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Item #: SCP-771-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The general public is barred from entering the ██ mountain where SCP-771-JP is located under the guise of it being a natural survey area. Foundation staff entering must have a background check done, and if they have received any legal punishment before, they are to be prohibited from entering.

Standard surveillance equipment is to be installed at the valley floor where SCP-771-JP-A piles up, and the surrounding area is to be sealed off.

Description: SCP-771-JP is a simple rope bridge 1.5m wide, 5m long, at a heigh of 500m, located in the ██ mountains of ██ Prefecture. The material composing it seems to be no different from hardy kiwi vine (Actinidia arguta) and rebar, but all attempts of destroying it have failed.

SCP-771-JP’s anomaly activates in the presence of a person who has received some sort of legal punishment in the past. When the subject reaches the center of SCP-771-JP, the wind suddenly starts to blow, and SCP-771-JP starts swaying. SCP-771-JP then falls, and the subject plummets 500m to the bottom of the valley.

The falling subject (SCP-771-JP-A) changes their posture around 200m above the valley floor. After assuming this position, SCP-771-JP-A loses the ability of acting autonomously, and cannot take any other posture. It’s been proven that SCP-771-JP-A feel extreme pain when in that position. The pain cannot be alleviated with any machine or drug available at the time.

Seven postures have been identified so far, which vary with age and gender. Below is a posture list:

Falling subject Posture
Under 20 years Rounded body posture
20-30 years, male Sitting posture with legs extended, facing right
20-30 years, female Consistent with same-age males, with body facing left
40-50, male Posture described as “S shape”
40-50, female Posture described as “Z shape”
Over 60 years, male Posture described as “sitting cross-legged”
Over 60 years, female Standing upright, described as “standing to attention” posture

When SCP-771-JP-A changes into this position, they fall while going side-by-side through the air. In many cases, they are accompanied by rotation, although they do not always do so. It’s impossible for outside forces to interrupt this parallel displacement.

The bottom of the valley is a perfect 25x5m rectangle where the SCP-771-JP-A subjects accumulate. Due to this, SCP-771-JP-A instances fall on top of SCP-771-JP-A that have fallen before, but due to the aforementioned parallel displacement and rotation, there is little overlapping at the fall site. It’s impossible to move SCP-771-JP-A that have fallen and accumulated.

Once SCP-771-JP-A fill the entire valley floor, they disappear in a cry of anguish. Once they’ve disappeared, SCP-771-JP-A reappear around 200m over the valley, one instance every roughly 30 seconds, and begin piling up again. The reappearance period is shown to be irregular, with intervals of in between 10 minutes to 2 months. There are no SCP-771-JP-A instances that have not been confirmed by the Foundation thus far.1

SCP-771-JP-A claim that accumulating until they reach the bridge will rid them of the pain, but the uninhibited movement traits indicate that this is not factual.

Addendum: It was discovered that when SCP-771-JP-A appears, the sound of the wind forms a certain rhythm. Research indicates that the rhythm is consistent with the Russian folk song “Troika”.

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