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Photograph of Imperial Military Police officers who were captured and killed by humans.

Item #: SCP-7898-KO-J

Object Class: Natural Enemy

Subsea Colonization Policies:

[Revision #23]

Currently, our Imperial global Subsea Colonization Program is facing its greatest crisis. Relentless attacks by the furless apes on land continue and we have been unable to do anything to stop them. Our only remaining options are to hide out of sight of the apes, escape the numerous fishing devices they use, and leave more offspring than they can abduct. All defensive measures to protect ourselves from the threat their warlike operations have failed.

Discussions are underway from the Office of the O5 Government-General regarding the possibility of withdrawal from this hellish planet.



Disarmed Task Force personnel taken as human prisoners of war after the disastrous failure to exterminate humans. The future that awaits them is bleak.

The furless apes that threaten us are commonly referred to as "humans" (Homo Sapiens). Humans are land dwellers and are not suited to aquatic life. Humans have attacked us in a variety of ways since the beginning of our colonization. Our Imperial Army has developed and implemented a number of defensive and counter-attack operations in response, but none have been successful in eliminating the human threat. In light of this, we hereby declare Subsea Colony Proclamation No. 7898 to remind our compatriots, agents, and task forces who have made inroads into Earth of the current threat to our survival from an extremely brutal and dangerous enemy.

Regrettably, we must admit that we underestimated the ferocity and cruelty of humans before colonizing Earth. Even more unfortunate was the fact that humans fed on the proteins that make up our bodies and, in addition, that their palates were predisposed to perceive us as extremely tasty. Humans have developed a strong preoccupation with preying on us, and have continually attempted to cook us more deliciously or more eccentrically. The dishes they create are so horrific that we can hardly eat them. Our goal is to take advantage of the resources that exist in the Earth's oceans, but humans are not content to simply expand throughout the land; they are reaching under the sea as well.

All colonists should begin recharging their interstellar navigation systems and warp drive devices from now on and await future instructions from the Governor-General. If the decision is made to withdraw, all colonists are to abandon the colony of Earth and leave immediately.


Various reports on the War on Man

Report Doc-0515

Incident: Mobile Task Force Alpha-1 was deployed to stop large-scale human fishing operations in the South Pacific.

Results: Task Force personnel were caught in the fishing vessel's trawl net; all personnel are killed in action.


We will never submit to such childish threats.

Report Doc-0578

Incident: During a patrol along the Kuroshio Current, the Imperial Military Police encountered 13 human fishing vessels.

Results: Military Police officers armed with smoke grenades and suction cups fought valiantly but were unable to overcome the enemy's strength and were all captured alive. After killing the Military Police, they mercilessly display their corpses on dry land. (Refer to the photograph on the right.)

Analysis: This is clearly the apes' warning and provocation against our Imperial forces, and it is not worthwhile to take action against each one. - O5-█

Report Doc-0664

Incident: On the shores of the South China Sea, a good pioneer family of the Empire (Urechis unicinctus) have been kidnapped by humans.

Results: The victims were unable to resist and were all brutally killed. In response, it was proposed that all species should be provided with a minimum of self-defense weaponry, but it was concluded that it would be preferable to provide more support to higher-level combat units.

Report Doc-0707

Incident: A large-scale blitzkrieg operation involving 26 Mobile Task Force units was planned in order to turn the tide of war and subdue the humans. All personnel involved in this operation (Crassostrea gigas) are heavily armed with special support from the Imperial Army. The equipment was expected to be capable of blocking dangerous solar wind and cosmic rays, and it was judged to be able to sufficiently withstand physical attacks by humans.

Results: The operation was a catastrophic failure. The equipment in which our troops had placed their full trust on was all too easily destroyed by human hands, and the bodies of our soldiers were humiliated by being displayed in a fish market.

Analysis: Considering that the price of guljeot1 has risen dozens of times over the past 50 years, it seems that the monkeys are beginning to see our forces as a threat. Finally, there is a glimmer of hope. - Dr. Loliolus beka


O5-██ shocked upon receiving reports that an entire MTF has been wiped out.

Report Doc-1103

Incident: An operation is devised to assassinate a human leader by using specially trained assassins (Octopus Minor). Humans have the habit of eating live octopus, which was intended to be used to suffocate the target to death.

Results: Operation failed. Contrary to our initial assumption, the personnel suffered in a ritual known as 'jogae-gui'2 (too horrifying to further explain) and were killed in the pits of hell.

Report Doc-1266

Incident: On July 1, 1946, near latitude 11°35' and longitude 165°25', humans launched a nuclear attack on our Imperial forces under the guise of an atomic bomb test.

Results: Radioactive material has contaminated the area of [REDACTED] and the number of casualties cannot be properly estimated.

Memorandum: If you monkeys are willing to resort to nuclear war, be prepared for a ruthless retaliatory attack by our Empire. - Spokesperson for the Imperial Army Supreme Headquarters

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