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Item #: SCP-809-KO

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: █████, where SCP-809-KO-1 is located, is to be disguised as a military area to completely block civilian access, with MTF personnel stationed at all times to monitor civilian access or changes to the object. do. Deployed personnel are not to approach within 10m of SCP-809-KO-1, and if necessary, they must approach with equipment such as a gas mask or oxygen tanks.

Description: SCP-809-KO-1 is a dome-shaped space approximately 20 km in diameter located in █████, covered with an unknown plant. Flowers bloom on the vine surrounding the outer surface, and the scent from the flower has a slightly hypnotic effect, leading the living beings who smelled it to enter the open entrance. If any living organisms enter the interior, the vine will move and cannot block the entrance.

The inside of SCP-809-KO-1 has a labyrinth-like shape, and all the walls are composed of the same vine plants that covered the outside, but the flowers inside do not bloom. Instead, the internal plants have thorns of about 3 to 6 cm, and these thorns easily penetrate general clothing. Usually, more things can be pierced depending on the size of the thorn.

If any creature is pierced by this thorn, it immediately loses consciousness. Soon, the vine plants that made up the surrounding wall begin to move and wrap around the fallen body. After a few minutes, the subject will rise up and begin to walk with its entire body wrapped in vines, losing all blood and organs in its body. The creatures thus produced are referred to as SCP-809-KO-2. They are unable to communicate and try to contact the creatures they find while walking around inside the SCP-809-KO-1 without self-consciousness. When in contact with them, due to the thorn of the vine surrounding the body, the creature in contact also collapses. These individuals inhabit more and more as they go into the inner core.

SCP-809-KO-1 suddenly appeared at the location of an ordinary village, and the entire village disappeared. All the residents inside the village are missing, and it seems that they have turned into SCP-809-KO-2.

Exploration Log-809-KO-1:

Exploration Team: Mobile Task Force Zeta-9 ("Mole Rats")

Location: Inside SCP-809-KO-1

Captain: ζ9-1

Team: ζ9-2, ζ9-3, ζ9-4

[Recording begins]

ζ9-1: Command, we have successfully entered the interior. Please check if you can hear me well.

Command: Confirmed. ζ9-1, what do you see around you?

ζ9-1: I only see a wall of prickly vines.

Command: I see. Keep going.

The exploration team advances. A fork in the road appears.

ζ9-2: There is a fork in the road. What should we do?

ζ9-4: Hang on, let's find a way.

ζ9-4 takes out a portable device and scans the surroundings.

ζ9-4: The road on the right is blocked.

ζ9-1: Then go left.

At each fork in the road, ζ9-4 uses a detector to indicate the way.

ζ9-3: I see something over there. Looks like a person.

A human figure can be seen from a distance. The team approaches closer.

ζ9-1: Looks like a monster that lives here. Command, permission to shoot it?

Command: Granted.

ζ9-1: Ready to fire.

ζ9-2: Okay.

As they get a little closer, the creature recognizes the group begins to run towards them.

ζ9-2: (gunshots) Neutralized.

ζ9-1: If you encounter them in the future, shoot them all as you see them.

While the team was moving, a fork in the road appeared once more.

ζ9-4: Both have paths. What should I do?

ζ9-1: Two with Four go to the right, I and Three go to the left.

The team splits into two and heads to different paths. Both teams move for about 2 hours, repeating only killing each time they encounter an object.

ζ9-2: Even if you keep walking, you can only see the same wall. It seems that the number of monsters is increasing.

ζ9-1: Same here. Just keep moving forward.

ζ9-3: Indeed, the fact that such a complex maze has been created, I think, is something important hidden at the end of the maze?

ζ9-4: It certainly looks like there is something at this end.

ζ9-1: These guys keep flocking, and even if you kill them, they appear more and more.

The team travels about 1 hour more.

ζ9-2: I can't see the end, but it seems to be getting dangerous as more and more guys flock to it.

ζ9-1: (sighs) We better go back. Command, permission to fall back?

Command: Granted. Come back at once.

ζ9-1: I see. All come back

Both teams turn and prepare to return.

ζ9-2: By the way, I can't even see the ones that were pouring out just now as they were about to go back.

That's certainly strange. Obviously, if they were spread out all over this place, they would have to show up when you return.

ζ9-3: Captain, in front of you!

ζ9-1: Huh.

Dozens of monsters appear in front of ζ9-1 and ζ9-3.

ζ9-1: Run!

ζ9-2: What's going on?

ζ9-1: Dozens of monsters are chasing us! You guys get out of here quickly!

ζ9-2: I'm going to the rescue! Just a little bit-

ζ9-1: This is a command. Get out, fast!

ζ9-2: …All right.

While ζ9-1 and ζ9-3 are running, more entities appear from the front.

ζ9-1: Damn, I was going to use this for an escape.

ζ9-1 pulls the pinout of the grenade and throws it at the monsters approaching in front.

ζ9-1: (explosion) Keep running!

At that moment, the leg of ζ9-3 following him is caught.

ζ9-3: I'm being dragged away! Now-

All entities start to attach to ζ9-3 and wrap around him. The signal is cut off.

ζ9-1: Bloody hell, three…

A large space can be seen in front of the running ζ9-1.

ζ9-1: … Perhaps I have found the end of the maze. I'll go in.

Upon entering the large space, a huge egg the size of a four-story building is embedded in a few vines and placed on a pedestal made of vines.

ζ9-1: This is…

ζ9-1 starts screaming with an unknown meaning.1

Command: ζ9-1?

ζ9-1: It was. Ephelia.

Dozens of individuals appear from behind and attack ζ9-1.

ζ9-1: I was always here.

ζ9-1 disconnected.

[End Recording]

Note: Afterwards, an explosion occurs on the wall of SCP-809-KO-1, and ζ9-2 and ζ9-4 escape and return safely. ζ9-1 and ζ9-3 were treated as dead.

An investigation is ongoing into the giant egg that ζ9-1 witnessed before the connection was broken.


On 04/25/20██, SCP-809-KO-1's entrance opened, then closed again approximately 2 hours later. No living creatures were identified, and while investigating the area around the closed entrance to determine what was going on, a small piece of paper was found lying right in front of the entrance.

Waiting for his mother, who will never return, I hear the sound of life that the Children of the Night feared.

- Pangloss

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