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Item #: SCP-726-KO Level 2
Object Class: Safe Classified

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-726-KO is to be contained at Site-77K's Level 2 Anomalous Items Storage. Security Clearance Level 3 or higher is required when experimenting on SCP-726-KO. At present, SCP-726-KO is inactive and no further experiments are possible, so the preceding Special Containment Procedure is deemed unnecessary.


SCP-726-KO pre-activation


SCP-726-KO is a taxidermied simian hand. Upon physical contact, the object will raise 31 of its fingers.

When a subject makes any wish, the following effects are manifested.

  1. If correct conditions are met, a finger will fold. The ring finger, middle finger and index finger are each folded in that order.
  2. Reality is partially manipulated to fulfill the wish.
  3. Wishes requested by the subject are fulfilled sooner, but the results usually differ from the subject's intentions or have negative results.

However, not all wishes activate the object, and if a specific wish is requested, the above effects do not manifest. See the addendum for exceptional wishes.

Addendum: Experiment Log

Summary: The following experiments were conducted under the supervision of Researcher Kim Ho-jin.

Experiment # Request Result
01 Give me one more wish. No movement.
02 Cancel the wish the previous person made. No movement.
03 Change the law of causality by the fact that you never existed in the first place. No movement
04 Prevent thermal death due to entropic equilibrium in the universe. No movement.
05 Undo the curses of all the people you ever tormented. No movement.
06 Neutralize your own anomalous properties. No movement.
07 Don't grant this wish. No movement.2
08 Tell me if the hypothesis that all subsets of the real numbers are countable or if the proposition that they are equal in cardinality to the real number is true or false. No movement.
09 Let's play rock-paper-scissors. I'll make the first throw. Rock, paper, scissors. No movement.
10 Please make before me one box of golden olive chicken whose ingredients, atomic composition, and identity, are identical to those obtained from other non-anomalous means, without me paying any price, without anyone being injured or suffering, without any physical, mental, thaumatological, logical, conceptual, anomalous, sexual, financial, and all other negative harm or loss by this. Addendum: See Incident Log

Addendum: Incident Log

SCP-726-KO displayed different movements. The object bent the index and ring fingers simultaneously, while the middle finger remained extended.

All wishes requested during the experiment were not granted, and SCP-726-KO showed no response to contact or wishes for by other subjects.

Reclassification of SCP-726-KO to Neutralized is currently pending.

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