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Item #: SCP-628-KO Level 1/628-KO
Object Class: Safe Classified

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-628-KO is contained in a low-risk containment cell at Site-21K. SCP-628-KO requires periodic maintenance and cleaning, and D-Class or Level 0 personnel may be assigned to it.

Description: SCP-628-KO is a bronze statue, and its external appearance resembles that of a standard male figure. SCP-628-KO changes its appearance over time, and when it was initially discovered on September 10, 1958, it was in the form of an infant, estimated to be about 5 months old. As of March 20, 2022, it has transformed to that of an elderly male in his 80s or older, and squatting atop a wooden pillar. Excessive amounts of rust have developed on the surface of SCP-628-KO, particularly on the eyes, ears, mouth, and nose, but this was removed slowly over time. The first region to have rust removed was the torso, with the facial regions and extremities being the last to have rust removed. At present, very little rust remains, which allows a clear observation of SCP-628-KO's appearance.

There appears to be an internal thermal-generating energy source inside SCP-628-KO, and since this cannot be observed externally, what it is has not been confirmed. Regardless, it is presumed to be slightly similar to generating thermal energy through combustion, and accordingly, the size of SCP-628-KO is decreasing over time. According to projections, SCP-628-KO is expected to dematerialize completely within a maximum of 20 years.

SCP-628-KO was discovered on September 10, 1958, inside a containment cell at Site-01K. At the time of its initial discovery, SCP-628-KO's torso was clearly inscribed with the following phrase, which has since disappeared.

To mature means to rid yourself of all foreign substances and be able to understand others. - Pangloss

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