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SCP-682-JP viewed under an electron microscope.

Item #: SCP-682-JP

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-682-JP is to be contained via diamagnetism in a strong magnetic chamber, and several procedures are to be performed on it. It is to be regularly viewed under an electron microscope to check its condition, with its vitals being recorded during a state of dormancy brought on by anhydrobiosis. If it begins to break out of this state or molt its skin, the procedures currently being carried out will be revised and Procedures A to E are to be carried out in order recursively. Currently, Procedure C-11 is being carried out. If SCP-682-JP breaches containment, it is to be tracked down and recontained by MTF む1-42 ("Bug Catching Boys"). If new SCP-682-JP instances are discovered, Procedure A-12 is to be carried out on them in order to contain them (Refer to Document 682-JP-B).

Description: SCP-682-JP refers to creatures that resemble tardigrades3 that are currently are 25.█ nanometers tall and weigh 50.█ grams. SCP-682-JP have a much stronger durability than other existing tardigrades. Via several durability experiments performed on the instances, it has been observed that when SCP-682-JP notices environmental changes, it immediately enters a state of anhydrobiosis, thus establishing a state of strong durability. If the anhydrobiotic SCP-682-JP stays within the same environment for a long time, it will gradually adapt to it and break out of this state. Due to the object's small size and durability, attempts to damage SCP-682-JP by more than 60% have not succeeded as of currently.

SCP-682-JP will molt its skin immediately after certain intervals, or after it is damaged. When SCP-682-JP sheds 8█% of its weight compared to before it molted, it will not molt any further in order to preserve itself. After it breaks out of its anhydrobiotic state, it will not molt until it completely adapts to its surroundings. However, it is possible to incrementally put enough stress on it in order to prevent or delay its molting. On the other hand, if it is injured before it molts, those injuries will be completely healed after it molts. Ever since the Foundation has contained SCP-682-JP, it has broken out of this state 7█ times.

SCP-682-JP was discovered on 197█/██/██, in the mountains of ██████ Prefecture after sights of a giant water bear were reported to the Foundation, which was tracked down and contained. At the time of containment, it spanned 29.█cm.

Addendum: If SCP-682-JP continues to molt, it will reach the size of a hydrogen nucleus after 7█ molts, and is estimated to reach the mass of a black hole after 1██ molts. Although it is only a hypothesis, if SCP-682-JP were to transform into a black hole and still maintain life, it would persist semi-permanently unlike normal black holes, sustaining Hawking radiation.4

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