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Item #: SCP-655-TH

Object Class: Keter Euclid Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-655-TH is contained in a chamber measuring 4x4x3 meters. For security reasons, the entrance door is 60x160 cm. The interior of the chamber is painted white, including the furniture, for clear visibility of the object. High definition CCTV cameras are installed in each corner of the ceiling. The live feed is delayed by 2 seconds (review supplementary material).

SCP-655-TH must wear a microphone equipped with a speaker for personnel to communicate with it. When entering its chamber, a minimum of 3 personnel must be present, and must wear thermal imaging goggles. Weapons or objects that can be used as such are prohibited from entering the containment chamber.

The following is a list of requests from SCP-655-TH.

  • Requested release from containment. - Denied
  • Requested its cloak to be returned when it was taken for testing - Approved1
  • Requested a shower room separate from the bathroom in it's chamber. - Approved Request denied by Dr. █████.2

Description: SCP-655-TH is a young human female reportedly of German descent between the ages of ██ and ██. It has bright blonde hair, a thin figure, and red eyes. During examination it was found to be invulnerable, as no tool can penetrate or cut through the surface of its skin. It has shown resistance to heat, cold, electrical currents, chemical and biological agents such as anesthetics, pheromones, tear gas, or ███████. SCP-148 has also shown little effect. Unlike average humans of its perceived age and size, SCP-655-TH ingests 60% less food and drinks with no effects on its health such as malnutrition.

SCP-655-TH notably wears a long, red cloak over its body that it has shown a strong emotional attachment towards. It refuses to take off the cloak, and sometimes it would sleep with it. Examination found the item to be well-woven despite dating estimating it to be approximately over ███ years old. Additionally, it has exhibited the ability to be self-cleaning by removing any stains. The fabric was also found to contain traces of human blood.

SCP-655-TH is able to affect the perception of others which allows it to wander undetected. The only individuals to have shown immunity to this phenomenon are children.3 Subjects that manage to physically make contact with it are unable to acknowledge SCP-655-TH's presence. Those that have been briefed on the existence of SCP-655-TH are better able to detect it, but they cannot visually perceive it directly. Attempting to view SCP-655-TH with live camera feeds wields similar results, but when playing back recordings it is shown as visible. As a result of this revelation, testing found that a delayed visual feed can circumvent its effect.

Due to its anomalous properties, conversing with SCP-655-TH directly is difficult. Communication is performed through a two-way radio equipped with a recorder that relays SCP-655-TH's words.4

Discovery: SCP-655-TH was discovered in ██████████, ██████ on ██/██/19██. It was presumed to have assassinated the country's leader after several children reported the entity in the area at the time. Agent ███████ had one of the children guide the containment team to its location. It did not resist capture. After SCP-655-TH was apprehended all witnesses were given Class-C amnestics.

Agent ███████ reported a man at the scene that he tried to interrogate, but the suspect disappeared around the time SCP-655-TH was apprehended. Security footage indicates he may have been involved in the assassination.

SCP-655-TH has so far been cooperative with staff. It has made no attempts to escape from its containment chamber.56

Additional Notes:

Requesting SCP-655-TH to be contained in a stronger chamber. – Dr. Civic

Denied. - O5-█

Requesting SCP-655-TH's containment procedures to be updated with the specimen being restrained inside its chamber. - Dr. Civic

Denied. - O5-█

Requesting authorization to security personnel to use force against SCP-655-TH in the event of an escape attempt. Dr. Civic

Denied. I'll only approve if it becomes really dangerous. - O5-█

Addendum 1: Researchers have found that SCP-655-TH can learn quickly. In containment it was able to learn Vietnamese, Burmese, and Malay to write poetry in just ██ days; raising its proficiency up to 21 languages in total. It is currently beginning to learn English from different media. However, despite its quick learning ability, SCP-665-TH still possess the emotional intelligence and behavior like that of a child.

This girl is probably a lot older than she looks. Don't you think it is fooling us by pretending to have the mindset of a 10-year-old? - Dr. Civic

Addendum 2: On ██/██/19██, SCP-655-TH had escaped during Incident 655-R8 and killed Dr. Civic. Additionally, it appeared to have been assisted by other SCP objects during the breach. Agent ███████ reported that he was with SCP-655-TH before he was taken for questioning.

Addendum 3:

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