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Item #: SCP-563-FR

Threat Level: Green

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-563-FR must be stored in a standard containment crate for small artifacts, with a small light source. It must be stored in wing B of Storage Site-Kybian.

The crate must be locked and should only opened upon presentation of 3/563-FR or more Level clearance. Two minor Scranton Reality Anchors (mSRA) must maintain a standard Reality level equal to 2 humes. Any variation of more 0.13 humes must be reported to the researcher in charge of the anomaly, currently Dr. Corvelin. Regular saves and copies of all data regarding SCP-563-FR must be done on a daily basis, in addition to being stored in both physical and digital formats. The currently available version on the Foundation internal network must be compared to the aforementioned saves at least once a week. Any divergence in content in comparison to originals must be corrected.


SCP-563-FR at the time of its discovery.

Description: SCP-563-FR is a spirit house, a small personal altar of restricted size and taking the appearance of a buddhist temple. The object measures 54 cm in height and weights 4.6 kg. SCP-563-FR is mostly composed of wood, on which a red-ochre paint has been applied. These two materials do not exhibit any anomalous properties when removed from the artifact. The base does not possess any anomaly either, and has thus been left at the site of recovery.

Offerings can be placed down inside SCP-563-FR, such as fruits, desserts or beverages, with the purpose of satisfying protective spirits and tying them to a specific place. The measured Akiva radiation level has proven to be standard, refuting any implication of a divine entity, but any gift left in SCP-563-FR disappears once the hatch of the object is closed. What happens to these offerings is unknown, as the only effected are only edible goods, making the use of trackers impossible.

When an individual leaves enough offerings in SCP-563-FR, a minor anomalous phenomenon occurs: any animal considered as "ferocious and hazardous" by the subject (such as gibbons, gaurs, elephants or leopards) becomes unable to vocalize in an approximately 500 m radius around this person. The anomaly is temporary, does not appear to affect vocal cords of the animals, and does not seem to trouble them overmuch. Thai folklore specialists suppose that it is a favour offered by SCP-563-FR to its donors, as roars of such animals being often interpreted as bad omens.

SCP-563-FR diverts sunlight in such a way to be as often as possible and entirely lit by natural way. This anomalous trait notably implies that the object is deprived of cast shadows. Even placed indoors, the luminous beams of distant sources, such as windows or light wells, break the laws of geometrical optics, modify refractive indexes of transparent media and contradict the equality between angles of incidence and reflection to reach the artifact. However, a total lack of luminous sources, e.g. by the laying of obstacles, allows to obscure SCP-563-FR, without a particular and visible consequence, except occasioning faint human grunts of an unknown origin.

Despite its nature, the real utility of this anomaly is unknown. The likeliest hypothesis supposes that the lack of shadows on the object could allow it to be placed anywhere, while usually, a spirit house has to be put in a very specific spot, so that it won’t be obscured by the shadow of the house it protects.

SCP-563-FR is also able to modify the contents of any document attached to it. This aptitude overrides any known security procedure, affects both numerical and physical versions as, but does not appear to distort the memories of individuals being aware of the anomaly. The reason why SCP-563-FR also possess this anomaly is unknown.

SCP-563-FR was brought to Foundation attention the 07/11/2023, following the spotting of numerous pictures on social media concerning a "never-obscured spirit house". A quick investigation and some small tests from the Detective Preliminary Division confirmed the initial suspicions, and the object was quickly confined. As the object was publicly considered as a traditional and artistic installation, the author of this work was quickly found and captured. Henceforth registered as PoI-563-FR, the individual appears to be part of the Association of Black Magic Power Users. Successive interviews allowed to gain a better understanding of the anomalous properties of the object, as well as a consequent history. More information can be found on the following addenda.

Addendum 563-FR-1: Extensive examinations of SCP-563-FR

Addendum 563-FR-2: Historical context of SCP-563-FR

Addendum 563-FR-3: Profile of PoI-563-FR

Addendum 563-FR-4: Containment history of SCP-563-FR

Addendum 563-FR-5: Links with the Association of Black Magic Power Users

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