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Item #: SCP-713-KO

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: A Foundation agent of Korean nationality boards A380 aircraft that fits the manifestation criteria as a passenger. Other measures are unnecessary.

Description: SCP-713-KO are two humanoid instances that manifest in A380 planes. They only appear in flights that fit the following criteria.

  • A380 with inflight bar installed.
  • Flights departing from Korean airports. (Currently limited to International flights)

SCP-713-KO manifests in the inflight bar three to four hours after departure. SCP-713-KO consists of two individuals; an old male (SCP-713-KO-1) and a female (SCP-713-KO-2). Passengers do not feel any discomfort by their presence. The subjects speak Korean and only interacts with Korean passengers.

They manifest holding a brass dish, offering passengers the food in the dish. Mostly, the contents are harmless traditional Korean food. When denied, they ignore the passenger and moves on to other passengers. If nobody takes their offer, they talk with each other before disappearing when landing. When a passenger eats the food, the subjects will follow the passenger, demanding that they live in the passenger's house as payment.

However, such anomalous nature is of minimal threat, as the subjects cannot get off the plane, and the passengers forget all memories related to the subject. According to the subject themselves, this is because they 'cannot step on foreign soil.'

Conversation log

713-KO-1 (KO-1): Shame on me for letting you trick me. "Hotel on the skies", bullshit.

713-KO-2 (KO-2):1 Being over the clods is nice. It feels like we're xians, you know. Don't be so picky. "A gas stove doesn't make a kitchen", yadda yadda. There are places you can be if you want to be a decent spirit, like Samsin2.

KO-1: That hag's squatting in maternity clinics. She seems to be enjoying the automatic company. But, what about me? People can light fires with a mere flick of a finger, so the stove gods like me are nothing. They used to say a fire put off leads to a household broken. You, the Seongju god3 seem powerful enough though, you know, an old eagle is better than young cow stuff?

KO-2: Nope, nothing more than a weak elder god only worthy in rituals in rural mountainside villages. I can't even kick out the grim reaper nowadays. By the way, have you seen the Jangseung4 god recently?

KO-1: Twenty years ago or so. I think he said he saw a gumiho.

KO-2: Old age must be getting on him. A gumiho? There's barely any tigers around in this country.

KO-1: I wish. Nobody worships me because of that Jesus and Metteyya guys.

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