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SCP-7891-KO grown in its plantation

Item #: SCP-7891-KO-EX

Object Class: Safe Explained

Special Containment Procedures: Containment chamber 7891 of Site-19 is used as SCP-7891-KO's cultivation site. The environment must maintain a high humidity with no light shining. Entry to the plantation is limited to personnel with a security clearance of Level 4 or higher and a harvesting permit. On entry, personnel must wear an anti-dust mask and should undergo full-body disinfection after harvesting. Harvested SCP-7891-KO are kept in storage locker #7891.

Addendum 7891-KO-1: SCP-7891-KO is explained and does not require special containment procedures anymore, but its plantation is kept as a cultivation site to produce ingredients for amnestics.

Description: SCP-7891-KO is shaped like a common button mushroom (Agaricus Bisporus) but has a unique sweet scent that distinguishes it from other button mushrooms. This mushroom was brought in from Africa on ██/██/18██ by Agent K████ as proof of a sorcerer's "memory-erasing spell". After the ███ tribe (which the sorcerer was in) disappeared, so did the rumour about the mushroom. Foundation agents also destroyed the original plantation in Africa after spores were brought into the Foundation.

Ingestion of SCP-7891-KO-EX or inhalation of its spores will cause partial recent memory loss. Its effect varies depending on the amount of mushroom ingested or spores inhaled. Current observations show that ingesting ten grammes of mushroom or inhaling 2 grammes of spores causes the memory of the past hour to disappear.

Current technology cannot explain how the subject shows its effects. Refer to 7891-Ko-2.

Document #7891-KO-01: A letter to O5
The amnestic effect of SCP-7891-KO is astonishing. With the correct dose, it can be a perfect replacement for "memory wipe via occipital impact", a method notorious for its violence, side effects, and ineffectiveness.
- Dr ███████

Document #7891-KO-01: Reply for Dr ███████'s letter
Dr ███████, we wholeheartedly agree with your opinion.
However, we don't know how SCP-7891-KO's effects work, if the method is safe, or if it has any side effects, do we? We may consider this after sufficient experimentation.
- O5-7

Addendum 7891-KO-2: With the latest technology developed on 19██/██/██, it is discovered that ingestion of the mushroom or inhalation of its spores causes synthesis of several potent compounds such as ████████ █████, ██████████, and █████ ████ ██████, resulting in neuron retrogenesis, and subsequent regrowth devoid of side effects. Said retrogenesis is the cause of memory loss.

Document #7891-KO-03: Message from the O5 Council to the Science Department.
Since SCP-7891-KO's amnestic mechanism is revealed, the science department is responsible for SCP-7891-KO and its cultivation. We request the science department to produce amnestic drugs using the subject.
- O5-7

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