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Item #: SCP-709-KO

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedure: SCP-709-KO is to be kept in a standard Safe-class storage container. Personnel are strongly discouraged from interacting with SCP-709-KO in any way. All personnel cleared for contact with SCP-709-KO are to wear hazmat suits and gas masks to prevent potential biological damage.

Description: SCP-709-KO is a bust made from human body parts and flesh joined to multiple gears, gadgets, and metal rods. Specifically, the upper body of human male cut is affixed by a central metal rod, and its eyes replaced with light bulbs of a similar appearance to actual human eyes. Its skin does not decompose, due to prior embalming. Furthermore, vital organs including the brain have been replaced with multiple apparatuses whose mechanisms are not known. The identity of the man is as of yet unknown, and several benign tumors appear surgically attached to the face.

SCP-709-KO can be triggered in two different ways. One involves pressing a switch covered by the hair on the back of the object's head - apparently the original intention of the maker. When pressed, SCP-709-KO begins to levitate at approximately 1.7m, and its eye-like bulbs glow red. At the same time, gears and mechanism inside the object begin moving, but produces no sound audible to human ears. The mouth of SCP-709-KO will then open and emit a loud scream, which, however, merely appears to be a prerecorded human scream. It has been noted that multiple concurrent anomalous side-effects occur at this point, including the flickering of lights within a 30m radius of SCP-709-KO, and any live subjects within audible range suffering from hemorrhaging from the nose and ears, the latter resulting from minor injuries to the eardrum.

SCP-709-KO was originally created by a cleric of The Church Of Broken God chapter in the ██████ district of Vladivostok, Russia. According to Foundation surveillance logs, the cleric used SCP-709-KO as a conduit for 'miracles'. That is, it used it as a prop to work false wonders in order to expand the cleric's influence. The cleric has claimed SCP-709-KO to be the head of a Sarkite, referred Cogwork Orthodox nomenclature as "fanatics of 'Flesh'" (see Log SL/SCP-709-KO-1 )

Exploiting SCP-790-KO in this way, the chapter managed to receive material support. As explained in the Surveillance Log, this was achieved by triggering the anomalous properties via the gears inside SCP-790-Ko, and the cleric then deceiving his church members into believing him to be able to work miracles. It should be noted that the behavior of this chapter bear strong resemblance that of Abrahamitic religions.2

In 1987, this chapter was only a small startup church in ██████, but around 1992, it had extended its influence across Siberia and developed into huge church, with members even in European Russian cities such as Moscow and Saint Petersburg. During this period, several additional instances of SCP-709-KO were used. Furthermore, travelling ministries performed all around Russia, and local authorities presumed multiple unlawful acts including embezzlement, disguise of criminal proceeds, and murder, took place in connection to these ministries. In 1993, the Foundation, GRU Division "P", and Russian Orthodox Church respectively acknowledged the existence of this church, and began establishing countermeasures. Meanwhile, a travelling ministry using SCP-709-KO in 1993 included a man referring to himself Karcist Vetot3. Second way of operation was added by this man.

Contemporary Foundation and GRU intelligence suggested that Karcist Vetot was a humanoid figure (or human) their in fifties with unknown gender, Germanic in appearance, and proficient in German, Russian, Polish, and English. In the gatherings they attended, the cleric spoke extremely disparagingly about the Sarkites, and when he activated SCP-709-KO, Karcist Vetot apparently noticed that the object had nothing to do with Sarkic cults, and added an anomalous property via unknown means. It manifested immediately, resulting in the death of the CotBG cleric.

There are multiple means to trigger the second anomalous property of SCP-709-KO. The most certain way is to bring a Sarkic symbol or motif - such as the "Skull of Orok", or the "Family crest of House Vörös" - into contact with the object. Other triggers include damaging the benign tumors on the face of SCP-709-KO, or inserting human flesh into its mouth, but these are not recommended due to the possibility of causing damage to SCP-709-KO.

When such a condition is met, SCP-709-KO will open its mouth and speak. It is unclear whether it is conscious or not in this state. The content its speech is based on Sarkic doctrines, usually preaching about theophagy4, cannibalism, and the execution of monks. People who listen to it will quickly be influenced by it and try to put it into practice. This mind-affecting process occurs through SCP-709-KO itself acting as memetic hazard, rather than through auditory stimuli.

The manifestation of this property led to the cleric who first met with Karcist Vetot being murdered by his own congregation. The Foundation subsequently received the following surveillance log from GRU Division "P". Extraneous information has been omitted.

After receiving the log, the Foundation kept the church under surveillance for two days, during which the ritual continued. The Foundation then sent a strike team to seize and secure the object. It was later sent to South Korea in order to let it leave the Church's and Sarkicism's spheres of influence.

Interrogation of members have showed that, as time goes on, people influenced by SCP-709-KO will not only try to eat anyone who fits their beliefs, but also to eat SCP-709-KO itself. This effect can be neutralized via Class C amnestics, but due to the high costs, the Foundation have instead confined these members to permanent psychiatric care at a mental institution.

The investigation into the identity of Karcist Vetot is still ongoing. Considering that Sarkic cults place strong emphasis on bloodline, the Department of Intelligence surmises that SCP-709-KO is not a means of preaching.

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