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SCP-586-JP-3 shortly after the breakage during testing (SCP-586-JP-A-3 is in a dead angle). Note that internal liquid was already vaporized.

Item #: SCP-586-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-586-JP are to be stored in Low-Risk Object Storage Units at Storage Site-8123. Inactivated SCP-586-JP-A instances are to be stored in Cryogenic Storage Units at said Site. On testing of SCP-586-JP, the priority is given to the establishment of communication with SCP-586-JP-A instances. Testing involving the breakage or physical impact against SCP-586-JP requires the approval of 2 Security Clearance Level-3 or above personnel. In case another incident possibly related to new SCP-586-JP instances is reported to law enforcement, investigation is to be handed over to Foundation agents.

Description: Each instance of SCP-586-JP appears to be a small snow globe, of which there are currently six (6). designated SCP-586-JP-1 to -6, each instance of SCP-586-JP is filled by transparent liquid, which is a component currently unknown to the Foundation. Said liquid is assumed to serve as a method to maintain the active state of an SCP-586-JP-A instance; studies have been inconclusive and currently impossible to perform as the liquid is immediately vaporized upon the breakage of the glass surrounding SCP-586-JP. While the interior decoration of SCP-586-JP vary per instance, instances of SCP-586-JP-A are consistently present.

SCP-586-JP-A instances are small humanoid entities that have the appearance of 4 to 12-years-old children wearing winter clothes. All SCP-586-JP-A instances are sapient, and are capable of autonomous movement. SCP-586-JP-A instances do not require food, and recover their external injuries at an anomalously rapid rate. When SCP-586-JP is shaken or applied with forcible external stimulation, SCP-586-JP-A is similarly affected, and may be crashed into decorations or the glass dome in which it is housed. While SCP-586-JP-A displays extreme distress upon the crash, it does not appear externally damaged due to the aforementioned rapid recovery.

SCP-586-JP-A are incapable of perceiving the external environment of SCP-586-JP; in result of this, all communications between the inside of SCP-586-JP and the outside have been unsuccessful to date. Attempting to break the glass surrounding the instance will result in the vaporization of internal liquid and the inactivation of SCP-586-JP-A. Autopsy of SCP-586-JP-A removed after exposure to outside atmosphere revealed that its internal structures are identical to that of non-anomalous human.

All instances of SCP-586-JP-A have an identical appearance to specific children who have mysteriously disappeared in various countries. Currently, all instances have been identified.

Following table is a summary of SCP-586-JP instances and corresponding SCP-586-JP-A instances.

Designations of SCP-586-JP and internal SCP-586-JP-A Brief history of SCP-586-JP-A Internal decorations Current status of SCP-586-JP-A
SCP-586-JP-1, SCP-586-JP-A-1 4-years-old male. From [REDACTED], Brasil. A miniature model of coniferous tree. Inert. It mostly spends lying down.
SCP-586-JP-2, SCP-586-JP-A-2 7-years-old female. From [REDACTED], China. A miniature of wooden house typical of subarctic zones; this miniature has no entrance. Inert. It mostly spends sitting on ground and curling up in fetal position.
SCP-586-JP-3, SCP-586-JP-A-3 10-years-old male. From [REDACTED], Egypt. Simple miniatures of a house with chimney, and two coniferous trees. Inactivated upon the breakage of SCP-586-JP-3 during testing.
SCP-586-JP-4, SCP-586-JP-A-4 12-years-old male. From the State of ███████, USA. Miniatures of various tools are scattered. Inactivated. SCP-586-JP-4 was already broken upon discovery.
SCP-586-JP-5, SCP-586-JP-A-5 12-years-old female. From the State of █████ █████, USA. Miniatures of various tools are scattered. Glass dome is thicker than previous instances. Inert. While mostly spending lying down, it sometimes weakly tries to break glass of SCP-586-JP-5 with tools.
SCP-586-JP-6, SCP-586-JP-A-6 9-years-old male. From ███████ Prefecture, Japan. A small, active organism superficially identical to polar bear (Ursus maritimus). [REDACTED]

Discovery Log: SCP-586-JP-1 to -3 were recovered on 201█/01/08, when Foundation agents intercepted a civilian radio call about "living humans, trapped in snow globes" which originated near Mt. ████████, Hokkaido. Said civilians involved were administered amnesiacs after the interview. On April 6th of the same year, the existence of "a miniature corpse in a snow globe" was reported from [REDACTED] Forest, Chiba Prefecture, and SCP-586-JP-4 was recovered as a result. Following these incidents, SCP-586-JP-5 was recovered from [REDACTED], Kumamoto Prefecture on September 10th, and SCP-586-JP-6 was recovered from Mt. ███████, Yamagata Prefecture on October 24th.

All instances of SCP-586-JP were initially contained in a cardboard box with an attached B5-size piece of printer paper, written as "Waste; Past the Seell-By Date" [sic] by permanent marker. Given the situation, it has believed that SCP-586-JP instances were created and disposed by a currently unknown individual. Investigation and search about said individual are ongoing.

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