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Image of SCP-719-TH when not in use

Item# SCP-719-TH

Object: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-719-TH is kept in its original wooden box, which was retrieved during recovery. Underneath the box, the following inscription is written: “Celebrate success with joy, this object grants the power of desire. Let whatever you wish be written, we, the dark gods, are ready to grant it.” Access to the keycard has been restricted to [REDACTED]. The containment area is under the supervision of three personnel: Dr. Lingruah, Dr. █████ ██, and [REDACTED]. SCP-719-TH is stored in the █████ cabinet and no research is currently permitted until further instructions from █████████████ are received. For easy access to the containment area, prepare at least ten D-class personnel for specific experimentation with this object.

Description SCP-719-TH is a small blue pen with an ice crystal-shaped tip. Between the pen's tip and its body, there appears to be a transparent glass section containing blood. When the object is in use, a flame ignites inside the glass section. Analysis of the ink reveals that it is the blood of the person using the object, mixed with an unknown liquid.

SCP-719-TH's properties allow it to make written statements become true. However, this depends on the realism and plausibility of the events described (see the Usage Conditions for more details). Users of SCP-719-TH will experience gradual blood loss, eventually leading to death within 24 hours due to severe blood loss and dehydration. However, the user will not die if the written statement does not come true or contradicts the laws of reality or possibility.

Usage Conditions

  • The user must be in a conscious and rational state of mind, but the object may still work even if the user writes unintentionally or playfully.
  • The user must write a clear and complete sentence, not just a single word or meaningless phrase (as no effect will occur).
  • The written content must be possible in the current time and limited to this world. It cannot be used to alter the past. The perception of individuals towards changed events will remain the same, unless the writing is intended to modify memories. (which is strictly forbidden )

*The environment and weather conditions can be changed, but the object cannot stop or cause severe natural disasters.

The success rate of making a written statement come true based on various tests :

  • To cause a natural disaster, the success rate is only 5%. The success rate decreases for larger-scale events.
  • To cause the death of an individual or a group of people, the success rate is 99%, without the person necessarily falling ill or suffering injuries.
  • For wealth, the success rate is 70%, but it must be accompanied by an event or action of the individual, e.g. buying a lottery ticket.
  • To modify or erase memories, the success rate is 70%, but changes to insert false memories or erasing them will not be perfect.
  • For love, the success rate is 60%, but it must be accompanied by an event or action of the individual.
  • For job positions, the success rate is 50%, but it must be accompanied by an event or action of the individual.
  • To command a person to perform a task, the success rate is 50%. The individual must not be aware of the, command and their motivation depends on their own circumstances. If the person is indecisive about taking action, the decision may align with the written statement.

However, the success rate comes at the cost of the user's life.

Appendix :
The Foundation recovered the object from the ruins of a collapsed building in the abandoned area of the city [DATA EXPUNGED], where no one was aware that a building had ever been constructed in that location (the ruins appeared without a building ever being built there before). Upon examining the building's remains, no evidence or other information about the building and the object was found.


Image of SCP-719-TH in operation.

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