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Rings decorated with fragments of SCP-737-JP-1-c.

Item #: SCP-737-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-737-JP is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell. While SCP-737-JP's anomalous properties are currently limited to the range described below, personnel must note that SCP-737-JP is not exactly submissive to the Foundation custody, and may pose a potential risk. SCP-737-JP may only be allowed to use its capabilities under supervision during testing.

Non-anomalous SCP-737-JP-1 instances are to be incinerated after their emergence. In case an instance of SCP-737-JP-1 becomes animated by contact with SCP-737-JP, said instance is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell. SCP-737-JP-1 instances are be provided with weekly counseling by clinical psychologists with expertise in child psychology. SCP-737-JP-1 fragments are to be actively retrieved from the marketplace by utilizing SCP-737-JP's customer list; all recovered fragments are to be contained in a standard low-risk containment locker.

Description: SCP-737-JP is a Japanese human male, 170.5cm in height and 63kg in weight; the subject was 42 years old at the time it was placed under the Foundation custody. Results of SCP-737-JP's intelligence test and physical examination are within the average range, and it does not possess any noteworthy features, except for the following anomalous properties.

At random intervals ranging between 7-35 days, the remains of a child (hereafter described as SCP-737-JP-1) appear within about 5m radius of SCP-737-JP. SCP-737-JP-1 instances have genetic information consistent with children who have been killed by abuse in the past and present throughout Japan; examination of each child's grave revealed that all SCP-737-JP-1 instances to be identical duplicate of the original children. Through direct contact, SCP-737-JP is capable of instantly converting SCP-737-JP-1's bodily tissues, other than its dermal tissue, into a gemstone.

When directly contacted by SCP-737-JP, SCP-737-JP-1 acquires the memories and mental activities identical to those of its original life. It then becomes capable of acting independently, despite lacking actual vital signs and its body tissues being transformed into a mineral. SCP-737-JP-1 does not require nutrition or excretion. While SCP-737-JP-1's senses, such as eyesight and hearing, are functional, it does not seem to feel pain; it shows no distress when its skin is removed and the gemstone comprising its body is harvested. SCP-737-JP-1 maintains consciousness even after being damaged to the point that a normal human is unable to sustain their life.

Addendum-1: Prior to containment, SCP-737-JP owned a self-employed gemstone shop and jewelry workshop, selling gemstones presumably taken from SCP-737-JP-1, as well as accessories made from them. It was suspected of being involved in an illegal organization after it was discovered that it had been falsely representing the origin of gemstones and that its actual supplier was unknown. SCP-737-JP-1 instances were found by police officers who searched SCP-737-JP's home. All anomalies were promptly contained by Foundation agents embedded in local law enforcement, and Class-A amnestics were administered to all involved person.

Addendum-2: The following is a list of SCP-737-JP-1 recovered from the basement of SCP-737-JP's home. Due to the fact that their originals were legally dead, as well as their physical mutations and breakages, their release to the general public was deemed impossible. It has not been ruled out that one or more unknown SCP-737-JP-1 may have been completely processed into jewelries and distributed on the market.

SCP-737-JP-1-a: Identical to a 7-year-old girl who died from severe beatings to the head by her father in the city of █████, Shizuoka Prefecture. Consists of topaz. Right arm and left flank were absent at the time of containment.

SCP-737-JP-1-b: Identical to a 3-year-old boy who died of starvation due to neglect from his mother in the town of ████████, Kochi Prefecture. Consists of blue sapphire. Left thigh and right eyeball were absent at the time of containment.

SCP-737-JP-1-c: Identical to a 17-year-old girl who was sexually assaulted and strangled by her father in the city of ████████, Hokkaido. Consists of diamond. Right wrist, both legs and both breasts were absent at the time of containment.

SCP-737-JP-1-d: Identical to a 13-year-old boy who committed suicide following emotional abuse by his parents in the city of ████████, Saitama Prefecture. Consists of emerald. Right ring finger and lower body were absent at the time of containment.

SCP-737-JP-1-e: Identical to a 10-year-old boy who was ritually drowned by his parents, who were members of a religious cult, in the city of ████████, Shiga Prefecture. Consists of ruby. Both arms were absent at the time of containment.

SCP-737-JP-1-f: Identical to a 2-month-old girl who died of hypothermia after her mother abandoned her in the bathroom of ████████ Train Station in the city of ████████, Fukushima Prefecture. Consists of opal. No body parts were discovered, except for the head.

Addendum-3:Interview Log SCP-737-JP-1-c

<Log Begin, 20██/6/█>

Dr. ████████: How are you feeling? Is there any inconvenience to talk?

SCP-737-JP-1-c: No, doctor. I'm all right. I don't know why, but I can speak well even with this body. Isn't my voice hard to hear?

Dr. ████████: No problem. Now, would you tell me what happened after you arrived in that basement?

SCP-737-JP-1-c: Sure. But… I just found myself in there, despite my dad… killed me. I had no idea what was going on. Then I saw a man… Mr. ███████1 standing there. I was scared, but… he gave me some clothes, spoke kind words, and reassured me that I was safe.

Dr. ████████: Please continue.

SCP-737-JP-1-c: Mr. ███████ seemed to know how I died. He said I surely must have suffered all this time. We talked for a while, I couldn't help but tell him how I had been treated. Then, Mr. ███████ suddenly peeled the skin off of my right hand. There was no pain, and no bleed. My flesh had been replaced by a beautiful gem. He said I had never been loved before, thus I shall be loved by all people from now on. It felt weird, but… it was not a bad feeling to see myself as a beautiful gem, I was even touched by it. Mr. ███████ put the machine to my right hand and grinded it. He told me that I would be processed and turned into amazing jewelries to adorn people.

Dr. ████████: I see, so that's how you were shattered. You are missing both legs, so I assume you couldn't move from the bed. Wasn't that distressing?

SCP-737-JP-1-c: No. See, doctor, there were other kids like me in the basement. Even though I couldn't move, I had lots of friends to talk with. I was like a big sister to them. I felt sad whenever one of the kids was completely shattered and gone… but I knew that the more they were shattered, the happier they became. So I was okay with it.

Dr. ████████: Would you like to elaborate?

SCP-737-JP-1-c: It just flowed into my head. People smile at rings and necklaces, they smile at me shattered and polished. They praise me with a twinkle in their eyes, saying I'm beautiful and amazing. I've never been complimented and cherished like that before. I finally understood what Mr. ███████ said. I felt happy to know that this is what it means to be loved. Doctor, even now. Hundreds of me are loved, even in this moment. I can feel it.

Dr. ████████: Don't you think that's not true love, but merely an appreciation of aesthetic and monetary value?

SCP-737-JP-1-c: …I know. It's okay. Even so, I'm so happy now. Please, doctor. Mr. ███████ must be mad at you. Let him shatter us more. Please, don't hoard us.

<Log End>

Closing Statement: SCP-737-JP-1-c's statement suggests that the processed fragments of SCP-737-JP-1 are capable of functioning as receptors. Priority should be given to recovering SCP-737-JP-1 fragments from the market. Experiments to study SCP-737-JP-1's limits of consciousness maintenance are currently being planned.

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