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Diagram from log mentioned in Addendum-ハ

Item #: SCP-801-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-801-JP is perfectly contained at ██ Lake, and containment would be costly otherwise, it’s currently contained in a 10km radius around the ██ Lake. No seawater is allowed within the containment area. Also, as their carcass is also anomalous, care must be put when disposing it, so as to not come into contact with seawater. If a civilian enters the area, they are to be given Class-A amnestics, then released. If a explosion is witnessed by civilians, cover story “Fireworks display” is to be disseminated through SNS. ██ adult SCP-801-JP individuals have been confirmed. Including juveniles and roe, about ██ SCP-801-JP individuals live in the area.

Description: SCP-801-JP is a species similar to the Pacific bluefin tuna(Thunnus orientalis), with the exception of a few physical characteristics: It’s been pointed out that the Pacific bluefin tuna has the shortest pectoral fins of all species, but it has well developed pectoral fins akin to the flying fish. The average size of an SCP-801-JP specimen is 2m in length, weighing 200kg.

Explosive materials that shouldn’t be present are contained within their body.1 Autopsy experiments later performed on its carcass show an even bigger number of explosive materials. See Addendum-ロ. When SCP-801-JP activates, it will leap out of the water at high speed through means not yet understood, and will explode after reaching a target, or after a certain period of time passes. This explosion has a power equal to a ton of TNT. SCP-801-JP can also glide thanks to its developed pectoral fins. SCP-801-JP has a gliding speed of 1200km/h and has a practical range of 100km.2

This anomaly was discovered when a SCP-801-JP carcass was being dissected, and when it was touched with gloves with seawater on them, it was activated at the laboratory, breaking through the lab’s ceiling, being discovered to not only explode, but also to be able to fly. Later experiments revealed the conditions for its activation.

SCP-801-JP has been confirmed to release an anomaly akin to bioconcentration when ingested. SCP-801-JP also generates a strong desire for consumption when observing its carcass.

SCP-801-JP was discovered and contained when Foundation agents investigated ██ Lake after several fishermen reported seeing “tunas in the lake” to a fisheries association near ██ Lake. According to Mr. ███, and the investigation of documents based off it, SCP-801-JP seems to have been released as juveniles by an unknown person who dumped them from a bucket into the lake, and a journal about JOICL was discovered in an abandoned facility nearby, leading to a connection between the two.

Addendum-イ: Experiments regarding SCP-801-JP’s glide range, as well as explosion power are currently suspended due to the need of a vast body of water and the possibility of a containment breach.

Addendum-ロ: List of flammable and explosive substances found in the body of SCP-801-JP:
・Ammonium nitrate
These have been found in their bodies regardless of their original crystalline structure or shape.

Furthermore, when dissecting the carcass, a strong aroma of peach was detected, possibly due to the presence of nitrobenzene in the body.

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