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Item #: SCP-583-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-583-JP is to be contained in a low-risk storage locker and kept under constant observation by a fixed-point camera. The experiment with SCP-583-JP requires the permission of a personnel in charge.

SCP-583-JP-A instances are to be contained in standard humanoid containment cells and are to be provided with food or IV fluids depending on their symptoms. Their mental health care, which doubles as an interview, should be conducted bi-weekly.

UPDATE: In light of the incident that occurred on 20██/12/3, SCP-583-JP-A instances are to be blindfolded at all times. Further interviews are to be conducted from a separate room over a communication device.

Description: SCP-583-JP is a ██████ brand sleep mask. While SCP-583-JP has the identical shape and materials as other masks of this model, its light shielding property is extremely high compared to others; SCP-583-JP can block even a high-intensity light source at close range. Individuals wearing SCP-583-JP (hereinafter referred to as the "wearers") generally report that they feel comfortable.

SCP-583-JP's anomalous properties manifest when the wearer enters a state of REM sleep. While normal rapid eye movement is observed, the wearer's eyeballs liquefy over the course of 10-20 minutes. During this process, the wearer does not react to external stimuli and does not feel any pain. The liquefied eyeballs are converted into a pair of black fluids (designated SCP-583-JP-1). SCP-583-JP-1 never overflows from the wearer's eye socket and cannot be removed externally; collecting its samples has been unsuccessful as it disappears simultaneously with the death of the wearer.

Once affected, the wearer (designated SCP-583-JP-A) loses the ability to perceive light and claims that their vision is absolute darkness. In addition, SCP-583-JP-A instances state that they can recall past memories vividly by staring into the darkness. Descriptions provided by SCP-583-JP-A suggest that they not only recall visual information, but also sense auditory, olfactory, gustatory, and tactile memories.

Most of SCP-583-JP-A instances become obsessed with their past memories and attempt to satisfy their wishes and desires through recalling them. These symptoms can differ between individuals; some instances of SCP-583-JP-A (especially former D-class personnel) consider their past as distressing and attempt to live as normal as possible.

The incident on 20██/12/3 revealed that SCP-583-JP-A's anomalous properties are infectious; in one case, a D-class personnel who observed SCP-583-JP-1 directly during the testing immediately turned into SCP-583-JP-A. Details of the infection cause have not yet been identified, except that it is caused by direct observation of SCP-583-JP-1; Infection does not always occur, even in experiments conducted under identical durations and conditions.

SCP-583-JP was discovered in the house of a blind man, who was transported to ████████ Hospital in ██████ Prefecture on 20██/3/12. While the patient in question claimed that he purchased SCP-583-JP at a local store, no sleep mask with the same anomalous properties was recovered. Amnestics were administered to those involved, and the patient was recovered as SCP-583-JP-A-1.

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