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Item #: SCP-779-KO

Object Class: The object class is set.

Special Containment Procedure: SCP-779-KO is to be contained.

Description: It is an object that makes everyone talk and act about SCP-779-KO on the resultant, except when explaining phenomena caused by SCP-779-KO. For a short period upon the exposure, everyone will talk and act in every situations on the resultant.

Record of the conference for containment after exposure to SCP-779-KO

Participants: Doctor #1, Doctor #2, Researcher, Containment Specialist

Summary: They had a conference.

<Begin recording>

Doctor #1: Let the conference begin.

Containment Specialist: Yeah, let the conference begin.

Doctor #2: We must contain SCP-779-KO now.

Doctor #1: I agree. (Pause) SCP-779-KO is to be contained.

Containment Specialist: To contain SCP-779-KO, SCP-779-KO has to be contained.

Researcher: So then…

(Long pause)

Doctor #2: (Resenting) We say this shit!

Doctor #1: I think this makes us talk about SCP-779-KO on the resultant. ……Ah!

Researcher: Right, Doctor! SCP-779-KO makes us talk on the resultant!

Doctor #2: (Getting up excitedly) Oh! SCP-779-KO makes us talk on the resultant!

Containment Specialist: Right! So we must contain SCP-779-KO now!

Doctor #1: Yeah! To contain SCP-779-KO, first…… first……

(Long pause)

Doctor #1: Must contain.

Researcher: (Unable to tolerate, jumping out of the conference room)

<End recording>

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