total length is approximately 500m, and the road width is approximately 4m. It has been confirmed that the entire tunnel was constructed by manual excavation in the Meiji era.

Anomalous properties of SCP-557-JP manifest when a human passes through its interior on foot. If the subject uses a means other than walking, such as a four-wheeled vehicle, a motorcycle or a remote controlled drone, no anomalous phenomenon can be observed.

SCP-557-JP anomalously causes the appearance of human corpses when the subject passes through its interior. The corpses vary in age and gender, and the number of appearances is not constant between cases. These conditions remain unchanged when multiple people pass through it.

The corpses are wrapped in straw mats or blue tarpaulins, and no severe damage can be seen. These corpses disappear when the subject reaches the exit. While there is typically no apparent correlation between the subject and the corpses, in rare cases, individuals who were acquainted with the subject appear as corpses. These acquaintances have been confirmed as deceased in the past, and nothing unusual has been found in their cause of death.

In addition, most individuals who have explored SCP-557-JP claim to have a sense of déjà vu about the sights inside. This feeling of déjà vu occurs regardless of the subject's condition such as origin or gender.

Since these phenomena were not observed during the time when SCP-557-JP was used as a public road, it is speculated that the anomalous properties of SCP-557-JP developed after its abandonment.

On 20██/██/██, an unusual event occurred during the 5th exploration of SCP-557-JP. The following is the exploration log of this case.

Exploration Log 557-JP-05 - Date 20██/██/██

Explorer: D-1977649

[Begin Log]

D-1977649: Okay, I'm in front of the tunnel now, should I just go in?

Command: Yes. The purpose of this exploration is to stay in the tunnel for an extended period of time. Is your physical condition all right?

D-1977649: I'm fine. Also I have no problem with dark and narrow places, so you don't need to worry about that.

Command: Understood. Now proceed to the center of the tunnel. If you discover anything before then, please check on it.

[ The flashlight illuminates the interior of SCP-557-JP. The road is littered with dried leaves and trash, and a black garbage bag can be seen in the corner of the screen. ]

D-1977649: We already have something in there. I'll check the contents. Ew, it's a dead body, of an old woman.

[ A corpse is visible, believed to be a female in approximately sixties, clad in a black nightgown. Vital signs undetectable, presumed deceased. ]

D-1977649: Can I leave it behind for now?

Command: Yes, please.

D-1977649: Roger that. I'll go ahead.

[ About one minute later, an orange body storage bag is visible. ]

D-1977649: Is this that thing, the one you put dead bodies in? I've seen it in movies and stuff. I'll check this too for the record.

[ Immediately after the body bag is opened, the sound of the flashlight falling to the ground is heard. The screen darkens. ]

D-1977649: Huh.

Command: What's happening, D-1977649?

D-1977649: Uh, no, I'm just wondering if that really could be the case. I see, that is how it went. I finally realized that just now.

Command: We are not getting your point. What's going on, D-1977649?

D-1977649: Well, don't be surprised. I was thinking that this place looked quite familiar to me, so I should've known, but I see, that's what it meant. Okay, I'll show you now, but really please don't be surprised.

[ The screen lightens again and shows a corpse in the body bag, which is identical in appearance to D-1977649. ]

D-1977649: Apparently I was dead already. That's what it was.

[ Immediately after, the screen darkens; D-1977649 does not respond to any further calls from the Command. ]

[End Log]

A search within SCP-557-JP after the communication failure failed to find D-1977649.

+ View Exploration Log 557-JP-06 [ACCESS SUSPENDED]
+ View Exploration Log 557-JP-11 [ACCESS SUSPENDED]
+ View Exploration Log 557-JP-13 [ACCESS SUSPENDED]
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Addendum 1: After the incident during the 5th exploration, D-1977649's personal background was reviewed, and it was confirmed that he was killed in an accident that occurred on 19██/██/██. Follow-up verification investigations of the personnel associated with the previous SCP-557-JP Exploration Logs were conducted, which revealed that all personnel who were supposed to have explored in SCP-557-JP had already died before then. This fact was not acknowledged by the responsible researchers and supervisors until the discovery, and had been documented in the Foundation Archives without difficulty. Subsequent research has not detected any evidence of history or reality being altered.

In response to this incident, the exploration in SCP-557-JP has been suspended after the fifth trial.

Addendum 2: Exploration requests and logs related to SCP-557-JP have been increasing since the prohibition of internal exploration. All personnel listed in the Exploration Logs have been confirmed to be deceased prior to the date of their corresponding log. The sources of the requests and logs are either unknown or from already deceased individuals. No measures have been established to prevent the accumulation of these requests and logs.

2 exploration requests have been received. [Prerejected by higher clearance personnel]

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