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Spescial Kontamet Proseejures(Things to do): I should listen to my mommy and daddy on the speaker. I should be nice to friends, and take care of SCP-702-KO. SCP-702-KO looks scary, but I should play with it. He is a funny friend. We should make SCP-702-KO not sad and not lonely and not hungry and not bored. If SCP-702-KO looks weird or different I press the red button next to the door and call the Kontament man. Every Monday I can ask the Kontament man for something. The thing the man gives comes out of the little hole on the bottom of the door. (They give tiny chocolates or cookies. I should not ask for many candy.) I can press the red button when I want to ask something I don't know when writing the report. I can just write down what the man says when I don't know. But I should not show or read this report to grownups.
No doodling on report, no picky eating, sleep before ten, brush teeth three times a day, no too much cookies.

Diskripshon: SCP-702-KO is our friend. He looks different but he is kind and he is funny. He is quiet but we know. Grownups can't see SCP-702-KO. But SCP-702-KO can see grownups. When he sees grownups, they go to sleep. Last week Yebin's daddy fell asleep and fall down and didn't move like a octopus doll. Yebin was scared and she cried but my mommy and daddy told Yebin's daddy was just sleepy. When I told her that Yebin stopped crying.
And SCP-702-KO likes playing with us too. He likes hide and seek the most and he likes tag too. He always wants to be it. We make him do it because we have to be nice to him.


Introduction: My name is Kim Sua, and I am ate aet eit 8 years old. There is Choi Kihyeon, Choi Kicheol, Park Minji, Kim Yebin and SCP-702-KO. There are 6 people. Kihyun and Kicheol are brothers. I am the oldest so I write the report.
Our mommys and daddys all work at the SCP Foundation. I thought my daddy was a businessman but he told me he was a secred agent that saves the world. He told I can save the world too so I wanted to be an awesome person like daddy. My daddy told me I had a mission so I got into this room. Everyone else came in this room like that, too.
My dad hugged me and cried before I came in here. I never saw daddy crying so it was strange. So I told him I am okay because I am good at everything.

Rekwest for Kontamet man: We can write what we want here. Sometimes they don't give it.

  • Chocolate: He gave 7 for one person. He told me to eat one per day but I ate all in one day. My tummy is rumbly.
  • Cookies: We ate too much chocolate and the man gave only little. I want more.
  • Hamborgir: Little. I don't like the food that the Cafeteria lady gives…
  • I want to see a movie: He played us a movie on the room monitor. It was fun.
  • Nintendo: He gave us the newest gaming machine! Yay! He told us to not play too long. It turns off at 10 so we have to sleep.
  • I want to see mommy: They said no. Sometimes mommy and daddy talks with us throguth the speaker, but I want to see them. They told Yebin her daddy is too busy to see her.
  • I want to go home: He said we can't because of our mission. I really wanna go home too.
  • Sketchbook and crayons: He gave it to us.

My friends look tired. I like not going to kindergarten and school but I don't want to play anymore. I want to go to school and play with my friends. I wanna see mommy and daddy. But they say we have a mission. The Kontament man says we should cheer up. Kontamet man reads books for us everynight and it makes me cheer up.

To Kontamet Pursonel friends:

  • We can do it! Hip hip horray! - Kim Sua
  • I am the best gamer here - Choi Kihyeon
  • I am better than you - Choi Kicheol
  • Would you like pizza next week? - Park Minji
  • I wanna see dad - Kim Yebin
  • [REDACTED] - SCP-702-KO

Is there nothing we can do?
I see…
What did she do to deserve this…

I'm sorry… Daddy's really sorry…
I wish I can hug you once more…

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