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SCP-777-TH-J And SCP-173

Item# SCP-777-TH-J

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Dr. Tomson Niranam is strictly prohibited from accessing the bar services within the site under any circumstances.

Personnel are authorized to search for SCP-777-TH-J-11 within Dr. Tomson's office, on his person, or even in the areas he frequents regularly. If found, seize immediately without exception.

If any personnel observe unusual behavior from Dr. Tomson Niranam, report to the site officials immediately, and Dr. Tomson Niranam will be detained for 24 hours or until he returns to normal.

Description: SCP-777-TH-J is an unknown effect that occurs every time Dr. Tomson Niranam experiences intoxication. An SCP containment breach will occur within the site or area where Dr. Tomson Niranam resides, before Dr. Tomson Niranam and the SCPs disappear through an unknown method and are later found off-site (see Appendix).

Appendix SCP-777-TH-J-11: SCP-777-TH-J-11: Record of SCP-777-TH-J events (partial)

- On ██/██/20██ SCP-957 disappeared from its containment cell without the cell being opened. SCP-777-TH-J was found with SCP-957 in ████████ Park. SCP-777-TH-J was in the trunk of his car with SCP-957 holding alcohol in its mouth.

- On ██/██/20██ SCP-682 disappeared from its highly secure containment room with the door left open and the alarm system activated. No signs of intrusion or damage to SCP-682's containment were found. SCP-777-TH-J was found with SCP-682 two cities away before SCP-682 returned to Site-19 on its own, killing 155 personnel. SCP-777-TH-J's car was parked in Dr. Famous's office with no known means of entry.

- On ██/██/20██ SCP-777-TH-J took SCP-173 on a car ride to a nightclub at ███████ █████ on a Friday night. To this day, it is still unknown how SCP-777-TH-J managed to keep SCP-173 still. Photos and clips related to the two have spread on the internet, called Crunchy Style2

- On ██/██/20██ SCP-105 disappeared from her room, and left a note saying I'm going to a concert with Doc at ██████. When foundation personnel followed, they found the two driving into a hotel.

Damn pervert! - Dr. Famous

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