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2/622-FR Niveau 2/622-FR
Objet no : SCP-622-FR

Threat Level: YELLOW

Special Containment Procedures: Although the anomalous effect of SCP-622-FR can be triggered by any human being, the very specific circumstances leading to its activation make its Threat Level to the Veil rather low. Full containment of the anomaly is therefore impossible and unnecessary.

As children under the age of 5 are often confronted with very simple games and are likely to swallow small objects, even non-edible, inadvertently during the oral stage, warnings on all small manufactured toys have been put in place to prevent knowledge of SCP-622-FR spreading among the general public.


SCP-622-FR tested on tennis.

Description: SCP-622-FR refers to the taste that certain objects take on after their owner has achieved some sort of victory. More specifically, the objects that enabled a player to win during a specific activity will suddenly take on a flavor described as exquisite to the victor's tongue.

Ingested objects will be easily chewed by the player, even though they are normally impossible for the human jaw to destroy. According to multiple tests, the more difficult the victory, the better the taste of the object.

Discovery: The anomaly was discovered while playing the abnormal sport "Sushiblade", a game in which rotating sushi clashes unnaturally on a flat surface. The last sushi left spinning is declared the winner.

For some reason, most groups practicing this sport strictly forbid the winner to eat their own sushi after a game.

Dr. Laurent Aphone, in charge of research into the abnormal activity linked to SCP-1134-JP and the Groups of Interest surrounding it, discovered the properties of SCP-622-FR through the results of multiple games without taking this rule into account, where the taste of the winning sushi was described as much better than that of the loser. He later proposed the idea of testing this ability on other sports and activities. The official document of the anomaly was written shortly afterwards.

Addendum 622.1: Experiments and Notes

Many tests were authorized, supervised by Dr. Aphone, who was also in charge of reporting them.

Activity: Chess game

Ingested object: The last piece played to checkmate the opponent.

Taste: Black pieces taste of dark chocolate with a subtle touch of fleur de sel, a rather mild flavor. The same applies to white pieces, but this time with a white chocolate flavor.

Activity: Motor sport

Ingested object: Steering wheel of the winning car.

Taste: Plastic melts very quickly under the tooth. Creamy with a hint of red fruit. This wheel reminds me a lot of strawberry cheesecake.

Activity : Golf

Ingested objects: The victorious player's plastic ball, the grass and earth around the final hole within a radius of 30 centimetres.

Taste: The ball tastes like melted raclette cheese, the earth like potatoes, while the grass has a mixture of white ham, mortadella and chorizo flavors. The combination is delicious.

Activity: Dog show

Ingested object: [REMOVED]

Taste: Tasty meat with deep aromas and perfect cooking.

Note: Dr. Aphone has been asked not to perform any more tests that might appear "repugnant" at the request of his colleagues.

Activity : Multiple card games1

Ingested items: "Winning" cards.

Taste: All cards have the taste and texture of potato chips. The flavour of the chips varies according to the card: the kings have a barbecue tang, the eights a salt and vinegar seasoning, while the aces have a neutral taste.

Activity : Skipping rope2

Ingested object : Plastic rope

Taste: Spaghetti with tomato sauce. Nothing special.

Activity: Horse racing

Ingested object: [REMOVED]

Taste: Juicy, tender texture of meat that seems almost cooked to perfection. I can even discern the perfect distribution of fat.

Activity: Rock-paper-scissors.

Ingested object: [REMOVED]

Taste: The flesh has a divine composition, letting emerging maple aromas come through. Cooked rather rare this time. A little difficult to eat with one hand.

Activity: Sushiblade

Ingredient: Maki sushi

Taste: Unchanged flavour, but increased. Now I understand.

Following tests considered immoral directed and performed by Dr. Aphone, he is dismissed from his position at the SCP Foundation. Any further testing of SCP-622-FR is now prohibited by request of the Ethics Committee.

Addendum 622.2: Final Message

A month after Dr. Aphone's dismissal, the director of his last assignment site received a letter addressed to the entire SCP Foundation.

Hello, Foundation.

When I received this new position to investigate this sport called Sushiblade a few months earlier, I must admit I was excited. A simple sport of spinning sushi, nothing more. In this abnormal world, the simplest magic is sometimes the most interesting.

So I did my duty as a researcher, by visiting the four corners of the world to discover new ways of using this rotation, the different types of sushi used and the many organizations that promote this sport with all their soul.

I've seen things you'd hardly believe. I've visited forgotten lands, where creatures from children's fairy tales battle it out with rotating sushi! I've seen a fight: a red dragon some 20 meters tall, head down, concentrating on a game of sushiblade he was playing, armed with a slice of raw fish on a ball of rice. His opponent, a fairy just as focused on the game in progress, had an avocado and rice sushi. There was an audience all around, so I was able to infiltrate unnoticed among all these creatures.

In the end, the fairy was victorious. The dragon clearly looked angry, but he accepted his defeat surprisingly well. There was a great wave of applause. As the dragon devoured his sushi in one gulp, the fairy stared wide-eyed at her own sushi, not even daring to touch it. It was then that I learned of this golden rule, and SCP-622-FR crossed my mind.

In the midst of all these bands, one in particular caught my eye. The Dark Sushi, an unloved group in this community mixing dark magic and unorthodox techniques with their sushi. Above all, they liked to play with the "Concept of Sushi", using, for example, a minced steak, a shoe or even a non-corporeal concept as a sushi. I found this idea as crazy as it was fascinating, as absurd as it was wonderful.

And then I did the tests. I have to admit that I was a bit… carried away in some of these tests. But at least I finally realized what SCP-622-FR was all about.

Unfortunately, I was fired before I could write it down, which is why I sent this letter.

I thought the anomaly was nothing but an error in our reality, you see, like so many other anomalies. A flavour that somehow mixed with the victorious spirit. But I was wrong. SCP-622-FR is a tool for identifying our sushi.

It doesn't matter what the name or what form it takes: a card, a bat, a glove, a weapon and so on. The object will remain Sushi to the very core of its existence. And if you lose with it, it's no longer your Sushi. It's nothing.

Every game you win with your sushi improves the taste. The other Sushiblade groups are afraid of this magnificent power. They forbid the winners to receive the reward they deserve. They fear what this power might unleash in someone. But the Dark Sushi understands me.

Now that I understand, I will win the great game of life and enjoy all my next victories.

You, Foundation, even if you were only an appetizer compared to the next years awaiting me, I thank you.

Dark Sushi - Laurent Aphone

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