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Item #: SCP-632-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-632-JP instances are to be contained in a dedicated vivarium at Site-8102, and its population is be maintained at around 100 instances at any given time. All other instances are to be terminated upon discovery. Breeders are to be administered Class-A amnestics and given an explanation based on the cover story "Red List".

SCP-632-JP-A instances are be isolated individually in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-8141 and be provided with a high nutritional diet. In the event SCP-632-JP instances are observed flying in any SCP-632-JP-A cell, personnel should not interfere with this. The deceased SCP-632-JP-A instances are be incinerated immediately.

Personnel assigned to SCP-632-JP and -A instances are required to wear gas masks when interacting with them.

Description: SCP-632-JP is an insect species of the ant family (Formicidae). While DNA analysis has shown that it is a close relative of pharaoh ant (Monomorium pharaonis), its biology is significantly distinct. Its body length ranges from a few micrometers to about 1 millimeter (the queen is a few millimeters long) and its entire body is bright red in color. While SCP-632-JP is an omnivore, it particularly prefers human (Homo sapiens) blood.

SCP-632-JP was discovered in the home of a man (Asian, 38 years old, contained and designated as SCP-632-JP-A-1) living in ████████, Tokyo on 20██/██/██. SCP-632-JP-A-1 was an ant breeding enthusiast1 and, when interviewed, stated that he bought a set of one queen ant and 20 worker ants from an importing dealer for 200,000 yen. The Foundation is currently making an effort to identify this dealer.

SCP-632-JP-A is a human whose all blood in the body was replaced by SCP-632-JP instances. Each instance of SCP-632-JP has the same role as blood cells, such as red blood cells and white blood cells, and constantly circulates throughout the body to support human vital functions. All normal blood cells generated from bone marrow are consumed to SCP-632-JP instances. SCP-632-JP establishes a colony in a human body as described below.

  1. Approximately ██,███ large adult ants huddle together and secrete a pheromone composed of an unknown substance.
  2. The pheromone induces in a human who inhales it (hereafter "the subject") a strong desire to raise ants in their own body.
  3. The subject commits self-injury and drains a non-lethal amount of blood. Thereafter, the subject applies SCP-632-JP instances to the wound.
  4. SCP-632-JP instances enter into the body and multiply.
  5. The replacement of blood with SCP-632-JP instances is completed in a few weeks.

Experiments have revealed that SCP-632-JP-A instances have higher immunity than healthy humans and can withstand severe trauma that would normally lead to death by blood loss, while they are less motile and more prone to malnutrition.

SCP-632-JP reproduces more frequently than normal ants (once every few days); a queen ant and male ants fly out of SCP-632-JP-A instance's mouth and nose to make a nuptial flight, and the mated queen returns into the body and lays eggs in the cardiac ventricles.

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