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Site-8194, Dr. Sunazawa

Item #: SCP-787-JP

Object Class: None

Special Containment Procedures: Containment of SCP-787-JP is to be primarily focused on bringing SCP-787-JP to the Foundation's attention for its discovery and subsequent control of SCP-787-JP-1. Since SCP-787-JP has not yet been discovered by the Foundation, the establishment of its Object Class is pending.

SCP-787-JP-1 instances are to continue their efforts to be discovered by the Foundation web crawlers expected to be currently operational through their activities on the Internet. They are to constantly search for anomalies reported on the Internet and, if appropriate, take advantage of the reports to bring themselves to the attention of the web crawlers; any events deemed significant should be recorded in this directory. Through the informational entity editing tools of MTF ω-0, SCP-787-JP-1 instances are currently forced to perform this action and is continuing to fulfill their task despite being under the mental influence of SCP-787-JP.

Revising the Description section and Containment Procedures is no longer possible request1.

Description: SCP-787-JP is a room in the 3rd sub-level floor of Research Site-8194 after 2013/██/██, which contains 26 Foundation-standard computers inside. These computers are updated on an irregular basis to what appears to be the latest universal specification within the Foundation. Electrical systems seem to be maintained at all times. From inside the SCP-787-JP, information can be exchanged with the outside world only through the Internet connection without any special encryption2; information via any other communication is subject to anti-memetic cognitive inhibition. This fact was revealed through interactions with Mobile Task Force Omega-Zero ("Ará Orún").

Humans inside SCP-787-JP are collectively designated as SCP-787-JP-13. SCP-787-JP-1 instances have lost all physiological needs and are unable to escape outside SCP-787-JP. Such attempts are hampered by unbearable mental confusion4 and unconscious movement away from the exit.

SCP-787-JP-1's access privilege to the Foundation network is limited to SCP-787-JP-a. SCP-787-JP-a is SCP-787-JP entry in the Foundation database, which is where this document exists. Since, as noted above, communications not made through the public Internet are affected by cognitive inhibition, SCP-787-JP-a has not received any intervention from the Foundation. In other words, SCP-787-JP has not yet been discovered by the Foundation.

Therefore, this entry5 has currently been edited exclusively by SCP-787-JP-1 instances.

SCP-787-JP-1 instances have gained a unique ability to manipulate electronic information directly without using any equipment6. This means that the SCP-787-JP-1 can use a computer simply by standing in front of it, without the need for a keyboard, mouse or other input device, and also can create new electronic data, such as images and sounds, with very high accuracy. Regarding this capability, Omega-0 presented the hypothesis that SCP-787-JP-1 has aspects as electronic informational entity.

Each time SCP-787-JP-1 uses the Internet connection on the computer inside SCP-787-JP, its body is observed to gradually fade and disappear7. During the fading process, SCP-787-JP-1 does not bleed or lose its vital functions or mobility despite the absence of its brain8, sensory organs9 or limbs10. After SCP-787-JP-1 has used an internet connection for about 300 seconds continuously, the fading process ceases as SCP-787-JP-1 becomes an entity with only the lower end of the skull, spine, spinal cord and pelvis11 remaining.

If SCP-787-JP-1 instances continue to use the Internet, they rapidly lose memories about their current circumstances and begin to focus on communicating with other individuals on the Internet. In doing so, SCP-787-JP-1 instances mimic fictional individuals whose backgrounds are partially different from their own12, or individuals who have already deceased13, and attempt to interact with online communities14 that require some type of user account. After the fading process has ceased, SCP-787-JP-1 uses their ability to manipulate electronic information to produce necessary photos, voices and memetic images which generate false memories for viewers, while posting contents based on very different personalities and styles from their original persona, in order to recreate15 almost completely fictional/deceased individuals in each communities. This mental influence has had greatly hampered SCP-787-JP-1's efforts to contain themselves16.



Researcher Karatani

Addendum-2: On 2016/04/18, during SCP-787-JP-1 instances were performing their tasks in accordance with current containment procedures, some of their social networking accounts received a series of personal messages from several specific accounts. Based on investigations of the account information by SCP-787-JP-1, as well as comparison with the database stored within SCP-787-JP, it was presumed that these accounts belonged to SCP-171517. SCP-1715 did not respond to subsequent communication requests by SCP-787-JP-1.

Messages received from SCP-1715 uniformly celebrated birthdays and were in the language of each account's native language.

Happy Birthday to You! :)18

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