SCiPNET access attempt detected from ObsP-322K


Date: 2030-09-28

I don't know what the hell this place is for. At first, I thought it was a kind of bunker that some survivalists built, but this terminal can only access an intranet I've never seen before. The server status is very bad. There seems to be no manager, and I think this channel is not meant for civilians like me. I can't even contact other users. I don't know what meaning it'll have, but I decided to use it to write down what I saw and felt, at least for now.

I think Mirae doesn't want me to touch the gizmos here, and honestly, I think she might be right; every bit of this place, including the ominous warning I saw accessing the intranet, implies some harsh stuff happened here. But I must write, or I'll go insane. Moreover, it's tough for me to write with a pen after my hand became like this.

Anyways, this hideout is far away from the city centre, and there are enough supplies to sustain us for an extended period, so survival wouldn't be that hard. The question is until when. I only hope that our heads stay attached to our necks till this nightmare is over.


Illustration of hand deformation caused by SCP-755-KO-A

Item #: SCP-755-KO

Object Class: Apollyon Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-755-KO is neutralised as of 2032-11-23. No more incidents of SCP-755-KO-A/B manifestation have been reported. The only remaining SCP-755-KO-A instances, A-ap145 and A-mt990, are most likely entirely outside of the Foundation and civilisation's reach, if not deceased.

Description: SCP-755-KO refers to the rapid body deformation and related memetic phenomena. Its first manifestation was in the United States on 2030-01-12, which was then spread worldwide. A black chitin thorn protrudes from the palm of SCP-755-KO's victim1 and continues to grow between the thumb and index finger. The length of the thorn varies from victim to victim, approximating 20 centimetres. The thorns are incredibly rigid and stiff. Therefore it is theoretically impossible to deform it, including breaking or bending it.

SCiPNET access attempt detected from ObsP-322K


Date: 2031-01-02

I still can't remember how to talk. I've worked my ass off, stuck in this bunker to regain that ability for the past three months, but nothing. It pisses me off. The problem is, so is Mirae. There are only the two of us in this bunker, and we stress each other out. We silently agreed on meeting each other as least as possible.

Stress is not the only thing that's bugging me. Ever since this thorn grew from my hand, it feels like something other than myself is rummaging through my mind. That thing - ghost, parasite, or whatever - deletes how to move my throat and mouth to let out a voice and tries to replace it with a thing related to the thorn. I can't track how many times I unconsciously thought the thorn is a better way of communicating with Mirae than my mouth.

Even I can't believe what I'm saying, but it sounds somewhat plausible. I saw other people moving their thorns to communicate with other people before I came here. Even though we didn't learn it from anywhere, thorny folk, including Mirae and me, understand what each gesture means.

The problem is, the gestures are of the aggressive type. Or maybe it's the stress getting to me. I know it will be painful, but I'm going to analyse and compile it one by one. Maybe, just maybe, the list may help other people reading it.

SCP-755-KO-A also causes psychological changes. SCP-755-KO-A lose all abilities of verbal communication one minute after the thorn appears. Other methods of communication, such as sign language and writing, are possible, but the victim's brain completely forgets how to vocalise a word. Most SCP-755-KO-A have been seen to communicate by moving their thorn in a specific manner to overcome this inability of vocal communication.

SCiPNET access attempt detected from ObsP-322K


Date: 2031-03-11
"Stabbing" is the determining factor between speech and assault.

SCiPNET access attempt detected from ObsP-322K


Date: 2031-05-02

I found out the main rules. Starting from holding this thorn and pointing at your opponent:

0° = "Die"

Pointing it upwards:

45° = "Don't fuck around"
75° = "You're a piece of shit"
90° = "Fuck off"

Pointing it downwards:

-60° = "Stop bothering me"
-90° = "Give it to me"

And such.

SCP-755-KO-A instances are generally very aggressive, often leading to injuries or deaths of people, including other instances, around them. SCP-755-KO-A attacks by wielding their thorns like a dagger and stabbing their opponents. Although the attack was no different from non-anomalous melee attacks, even highly trained personnel could not block it.2

SCiPNET access attempt detected from ObsP-322K


Date: 2031-06-11

I just discovered that this bunker is connected to thousands of CCTVs spread across the city. Now I know what the outside world is like. I didn't talk with her for a while, but I decided to call Mirae and see the CCTV footage together.

Everyone had thorns on their hands like us. Everyone was using them for one purpose.

People who killed people with their thorns disappeared. At first, I thought they had vanished, but I soon realised that they had just turned transparent. I saw people dying with a hole in their chests while they were standing at an empty square.

Instances that stabbed other people (including SCP-755-KO-A instances) to death morph again into an f-Class non-ontological elemental. The morphed instances3, also follow the laws of physics but are not affected by other beings bound to the real world. Therefore SCP-755-KO-A instances rarely see SCP-755-KO-B instances as a target for attack, and if they do -A's thorns pass through -B instances, leaving them unharmed. However, SCP-755-KO-B retain the level of aggression before their transformation, along with the advantage of being a non-ontological aetherial being, so they are more of a threat to non-anomalous organisms and SCP-755-KO-A instances around them.

SCiPNET access attempt detected from ObsP-322K


Date: 2031-06-13

The massacre continues. Some struggle to suppress their aggressiveness by avoiding contact with others and closing their eyes shut when they see other people. They usually fail or fall victim to those who can't. And others don't particularly enjoy killing but kill others and hide themselves to avoid being killed. However, most don't even think twice about killing, and disappear. There are only corpses and people who make corpses now.

The words can cut deeper than the sword. Now the word is the sword.

A metaphor achieved reality and killed thousands. Now it's killing millions.

P.S. Mirae is depressed. I think she's blaming me for showing her the footage. I can understand, but I feel as if she's not treating me fair enough.

Addendum 1: SCP-755-KO Containment status and damage report

SCP-755-KO cannot be fully contained. According to an independent calculation by the Foundation Intelligence Department, the number of SCP-755-KO-A increases by thousands each day. SCP-755-KO-B instances cannot be counted due to their traits, but it is estimated that there will be more than 700 million of them by 2021-05-03.

Due to the rapid increase of SCP-755-KO's victims, billions of casualties are reported annually. The sharp decline in global population proved devastating for both the non-anomalous society and nations but also most of the paranormal societies archived in the Foundation database. The Foundation currently focuses on minimising the damage from the incident rather than containing the subject.

If the population mentioned above decline is not alleviated, humanity on earth will be extinct by as late as 2037, resulting in the GH-0 "Dead Greenhouse" scenario.

Addendum 2: SCiPNET access of instance A-ap145

The alarming proliferation of SCP-755-KO took a toll on Foundation activities as well. During the early stage of proliferation, reports stated that key personnel of paranormal countermeasures assets have either been killed or infected by SCP-755-KO, resulting in a 70% reduction in operation. The SCiPNET network was heavily damaged; its entire maintenance team fell victim to the phenomena, unable to continue operation. Complete server collapse was prevented thanks to the network management AI, but the network security's absence allowed unauthorised personnel to access SCiPNET.

On 2030-09-26, two SCP-755-KO-A instances, A-ap145 and A-mt990, were detected by the on-site security system infiltrating Observatory-322K located in Daejeon Metropolitan City, Republic of Korea. These two individuals are an Asian man and woman, both in their 20s, seemingly evacuated to the facility to avoid conflict with other instances. Two days later, instance A-ap145 activated the SCiPNET terminal in the facility and performed unauthorised access to the database. However, the Foundation at the time was unable to block access to the intranet or arrest the instance.

SCiPNET access attempt detected from ObsP-322K


Supplies are running low. This place can't keep us much longer than three months.

This intranet showed other similar bunkers in the vicinity. There will be those ghosts lurking around, but we will survive if we're lucky. Also, we'll surely die if we don't leave.

There's one problem: Mirae. She was hysterical about my plans. I think it's the trauma she suffered last year. She said she would rather starve to death here. This was the most furious and frustrating I've been since last January. I hope she doesn't nag me around anymore.

SCiPNET access attempt detected from ObsP-322K


Date: 2032-07-13

There's still plenty of water - it's food that's running out.

Mirae still bothers me.

SCiPNET access attempt detected from ObsP-322K


Date: 2032-08-30

Mirae locked her door. I don't know how she did it, but the door is not that strong, so I can break in anytime if I want to. My head is killing me. Honestly, this is all my fault.

Food ran out today. I can't wait any longer for Mirae, so I boldly told her to follow me if she doesn't want to die, not by other means like usual, but with my thorn. She turned pale and ran away. I kicked on the locked door and shouted at her. I don't hear anything from the room aside from faint sobbing.

Today's the last day. If nothing changes tomorrow, I will leave her here. It's her fault.

SCiPNET access attempt detected from ObsP-322K


Date: 2032-08-31

Change of plans.

When I woke up today, I heard footsteps outside the door. Even in my sleep, I reminded myself of the peculiarly long thorn she had and became afraid. I locked the door. Mirae banged on the door several times, but I waited next to the door, not saying anything, preparing for the possibility of the door breaking. She muttered some indistinguishable words and went away, crying.

I once wrote that there were only the two of us in the bunker, yet we're stressed by each other. Now we were trying to kill each other.

I don't want to do this, but I don't want to die.

Reminder for myself:

0° = "Die"

SCiPNET access attempt detected from ObsP-322K


Date: 2032-09-01

I can see the faces of those who were stabbed to death outside. I saw Mirae's face… and mine in them.

I know it's stupid, but maybe, maybe…

SCiPNET access attempt detected from ObsP-322K


Date: 2032-09-01

I know nobody else is reading this. But if there is… Please wish me luck. For me. For Mirae.

Dawn's breaking.

Addendum 3: Neutralization of SCP-755-KO

The thorns on SCP-755-KO-A instances fell off, and the affected were released from the memetic effects, regaining vocal communication and relieved of aggression. The O5 Council declared that the emergency SCP-755-KO caused as ended and commanded all survivors to rebuild the damaged Foundation and re-contain the anomalous entities.

One week later, on 2032-09-09, SCP-755-KO-B instances that were previously undetected reappeared, all dead from the thorns on the vocal cord damaging vital organs on their neck, such as the carotid artery. Currently, it is estimated there are more than one billion dead -B instances. However, instead of decomposing like a regular corpse, the -B instances' bodies slowly vanish starting from their distal ends. Therefore, countermeasures for a mass amount of corpses is deemed unnecessary.

On 2032-09-27, SCiPNET regained standard functionality. After the security system was reinstalled, there was a debate among management on whether to continue allowing A-ap145's SCiPNET access or not. The conclusion was to block access of the instance and dispatch field agents on Observatory-322K and capture or kill A-ap145 and A-mt990. At first, according to the recordings that the instance left, it seemed very likely that the two would have expired or be found near another facility. However, the field agents headed in the facility failed to find the bodies of the instances, and the two were not seen anywhere near any nearby facilities.

Three days later, during the observatory restoration process, A-ap145's last records written with a pen on paper was retrieved.

This is my last recording. I tried to access the intranet as I usually would, but it said I was unauthorised. Thanks to that, I'm writing on paper with my hand for the first time in a few years. It feels splendid, but please understand my sloppy handwriting since I didn't write for the past few years.

You may be another survivor, or most likely the original owner of this bunker or some relative of them. Or maybe you were a worker of this 'SCP Foundation". If so, you'll be the first to know the things that happened after the last dawn.

Right after the thorn fell off of me and Mirae's hands, the voices in our heads were gone. We could speak again, and we didn't need to see each other with eyes full of suspicion.

And they came. It's weird, but I can't find a better pronoun than 'they' to refer to those being.

We don't remember how they look or how they came into this bunker. The only thing we do is that they spoke to us and… praised us, or to be exact, me.

The all-mighty God does not value skill or knowledge, as God has an infinity of them. They were too. They had godly powers themselves, but they looked upon beings that had the things they didn't. They wandered around the universe for aeons to find a person that they dearly worship and bestowed trials upon the intelligent life forms and the society they met, like an entomologist digging down an ant hole to find the queen.

And I was the person to overcome the trial.

They found me and declared the end of the trial. They apologised for what they had done to me, but can I forgive those who killed billions? But, they believed what we'd find in this trial greatly overshadows its cruelty. And I don't know as much as them.

They told me much more, but this paper is too small. I would write just a bit more.

I'm leaving tomorrow. They were positive of my request to bring Mirae along in this journey. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have been able to pass the test. I don't know if you, the reader, would be interested in where I am, but I'm going to go somewhere too far for anyone can reach, so I hope you don't take any chances.

You may think me and Mirae are leaving you behind. It may be true. But I'm going to leave this one thing for you. It'll be enough.

If another trial like mine hits you again, and thorny words draw an ominous shadow on your civilisation, this one thing can lead you out of it. You can overcome it, like me.

Starting from holding this thorn and pointing at your opponent,
Pointing it upwards or downwards:

180° = "I'm sorry"

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