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SCP-588-JP photographed from the front.

Item #: SCP-588-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: A containment facility disguised as a distribution warehouse of the Foundation's front company "Sigma Creative Products Inc." has been established around Point-588-JP, where SCP-588-JP exists. Several armed security personnel are to be stationed around SCP-588-JP; in the event that SCP-588-JP displays signs of carnomancy or reality-altering abilities, the emergency Scranton Reality Anchors (SRA) are to be activated for immediate suppression.

If any object emerges from SCP-588-JP's anus, it should be reported to the responsible personnel of the Department of Extra-Universal Affairs as soon as possible.

Description: SCP-588-JP is the lower half of a middle-aged male's body, which is transdimensionally stabilized at approximately 1.5 m above a point at 35º4█'██.██'' north latitude and 137º4█'██.██'' east longitude1. SCP-588-JP maintains its buttocks protruding southwest from Point-588-JP and both legs hanging downward.

SCP-588-JP does not respond to neurological examinations such as stimulation or patellar tendon reflex testing, and no biological changes such as aging or growth of body hair have been recorded to date. However, SCP-588-JP has been confirmed to have a regular pulse and exhibit a significant healing ability against wounds, which is considered to be due to anomalous properties of PoI-3676 described below.

Containment History: The creation of SCP-588-JP is attributed to PoI-3676 "Karcist Varzasuk", a high-ranking member of a Neo-Sarkic organization. Due to his mastery in the creation and manipulation of anomalous organic beings (SK-BIO) through advanced carnomancy, as well as his abilities specialized in physical regeneration, he had been pursued by several normalcy maintenance agencies.

On 2015/08/12, the Foundation conducted "Operation Iolaus", a long-planned operation for capturing PoI-3676. This resulted in a large-scale battle between PoI-3676/SK-BIO swarms and the Foundation Mobile Task Forces. As the battle prolonged, however, the solid encirclement and successive deployment of forces tilted the situation in the Foundation's favor.

Exhausted by the saturation attack by the Mobile Task Forces, PoI-3676 activated an electronic device believed to have been created by GoI-101 ("Eden leap Mutual Aid / ElMA")2 and generated a portal based on Hermann-Stratos Interdimensional Gateway Theory3 about 1.5 meters above Point-588-JP. However, the moment PoI-3676 leapt and inserted his upper body into the portal in order to escape, his lower body was fixed in the air for unknown reasons and remained in this dimension.

PoI-3676 twitched his legs as if in pain for a few seconds before becoming silent. PoI-3676 has not responded to any further calls, interrogations or non-verbal communication since then, and has maintained this attitude throughout his subsequent containment as SCP-588-JP.

Addendum 588-JP.1: An experiment was proposed to determine the status of SCP-588-JP's upper body, which was presumed to be located in another dimension. The proposal was approved and a Foundation-made specialized fiberscope with a CCD camera was inserted into SCP-588-JP's anus. The following is a video log of the experiment.

Video Log

Date: 20██/09/03

Attending Personnel: Dr. Josephine Collyre, gastrointestinal surgeon, the Foundation Medical Department

[Begin Log]

[00:00]: The camera shows Dr. Collyre holding the fiberscope over rubber gloves, as well as her colleagues. As Dr. Collyre tilts the fiberscope, SCP-588-JP's undressed buttocks appear in front of the camera. The camera's point of view gradually approaches the buttocks, and then the screen darkens as the camera is inserted into its anus.

[00:34]: A light connected to the fiberscope is turned on, and SCP-588-JP's colon wall is displayed. Apart from the chitin-covered polyps that may be attributable to carnomancy, and the luminous pulsating body tissue of unknown origin, the structure appears no different from that of a normal human colon. After a short period of observation, the camera proceeds further into the inner region.

[02:21]: The change in the appearance of the inner wall confirms that the camera has reached the small intestine. There are no significant findings, except that the movement of the intestinal villi is depicting kinetoglyphs4, which aid in the digestion of food.

[05:46]: As SCP-588-JP's small intestine extends beyond the length of a typical human small intestine (7m), the camera halts its advance and light is turned off for extension of the fiberscope. During this process, Dr. Collyre mentions the fact that SCP-588-JP's colon was of standard length, and has a brief discussion with her colleagues about the differences with the small intestine.

[08:29]: The light turns on and the camera resumes its advance. At a certain point, the movement of the intestinal villi changes to a non-anomalous one.

[12:05]: The camera begins to show the inner wall of a structure that is different from either the small intestine or the stomach that is supposed to be located beyond it. Dr. Collyre points out that this structure is similar in appearance to the common human colon.

[13:12]: The screen is filled with light, indicating that the camera has exited out of the body. It is surrounded by several individuals whose appearances are identical to those of Dr. Collyre and her colleagues. All individuals have a look of surprise on their faces. As the camera turns around, the fiberscope can be seen to be protruding from the anus of an entity that appears to be the lower half of a middle-aged human male.

[End Log]

Communications conducted through SCP-588-JP's body revealed that, on the records of the other Foundation on the opposite side of SCP-588-JP (later designated SCPF-HER86), SCP-588-JP's containment history was partially different from the baseline world. Specifically, SCP-588-JP is described as "a Level IV reality altering entity pursued by the Global Occult Coalition as KTE-2801-Newton Green […] After inserting his upper body into a portal in an attempt to escape GOC liquidation, he was immobilized and placed under SCPF-HER86's custody."

Based on the above information, it is speculated that SCP-588-JP was accidentally created as a result of PoI-3676 and KTE-2801-Newton Green inserting their upper bodies simultaneously from both directions into a portal connecting both universes. It is believed that PoI-3676 and KTE-2801-Newton Green were killed by the collision and subsequent annihilation of their upper bodies in the hyperdimensional space inside the portal, and that the remaining lower bodies in their respective universes were healed and merged by PoI-3676's anomalous ability.

Dr. Steave Dawkins (Department of Extra-Universal Affairs, assigned to 588-JP) proposed the establishment of a safe transfer route to/from SCPF-HER86 Universe by utilizing a stable biological interuniverse connection via SCP-588-JP, in lieu of constructing a new portal with certain risks associated with its use. This was rejected by the Ethics Committee due to ethical concerns, the impact on personnel morale, the risk of traveling through the body of an anomalous entity, and the lack of convenience due to its nature which limits the destination to SCPF-HER86 Universe.

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