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Item #: SCP-577-TH


SCP-577-TH's TikTok Page

Special Containment Procedures: Currently, there is no known method to fully contain SCP-577-TH. The Foundation can only request cooperation from the application owner to find ways to remove SCP-577-TH (despite failed attempts) and remove the accounts of others affected by SCP-577-TH.

Description: SCP-577-TH is an unidentified user going by the name Bonnie on the TikTok application, with 170 followers and 5,000 likes. The description reads, Welcome to Bonnie's TikTok. SCP-577-TH consists of a profile picture of a cartoon character of an unknown teenage girl wearing a light pink shirt and long grey pants (Presumably Bonnie). Animated clips of Bonnie, photos, and clips of various locations where Bonnie has been There are also pictures of Bonnie with other victims. Notably, only SCP-577-TH is cartoonish, while everything else is real.

SCP-577-TH's anomaly can occur to any TikTok user, but tends to happen to those with more than 1,000 followers, hereafter referred to as victims. These victims appear to be of interest to Bonnie (it is unknown how SCP-577-TH chooses its victims). Once SCP-577-TH encounters a desired victim, the entity infiltrates the victim's account and appears in all of their posts through an unknown method. However, this anomaly isn't limited to TikTok and manifests across all victims social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, etc.). After SCP-577-TH appears in the media for a while, the entity becomes more apparent and threatening, even appearing in Polaroid pictures of the victim. Eventually, the victim can converse with SCP-577-TH without any medium through an unknown method (the Foundation suspects this might be due to the victim's psychological state from being heavily harassed by SCP-577-TH). SCP-577-TH coexists with the victim until they ultimately commit suicide.

However, SCP-577-TH's anomalies are not limited to this. On Bonnie's channel, there's a pinned video titled Bonnie's Haunted Staircase Tour. It is 30 seconds long and has 25,███ views. The clip shows Bonnie's arm holding a flashlight while descending the spiral stairs of SCP-087. There are strange sounds throughout the clip until at 00:28, when the face of SCP-087 pops up abruptly and holographically projects from the screen in 3D. This has caused █,███ deaths from heart failure. At the end of the clip, there is the sound of a child laughing, presumed to be Bonnie's voice.

Discovery: SCP-577-TH was discovered on the same day that the TikTok application was first launched in 2016. The first victim of the entity was an employee named ███████ (whose photo is in the SCP-577-TH account, and a clip of him conversing with Bonnie in his bedroom a day before his death)."

Interview Record

Interview Record: Date 08-08-2021
Interviewee: O
Note: O is a victim of SCP-577-TH. He has been kept in a containment chamber for 7 days since his encounter with SCP-577-TH. He had his mobile phone confiscated and was prohibited from accessing any form of media. The Foundation has brought him in for further study.

(Beginning of interview)

Officer ████: How are you feeling today?

O: Yes…yes, I see her. I see her everywhere now. I can even see her through your glasses.

Officer ████: I think you need to calm down. You may have experienced horrible things. What it does to you, stalking you, haunting you, driving you mad, but it's all about to end. We have taken your phone, and it won't be able to harm you anymore.

O: I want my phone back. I want to talk to her.

(O responds with a quivering voice.)

Officer ████: I'm sorry, but we are treating you now.

O: You don't understand, she's gonna kill me. And she's gonna kill you. She wants you

Officer ████: Why would it want me? I don't even use TikTok.

O: You don't understand. If you don't give me my phone, She will kill others in my place. I don't want anyone to get hurt… Listen, She's talking to me.

(████ attempts to listen to something, but there is nothing.)

Officer ████: Why would it want to kill others? What has it been saying to you? Can you tell me?

(O shakes his head.)

Officer ████: Well… I can't help you then.

O: Please, please, please… I want my phone back. (O slams the table violently several times.) Give it to me. Give it…

(Another officer comes in and restrains O as he falls to the floor, struggling.)

Officer ████: O, you need to tell me what it's saying to you. At least do it for your own sake.

O: Phone… Your phone. I need to talk to her.

(End of interview)

Note: O died from repeatedly slamming his head against the floor. And Officer ████  went missing after the interview and was found dead two weeks later, two kilometers away from his house. In ████'s account, there were photos of Bonnie with Officer ████ on his Facebook account, taken at various locations where he was unwillingly brought. And strangely, Officer ████ could travel to different places while leaving his car at home and travel from one distant place to another in a very short time frame, according to the time stamps on the photos."

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