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SCP-751-JP prior to containment

Item #: SCP-751-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-751-JP is to be stored in a dedicated containment chamber located at Site-81██. 20 sheets of paper printed with a palm of the hand is to be affixed to the walls of the chamber, being checked once daily for any changes. If any change occurs on the sheets, a member of Class D personnel is to replace the affected sheet, with said sheet subsequently being destroyed. All use of symbols in the shape of a hand as well as bringing in articles with said symbology printed on them is prohibited within Site-81██.
In the event an uncontained instance of SCP-751-JP is discovered, it is to be immediately contained within the same containment chamber as the original.

Description: SCP-751-JP is a 1.8 meter tall statue of a hand with a raised middle finger, being primarily composed of non-anomalous paraffin wax. A small inscription is carved into the pedestal on which it rests, reading "EVERYBODY,FUCK YOU No.3".

At irregular intervals ranging from 4 to 38 days, an instance of SCP-751-JP-1 will appear within a certain distance from SCP-751-JP's position, with a maximum confirmed range of 6.8km. SCP-751-JP-1 is a symbol resembling a hand with a raised middle finger, with other variations of what gestures the hand displays also being recorded.1 No experiments have been conducted showing what would occur if there were no symbols in the shape of a hand near SCP-751-JP.


An SCP-751-JP-1 instance discovered in a ██████ Vocational College textbook

Any individual (henceforth referred to as the subject) who observes SCP-751-JP-1 at a close range (approximately within 4 to 5 meters) will be overcome with a sense of extreme rage as well as confusion with regards to their memories. This effect is temporary, with effects subsiding to that indistinguishable of an unaffected individual after 8 weeks of initial exposure. The effects of the anomaly can also be neutralized through the administration of a Class A amnestic. Additionally, once an SCP-751-JP-1 instance affects a subject, it will lose its anomalous attributes and no longer be able to affect any other individual who observes it.

SCP-751-JP-1 was discovered during an investigation following a steep rise of violent incidents in ████████, Japan, around September 2011, which ultimately led to the discovery of SCP-751-JP itself in front of ██████ Station. When asked about the appearance of SCP-751-JP, local residents only recognized that SCP-751-JP had appeared once they were made aware of its existence, and no information about the moment of its initial appearance was able to be obtained.

Following containment in Site-81██, an incident (later deemed Incident-751) occurred where a researcher accidentally viewed an SCP-751-JP-1 instance, becoming violent towards a colleague. The researcher in question was restrained, and an interview was conducted prior to amnestic treatment.

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