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Item #: SCP-610-IT-J

Object Class: Safe (?)

Special Containment Procedures: A steel container, hosted at Site Plutone; awaiting transfer to Site Mania.

Update: Following the experiments reported in the Tests Journal, those procedures have been replaced in a drastic way, and they now guarantee the perfect containment of SCP-610-IT-J.

Description: SCP-610-IT-J it's an achromatic and smooth ovoid, found in an archaeological site in Val Camonica and completely anachronistic in such context, approximately dated 5000 BCE. SCP-610-IT-J is equipped with a push-button that, when pressed, makes SCP-610-IT-J intangible and capable of passing through solid matter.


A construct capable of becoming intangible can be a formidable weapon at disposal of the Italian Branch.

A directive has been issued to develop a long-range weapon that can shoot SCP-610-IT-J, which will not be stopped by walls or other obstacles in its path.

We will call it: "Perfect Projectile"!!1


Oh, like the superheroes who pass through the walls.

Dr. Bellini


It is also recommended to treat this anomaly with the utmost caution, given its strategic importance, and absolutely not to allow anything to happen to it or to get mislayed.


We will start testing immediately!

Dr. Bellini

Test Journal:

— Test #00001
The objective of the test is to evaluate SCP-610-IT-J's ability to pass through a solid wall of reinforced concrete with success. Dr. Bellini is going to perform the test with the following procedure: he will active the push-button on SCP-610-IT-J and then he will throw it at the test wall; from the other side, other researchers will await the arrival of the object for evaluating the velocity and trajectory.

<Start log>

  • Dr. Bellini places on his desk a box that hosts SCP-610-IT-J;
  • He opens the box, and immediately afterwards firmly grasps SCP-610-IT-J;
  • He presses the button on the surface of SCP-610-IT-J;
  • SCP-610-IT-J passes through Dr. Bellini's hand and falls downwards;
  • SCP-610-IT-J passes through the desk and falls downwards;
  • SCP-610-IT-J disappears into the floor;

<End log>

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