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Item #: SCP-592-FR

Threat Level: Green Red

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: A version of each port of SCP-592-FR must be kept at all time on a storage device, unique to each version, in the two three adapted lockers in a Faraday room of Storage Site-Kybian. It is prohibited to enter the room with any electronic device able to simulate a Turing Machine or its display. This restriction includes (without limiting to):

  • 256 Rubik's Cubes,
  • 8kg of potatoes,
  • A matchbox,
  • 3L of water,
  • any virtual machine,
  • A RAM module model Corsair 8BG DDR4 11200MHz with RGB display.

20██/██/██ update: It is prohibited to enter SCP-592-FR's containment room without an authorisation from Dr Lebesgue, Department of Informational Technology. Any material brought into this room must be tested to potential Turing Machine and a theoretical check of its non-compatibility with a possible port of SCP-5922-FR.

Other copies of SCP-592-FR must be destroyed when possible, or rendered unable to access with IP blocking when the porting is virtual. In case of any attempt of attack by the 51%, Operation "The New Order" must be immediately conduced, with a stable version of SCP-592-FR in the products. Some modified copies of the support device without SCP-592-FR must me kept in order of magnitude about two times the distribution in the Operation.

20██/██/██ update: In order to limit the influence of SCP-592-FR and to prevent intrusions of U-3378-DE using SCP-592-FR, Operation "Apocalypse Appréciée" must be launched on a worldwide scale in lieu of destroying SCP-592-FR copies by MTF Rho-9 ("Technical Support").

Description : SCP-592-FR is a set of self-replicating auto-porting versions of Wolfenstein 3D video game, originally released on MS-DOS in 1992 by the company id Software, identified by its supporting device as such : SCP-592-FR/DEVICE. The creation date of the first SCP-592-FR porting, SCP-592-FR/MS-DOS, is dated from 1993/██/██, although the oldest copy contained by the Foundation is from 1993/05/08. Regardless of the device, the ported version is identical to the Shareware version distributed from 1992, including three levels.

The main anomaly of SCP-592-FR lies in its auto-porting mechanism and the choice of supported devices: When using the program, a "Benchmark" event may occur, with a probability in function of use time P(t) following an exponential law. The eigenvalue of this law depends on the type of device used, with a value of 55 minutes for the Windows, MS-DOS and Linux versions (the operating system Mac OS is based on a XNU kernel and thus the eigenvalue is unchanged).

During a "Benchmark" event, a physical or digital device able to run a software at least 4ko heavy and 256o in RAM access is selected by SCP-592-FR. The chosen object is seemingly random chosen of a geographical, logical or thematic proximity with the initial device. The reason why SCP-592-FR is significantly lighter than its non-anomalous counterpart is still unknown. Once such a device is selected, a version of SCP-592-FR is created during an unknown process ranging from 5 minutes to 76 hours long. Once this version is created, the probability of another "Benchmark" event targeting the same type of device is increased by 76% (empirical data).

The most common versions of SCP-592-FR are (in decreasing order) :

  • Windows (from Windows 95 to Windows ██ via retro-compatibility) /WINDOWS
  • Linux /LINUX
  • Atari Jaguar /JAGUAR
  • Playstation 3 /PS3
  • Super Nintendo /SNES
  • Xbox 360 /X360
  • Nintendo Gameboy /GAMEBOY
  • Minecraft (mode Computercraft) /MC
  • Minecraft (using sheep colors) /MCSHEEP
  • Roblox /ROBLOX
  • Doom (by RAM writing bugs) /DOOM
  • Microsoft Excel /EXCEL
  • Oscilloscope /OSCILLO
  • Pregnancy test /PREGNANCY
  • Printer /DYMO
  • Automatic teller machine /ATM
  • Potato network /POTATO
  • Rubik's Cube set /RUBIKSCUBE
  • SEGA Master System /MSYSTEM

SCP-592-FR/ATM storage support1

In case of an object unable to work immediately as a running support for SCP-592-FR (suck as RUBIKCSCUBE or POTATO), an electrical device linking the objects together is created during the porting process. The result is clearly anomalous, and is then contained under SCP-592-FR-1/DEVICE name.

In case of a physical support adapted to receive a software, like a computer or a gaming console, the porting is done through an adapted data storage device, such as a cartridge or a CD. In any case, replication of SCP-592-FR triggers a Reality Shift about 30 Humes high. Blocking it with SRA systems about 100Sr intense has for now stopped any replication.

The source code of every version is unique, although identical on every copy of the same version. It is possible to alter the code like any other software, but the code is automatically updated from an unknown source after 24h. This modification is not linked to any change in Reality field, and isn't stopped by any Reality Anchor usage.

20██/██/██ update: Although the way the code changes itself is still unknown, a recent wave of simultaneous modifications on every copy contained by the Foundation showed that this one is based on a blockchain model, automatically adapting to the most popular code among the existing copy all over the world.


- Dr Lucien Lebesgue, Department of Informational Technology,
- Michel Caunes, Department of Foreing Affairs,
- Dr Charles Borel, Management and Sales Normative Bureau for the front-Companies.

Agenda of the meeting: Set up of an emergency code correction procedure to protect SCP-592-FR's integrity.

Dr Lebesgue: Well. Gentlemen, I am pleased to meet you so that our departments can collaborate in the containment and the protection of this quite unusual anomaly.

Michel Caunes: Equally please of this collaboration, although a small refresh on my memory regarding the anomaly and the issues it creates would be nice, I am no doctor after all. Speaking of this, Mr Borel, aren't you to Scientific Department anymore?

Dr Borel: Well, it's, let's say, complicated. I am still in charge of some SCPs, but direction judged me more useful on finance since my last operation.

Michel Caunes: I see, I see. You'll be our financial advisor!

Dr Lebesgue: Perfect, then let me remind you the agenda of this meeting.

We are united by SCP-592-FR, whose file has been transmitted to you by mail. It is a self-replicating video game that can port itself onto other devices, including some that were not designed at all to run such software. If the anomaly can be funny, take care: it's a very hard-to-contain SCP object, which, in addition to constituting a very high Veil threat, renders us vulnerable to a computer attack leading to a violent hardening of its danger.

Michel Caunes: And by which means, please? The report points an "attack by the 51%", deals with "blockchain", I must admit I'm a bit at a loss.

Dr Borel: blockchain is based on a Peer to Peer database method, with a collective verification of said database. Every contributor work to update the blockchain through "blocks" and gather to create a co-op called a pool. Each pool checks the validity of other pool's blocks before creating one, ensuring information reliability. To sum it up, if a pool is greater than 50% of the users, it gets monopoly on edition of the blockchain and can thus manipulate it. This is what we call an attack by the 51%.

Dr Lebesgue: Dr Borel, you know quite a lot about blockchain for a toxicologist!

Dr Borel: How do you think the Foundation can trade money and goods?

Dr Lebesgue: Ahem. Well, so the code of SCP-592-FR works in a similar way, thus my formulation. To put it short, each active copy of SCP-592-FR, I mean each copy that is actively used, influences the code of others. Thus, if a malicious person would ever understand the object an gater copies…

Michel Caunes: They could alter the code of thousands of softwares over a night! Yes, I can see the issue. But how would you counter such attack?

Dr Lebesgue: I was thinking about spreading it to other Veil protecting organism so they could redirect a large part of their personnel towards code reversing. To be fair, this is why I invited you, Mr. Caunes. About you Dr Borel, do you think Foundation could assign its economic outposts to a potential correction measure?

Dr Borel: Nope, I have a better idea.

Dr Lebesgue: I'm listening…

Dr Borel: We need to prevent someone from having 50% of the game's copies, right? And it's the Wolfenstein 3D game, am I still correct?

Dr Lebesgue: I'm afraid not to follow your point…

Dr Borel: Well, what if we distribute massively this game, founder of a video game genre, as a joke inside another product? No Veilbreaking, it could be perceived as a humour trait from the devs. Do you think you could stop the SCP from replicating inside the game if we create it, Lebesgue?

Dr Lebesgue: Let's see… Mmmmhhh… I can meet my team and think about it. The game will be very, very heavy, but we should be able to slot some VSRAs int the game-shell, if we achieve to correctly estimate the correct eHm level…

Michel Caunes: VSRA? eHm? Could you elaborate, I'm no anomalous computer expert.

Dr Lebesgue: Virtual Scranton Reality Anchors, digital equivalent of the eponymous device. We regularly use some to contain anomalies in Department of Informational Technology, especially for code benders or keyboardurgists. While the first influence the even way the language their are written in is working, the others affect the real work through machine interface. Their modification of computer laws are calculated in e-Humes, by comparison with a totally stable framework2. Those are heavy softwares, but because of…

Michel Caunes: You're digressing, Doctor.

Dr Lebesgue: Sorry. Although our compression methods aren't able to slot such things inside SCP-592-R, it could be possible to incorporate them in its virtual support.

Dr Borel: Well well well, it's perfect, as if I understood your report, these copies will be able to update the code and stabilise it. We just have to release and spread our… Anomalous Game Anchor!

Michel Caunes: You want to massively give out an anomaly on a worldwide scale?

Dr Borel: Give? I don't think you understood my Bureau's goal, Sir. Sixty bucks the case, with the dev's thanks inside!

Dr Lebesgue: This could cover the Anchors implementing price, we will come back to you later about this.

Michel Caunes: Well, so it could work. I will see with my Department to contact video games companies. We could ask Agent Newell if he can host the game on servers we have access to, so we could update a lot of them easily.

Dr Lebesgue: I… It's incredibly unconventional as a containment method, but it looks very efficient. And how would you call such operation?

Dr Borel: I propose Operation "The New Order", which could also be the game's name.

20██/██/██ Incident: Comments in German in the code of Windows' SCP-592-FR version along with Sonderkommando für Paranormales procedures indicate that at least one copy of SCP-592-FR must have been found in U-3378-DE. See addendum592-FR-UPDATE for more information about this incident. After this, about ██% of SCP-592-FR are now version of the game DOOM but keep their anomalous properties.

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