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Item #: SCP-569-FR

Threat Level: Yellow

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The facility where SCP-569-FR is located has been acquired as land property by the Foundation since its discovery and has been placed under the administrative responsibility of outpost ████████. Its entrance is locked out of service and the He-23-6 procedure bundle concerning access to low and medium-threat anomalies is currently enforced. If a subject begins physically interacting with the item, they have to be terminated and their remains destroyed in a three hour window.

SCP-569-FR-1 has been neutralized during event 569-FR and its non anomalous remains have been destroyed according to the standard outpost procedure.

Any individual manifesting interest about buying back the facility after its suppression from public registers on 04/02/2006 must be brought to Foundation facilities for interrogation and registered by default as a potential Person of Interest.

Description: SCP-569-FR is a spatial anomaly located in the former Aphaca Club facility, a nightclub doubling as a sex-club in downtown ████████. The anomaly is located in the backrooms of the private part of the club supposedly reserved to intimate or sexual activities, and consists of a hole in wall similar in appearance to a "glory-hole," usually made to allow anonymous sexual relations between two individuals in non anomalous yet similar clubs.

SCP-569-FR, however, differs from a regular glory-hole by its peculiar spatial properties: the wall bearing the hole is a solid bulkhead that does not link to any other room of the facility, merely separating the booth from a storage locker with about 70cm of concrete and expansive polyurethane foam in between. The research conducted by Foundation personnel has revealed a non anomalous electrical system linked to the metallic outline of the opening. It is designed to allow the circulation of a very low current, with frequencies and modulations that do not make sense from a purely physical standpoint, and believed to have been used to control the anomaly at will during the active period of the club, guiding the spatial distortion towards another hole anywhere on the globe. The direct causality link between the activation of the current and the spatial distortion's destination has been proven by practical experiments and the personnel in charge of SCP-569-FR has claimed to be able to control its functions eight days after the beginning of the study.

Once the passage has been opened by the initial electrical stimulation, an optical disturbance visually similar to an intangible black veil appears in the hole and the direct spatial passage opens; any object of a suitable size or liquid inserted on one side of the hole comes out of the other size until deactivation of the passage. Thus, it acts like a regular opening between the two rooms or spaces linked in a physical way, except gases which do not seem to be able to cross. Because of this, no pressure differential or air flow occurs when passage is opened.

Addendum 1: SCP-569-FR was found on 03/21/2006 inside the Aphaca Club building after a report to the Suspicious Affairs Department by a civilian intelligence agent tasked with monitoring the anomalous company in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. According to the initial report, the establishment was accommodating an intense daily traffic of anomalous activities of various nature, ranging from meetings between anomalous individuals to transactions that are illegal in regards to the laws that apply on French territory.

The identity of the establishment's owner or owners are yet to be discovered to this day but they appear to have been part of an anomalous, clandestine network providing services of a sexual nature, several times referred to as "Caldeira" in recovered documents. A search for individuals related to this network is still ongoing, with the goal of gathering more information and classifying the network as an official Group of Interest; a field study mission has been set up in Nouvelle-Aquitaine and a broader team has been deployed to the entirety of clandestine spheres in metropolitan France to assess the size and nature of the network.

Addendum 2: The exact range of action of SCP-569-FR is currently being reevaluated following the conclusions of the field study mission, and in particular, the report from the legal section of the Medical Department.

Addendum 3: Classification of the subject found on site to E-SEK2 after the development of an anomaly after its arrival at Site-Daleth. On 03/25/2006, two days after his preliminary exam, the corpse placed in conservation bubble have been removed to the dimensional investigation section to be digitalized in archive needs but the opening of the wound have been altered in an anomalous way : during thickening gel application, the leaking supposed to get out of the wound has systematically disappeared halfway through the skull of the subject.

The presence of a spatial anomaly has been confirmed by a protocol break from Assistant Malain when he passed his hand through the wound, resulting in [DATA EXPUNGED].
03/26/2006: Sanction procedure cancelled.

The fore opening of the wound is now 12 cm wide.

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