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A picture of two pieces of SCP-797-KO taken before retrieval.

Item #: SCP-797-KO

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All retrieved SCP-797-KO instances are to be moved to the nearest site from the place of retrieval for temporary containment, and then all moved to Site-28.

All uncontained instances are considered potentially dangerous. On discovery of all new SCP-797-KO, one should report immediately. Shortly after, a retrieval team is to be dispatched and retrieve the instance drawing minimal civilian attention.

Information regarding SCP-797-KO's existence should be concealed from the public, and all crashed SCP-797-KO instances should be retrieved and discarded. Measures should be taken to explain the damage from SCP-797-KO crashing to be considered irrelevant with SCP-797-KO.

Description: SCP-797-KO refers to artificial opaque paintings floating in the sky made of mostly glass. They almost completely blend into the surrounding environment and have weak cognitohazardous properties that render observers unable to notice the uncanniness of itself. As a result, they are indistinguishable from the surrounding sky to the naked eye. How SCP-797-KO keeps itself afloat is yet to be known. However, it is known that the buoyancy of some instances is significantly unstable.

SCP-797-KO also has other cognitohazardous properties. Persons seeing an SCP-797-KO instance will feel an impulse to gaze upon and appreciate the sky. This impulse is confirmed to be permanent. This property is unharmful and is thought to be from a good intention.

Some SCP-797-KO instances have stopped floating and then crashed to the ground. Most instances float above cities. Therefore they can cause major damage to roads or buildings and may result in much amount of casualties when crashed. Contrary to initial speculation, the crashing is thought to be an unintended accident.

There are ██ crashed instances of SCP-797-KO to date. Some of them exclusively caused property damage, but the crashing in Paris, ██, ██, ████ caused [REDACTED] amount of property damage and [REDACTED] casualties. This accident also resulted in serious security breaches, making the Foundation spend significant amounts of effort and resources. After this incident, the Foundation decided that SCP-797-KO is potentially dangerous, and therefore should be contained.

Addendum 797-A: SCP-797-KO is a part of an anomalous art project lead by several non-violent anomalous artists who have been strongly against acts of terrorism committed with anomalous works of art, especially towards members of AWCY, who are responsible for committing and promoting said forms of terrorism.

It is unknown if the crashes are a result of a flaw in the making process or the machinery used to make the instances. When the Foundation started to retrieve crashed SCP-797-KO instances, the group that made SCP-797-KO pleaded to Site-28 not to take down all SCP-797-KO instances as flaws exist only in some of the instances. The plea was declined.

Some of the members of AWCY wanted by the Foundation expressed derision to the group after the crashings.

Addendum 797-B: Below is a letter from the artist group asking other anomalous artists to join them sent after making SCP-797-KO.

Some painters of the past were not satisfied by just depicting the world with their paintbrushes. Some sculptors wanted their works to be more than mere pieces of marble, something more beautiful. Their great uncompromising attitude of art inspired us, descendants, in the far future, to allow the blessing of God upon our creations. However, some of us perverted and twisted the pure and elegant artistic philosophy of our predecessors, and made numerous disgusting objects that cannot be dare called 'art', even killing innocent lives in the process. We group here as we cannot allow their atrocities any longer. First, we drew paintings in the sky. With the gift of God they used to burn the eyes of innocents, we drew a picture in the sky to remind people used to the grey and dull city of the clear blue sky. We hope this painting makes them feel shame on their ignorance and negligence, and to inspire them to use our ancestors' wisdom and knowledge correctly… (Edited out)

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