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Item #: SCP-747-TH

Object Class: Safe Keter

Special Containment Procedures Revision ██/██/2015: At the present moment, SCP-747-TH-2 cannot be contained. All experimentation with SCP-747-TH-1 has been discontinued. Previous testing with SCP-747-TH-1 can be found in Experiment Log 747-1-5. SCP-747-TH-1 is still located, and is to remain, inside the experimentation room.

SCP-747-TH-1 is connected to a microphone and loudspeaker at all times. Access to SCP-747-TH-1 is restricted unless granted by O5-6. Attempts by personnel to bypass this will result in termination of employment.


SCP-747-TH-1 upon recovery.

Satellite ZC747 is to track the movements of SCP-747-TH-2 through the stratosphere, in the event it disappears from sight. Once SCP-747-TH-2 is found, airport control towers in the near area are to be informed immediately. Pilots in control of planes in the general vicinity of the object are to be told to land as soon as possible.

Description: SCP-747-TH-1 is a two-kilogram standard flight recorder. Attempts to disassemble or remove parts of SCP-747-TH-1 for composition analysis has failed, and as a result, its composition is unknown. X-Rays used on the device conclude there are no internal mechanisms.

Upon activation, SCP-747-TH-1 will play the recording of a pilot's conversation which will be heard originating from all locations in the room. Sounds and speech from SCP-747-TH-1 cannot be replayed from the device unless an external recording mechanism is used. Despite this, all recordings produced by SCP-747-TH-1 will share the common characteristic of the people experiencing some form of accident or collision with another Boeing plane, designated SCP-747-TH-2.

At the current moment, no one has observed SCP-747-TH-2 directly. However, it has been determined that SCP-747-TH-2 is darker in coloration, roughly three times larger, and will attempt to camouflage within dark clouds. One of SCP-747-TH-2's wings have the ability to fold in a manner similar to that of a human's arm, and the other is a large claw-like appendage. The inside of the cockpit is filled with a red light, with two shadows displayed inside; it is hypothesized that these shadows are the pilots of SCP-747-TH-2. SCP-747-TH-2 only displays hostile behavior towards other Boeing planes in a seemingly random pattern- regular planes will not be attacked.


Photo of SCP-747-TH-2, captured by ZC747 satellite.

Addendum-1: On ██/██/2015, SCP-747-TH was reclassified as Keter. Formerly, the Foundation did not necessarily use SCP-747-TH-1 to locate SCP-747-TH-2 - however, it was discovered that SCP-747-TH-1 also predicted future attacks by SCP-747-TH-2, approximately one day in advance. This allowed the Foundation to prevent future targets of SCP-747-TH-2 from being destroyed. Ordinarily, SCP-747-TH-2 will not appear, but SCP-747-TH-1 is still effective for tracking and locating of the object.

Addendum-2: Recovered footage from Boeing-██ in the fourth experiment.

Audio tapes VDO-747

0406: Footage shakes heavily, before stopping on the face of a woman.
0407: Video pans to a stewardess, who is pushing a trolley serving refreshments to passengers.
0408-0412: Nothing happens.
0414: Video shows view outside of the plane. It is daytime, and the ground is obscured by an odd series of clouds.
0416-0417: Video shakes, and people screaming is heard soon after.
0418: There is a scraping sound. Sound originates from outside the plane.
0419: Video focuses on a window, which is obscured by a black cloud.
0420-0422: Video is obscured.
0423-0424: Video footage resumes. The camera is laying on the ground sideways.
0424: The camera is kicked in another direction.
0425: The ceiling in the center of the plane is rended by two large steel blades.
0426: The ceiling is opened, and another plane appears.
0427: The camera is believed to have fallen out of the plane. The camera captures footage of a Boeing airliner, dark in coloration, and roughly three times larger. The cockpit emits a red light, and a shadow is present inside. An opening in the plane is seen, with steel blades protruding in a similar manner to teeth. It begins to devour the plane, crunching the metal as though it were eating it. The claw continues to pull the plane into the opening, before the feed cuts.

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