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Image of SCP-602-KO-1

Special Containment Procedures: All secured SCP-602-KO-1 instances are contained within a standard containment locker. SCP-602-KO-1 should be stored in a sealed bag to prevent it from leaking. Experiments using SCP-602-KO-1 can be done under permission from the current researcher in charge. Due to SCP-601-KO-1's properties, experiments using SCP-602-KO-1 must be done in its own containment chamber.
There are no contained instances of SCP-602-KO-3 since they are hard to discover for anyone besides the corresponding SCP-602-KO-2 instance. Whether to contain -3 instances on discovery is yet undecided. As most SCP-602-KO-2 instances have already been aware of extranormal instances, they do not pose a significant threat to the Foundation's Veil policy. Therefore, even if SCP-602-KO-2 instances are discovered, temporary procedures are designed to take different measures depending on the individual instance, such as locking it down.

Description: SCP-602-KO comprises of SCP-602-KO-1, SCP-602-KO-2 affected by -1, and -2's accompanying SCP-602-KO-3. SCP-602-KO-1 is a black powder made by Celeste1 made of materials such as graphite and briquet chips. Upon research, it is confirmed that SCP-602-KO-1 doesn't show anomalous properties itself. However, if a human undergoing formal education in or before high school2 uses SCP-602-KO-1 to write their name on a piece of paper or a surface similar to such, SCP-602-KO-3 manifests.

However, if SCP-602-KO-2 is not sleeping, or is not at a situation in which it cannot study, -3 always is seen as a flat shadow. This always is bound to SCP-602-KO-2. SCP-602-KO-3 can change its shape and size freely, but its basic form resembles its bound SCP-602-KO-2 instance, and always in physical contact with SCP-602-KO-2. SCP-602-KO-3 is theorised to possess intellectual abilities but does not do anything else other than following SCP-602-KO-2 at normal times. Hence, there hasn't been any interview attempts with SCP-602-KO-3. SCP-602-KO-3 seems to have cognitohazardous abilities to make itself recognised as a shadow to the viewer.

SCP-602-KO-3 shows abnormal behaviour when SCP-602-KO-2 sleeps or is in a situation when it cannot study, such as when it is ill. SCP-602-KO-3 commonly transforms from its usual blurry and fuzzy state to a distinguishable form capable of physical interaction. SCP-602-KO-3 instances in this state search for pens and stationery products around themselves, and use them when they find any.3 After that, a workbook of unknown origin manifests near SCP-602-KO-3. The workbook is unrelated to SCP-602-KO-2's current academic progress and is usually about academic subjects of middle school to high school. Afterwards, SCP-602-KO-3 acts as if it is studying with the workbook. This action halts when SCP-602-KO-2 can study again.

Usually, after two months from SCP-602-KO-2 first using SCP-602-KO-1, -2's personality drastically changes. SCP-602-KO-2 experiences significant confusion, but quickly adapts. SCP-602-KO-3 acts differently at this state; it stands still even when SCP-602-KO-2 is unable to study. Celeste reverts -2 instances' altered personality and extinguishes the -3 instance. Celeste's students who've undergone such a process becomes a "model student", and shows behaviour such as studying whenever they can and sleeping less. The exact mechanism of how this happens is unclear.

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