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Translator: Subervos

Item#: 621-KO
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
KRSE██ Site-21K Lee Kang-Soo Dr. Clara MTF Lambda-92 ("Shutter Chance")


Photo taken near SCP-621-KO-1, instances of SCP-621-KO-2 appearing in the house seen behind.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-621-KO-1 is not to be touched by civilians. If SCP-621-KO-1 moves from its original location, the moved instance of SCP-621-KO-1 must be found as soon as possible. After discovery, proceed with the same procedure as stated above.

Should before the Foundation discovers the instances, civilians who first come in contact with SCP-621-KO-1, and there is a potential or already occurring SCP-621-KO-2, then Mobile Task Force Lambda-92 ("Shutter Chance") Members are dispatched to capture or remove all instances of SCP-621-KO-2 that arise, and for the phenomena caused by the instances, civilians who witnessed them are to be administered with Class-A Amnestics.

Description: SCP-621-KO is divided into SCP-621-KO-1 and SCP-621-KO-2. SCP-621-KO-1 is a structure in the form of a street lamp or sign that can appear around the world. Its appearance is the same as an ordinary sign or street lamp, but there is a poster on the body saying "Give me food and I will run an errand!". SCP-621-KO-1's anomalous properties will occur several hours after placing edible organic matter around the object and writing the errand on a blank piece of paper affixed to the object, excluding requests that "requires a substantial amount or can only be done by anomalous means". The organic matter and white paper are lost, and the person who made a certain request to the object1to fulfill the request in some way. The more organic matter issued, the faster and more accurately a given request appears to be fulfilled. SCP-621-KO-1 moves periodically, and its purpose or reason is unknown.

SCP-621-KO-2 refers to all anomalous insects related to SCP-621-KO-1, primarily composed of several species of moths (Heterocera). If a subject places edible organic matter on SCP-621-KO-1 and writes errands on a piece of paper attached to SCP-621-KO-1, several hours later, the instances return to SCP-621-KO-1-1. Instances of SCP-621-KO-2 only perform actions that appear to be part of a request made by the subject and disappear immediately upon completion of the task. While SCP-621-KO-2 individuals appear to be able to die from external factors during these errands, it is almost impossible to witness SCP-621-KO-2, which died as soon as it senses a threat. Other than that, no accurate facts are known about SCP-621-KO-2 yet.

SCP-621-KO's Object Class has been changed from Keter to Neutralized.

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