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Item#: 6789-vn-j
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:


A picture of SCP-6789-VN-J, affected by its anomalous properties.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6789-VN-J is to be kept in a standard security box in Site-75-VN. Personnel in charge of the anomaly must read this document under the guidance of containment specialists.

Description: SCP-6789-VN-J is a standard portable loudspeaker, labeled under the trademark "Weevil Co." The object can not be destroyed by any means. SCP-6789-VN-J is capable of immensely exaggerating its object, disruption and risk class in documents that describe it. For unknown reasons, SCP-6789-VN-J's object class can be changed to "Kettle" instead of "Keter" without being affected by its properties.

Discovery: SCP-6789-VN-J was discovered during a Site-19 database check. At this time, the object was classified as "Keter-Amida-Critical", but stored in a standard Safe-class box. MTF Nu-7 has been implemented to retrieve the object. Through many tests, its anomalous properties were quickly confirmed. The original document of SCP-6789-VN-J at Site-19 was created on July 19, 2019 and the containment box was archived on the same day. Any attempts to trace its origin have failed.

Addendum 1


Procedure: Remove the Anomaly Class Bar.
Result: The object class "Apollyon" appears immediately after the object's item number.

Procedure: Use an Esoteric Class in the document.
Result: The secondary class changes to "Tiamat".

Procedure: The properties of the anomaly are clearly described in the title of the document, before its object class.
Result: The title has been changed to
🔴 Top secret❗️foundation's strongest Scp 😱 Apolion-class disaster ☠️ Weevil Co. 🤡

Procedure: Use pictures to illustrate its properties.
Result: The picture had been transformed into an art depicting SCP-096, SCP-106, SCP-343, SCP-682 and SCP-2317 bowing in front of a loudspeaker that resembles SCP-6789-VN-J.

Addendum 2


During a Foundation data synchronization operation in Vietnam, an apprentice translator has arbitrarily used a "Online Automated Translation Program" to process SCP-6789-VN-J's document. The object class "Keter" was mistranslated to "Kettle".

The SCP Foundation
Secure - Contain - Protect


To: The SCP Foundation Disciplinary Committee and Director of Site-75-VN.

My name is: ████ ████, an intern at the Department of Translation, Site-75-VN.

I would like to strictly self-criticize my actions: Used Goo an "Online Automated Translation Program" instead of doing the work by myself.

I sincerely apologize for: adversely affecting the Site and SCP Foundation.

I have realized my mistake and feel regret for this. I promise never to do so again. If this happens one more time, I will be subject to all disciplinary measures of the Foundation. I would like to seek forgiveness from the Disciplinary Committee and Site Director, so that I will have a second chance to correct my mistakes and contribute more to the Foundation.



However, the object class "Kettle" error was not altered because of the anomaly's properties. Following this event, the Classification Committee has accepted the proposal to use the object class "Kettle" to represent the nature of SCP-6789-VN-J. Said personnel was reprimanded and reassigned to Site-19 to be in charge of "Assuring the quality of sanitation in SCP-173's containment chamber."

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