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SCP-646-JP at time of recovery.

Item #: SCP-646-JP

Object Class: Keter Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-646-JP is currently stored in a high-risk object storage at Site-81██. Assigned personnel are to perform regular reviews on its anomalous properties.

Description: SCP-646-JP is a 19██ digital public telephone operated by ██████ Corporation. There is no visual or structural difference between SCP-646-JP and normal phones of the same model. SCP-646-JP can be used normally for calling. There is a note on the internal wall of the phone booth containing SCP-646-JP. The note contains a message "If you want a change, please call me" in Japanese and an 11-digit telephone number1.

When the telephone number is dialed on SCP-646-JP, a particular individual, who is designated as SCP-646-JP-A, will answer.2 Subjects calling SCP-646-JP-A report that its voice is male. Only the subject taking up the receiver can catch the voice, and any other persons recognize it as a monotonous noise. SCP-646-JP-A speaks only Japanese in these calls, ignoring any speeches in non-Japanese languages and attempts at conversation with SCP-646-JP-A.

When a call begins, SCP-646-JP-A asks the subject what he or she wants to change. If the subject requests to change "an object/matter (A)" into "another object/matter (B)," after a few seconds to several minutes silence, SCP-646-JP-A answers, "I can't change it" or "Sure" and ends the call. If the response is the former, SCP-646-JP's anomalous effects will not manifest. On the other hand, if the response is the latter, a reality shift changing "A" into "B" will occur just after the end of the call. No person other than the subject will realize this change or feel something strange. Fluctuation of Hume level has never been detected around the altered objects or matters, which can be attributed to the reality-bending process detailed later.

After the anomalous event, any investigation into the target of the alteration shows that an unknown male (designated as SCP-646-JP-B) was involved in the target. It is also revealed that all of the things were changed and redefined into the current state by SCP-646-JP-B's actions at that time. From the above reasons, it is believed that the SCP-646-JP's reality-bending event occurs as a result of SCP-646-JP-B's retrocausal effects. Testimonies by witnesses and video footage taken of SCP-646-JP-B directly show that the entity appears to be a Japanese man aged roughly thirties in a suit. Some personnel hypothesize that SCP-646-JP-A and SCP-646-JP-B are the identical entity.

On 09/21/20██, SCP-646-JP was discovered in and recovered from the region of ██, ███ City, ██ Prefecture, Japan. Records show that it was installed there on 07/06/19██. However, given the fact that the anomalous characteristics and the note in the booth did not exist at that time, it is assumed that SCP-646-JP recently gained its anomalous properties. When recovered, SCP-646-JP was considered an object that causes reality-shifts classified as Type Objects/Events Reconstruction. Results of Test Log 646-JP-8, however, uncovered potential risks, and SCP-646-JP has been classified as the current object class. After the Incident 646-JP, it has been reclassified as Neutralized.

Addendum: The following are extracts from SCP-646-JP Test Logs.

Incident 646-JP: In the test carried out on ██/██/20██, D-8164601 defied prior instruction and instead asked SCP-646-JP-A to let him free. D-8164601 was restrained instantly, but it was impossible to confirm whether or not reality-altering effects occurred because the call with SCP-646-JP-A was interrupted by the riot. Since the appearance of D-8164601 did not change and D-8164601 memorized that he made a call to SCP-646-JP-A, it was temporarily assumed that SCP-646-JP-A had not accepted his answer.

Afterward, testing was restarted with another D-class personnel. However, the personnel reported that when he entered the phone number on SCP-646-JP, it was not connected to SCP-646-JP-A and played a recorded message saying that the number was not in service. By further verification tests ███ times, anomalous properties of SCP-646-JP were considered to disappear completely, and reclassification was carried out.

Appendix: After the incident on ██/██/20██, given the probability that the memory and personality of D-8164601 had been replaced with those of others, detailed investigation was carried out into his history. At that time, D-8164601 reported that his criminal record and history included an extra murder that he did not know. The written statements on the murder say that during D-8164601's first robbery, an unknown man in a suit suddenly entered the house, struggled with the robber, and was killed by him with a knife. In addition, the testimony of the robbery victim shows that the suited man attempted to stop him using various words: "Stop bad things," "Think again," "It's not too late," etc.

The murdered man had been regarded as an unknown person and disposed as an unidentified decedent by the local government on 08/24/19██. Currently, the research on the relation between the male and SCP-646-JP is ongoing. As part of identifying the man, excavation of his body is under consideration.

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