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Item #: SCP-817-KO

Object Class: Safe Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: The subject is contained in a 5m x 5m cell. Beddery and toiletries for basic survival must be provided and replaced every three months. Inflammable objects must not be brought into the cell. Designated personnel are allowed to meet SCP-817-KO without restriction. Still, they are recommended not to show they are armed and refrain from talking about topics sensitive to the subject, such as 'lover' and 'combat'. When SCP-817-KO becomes uncontrollable, it should be locked inside until it calms down. However, if the flame in the chest area grows too big to the point that it harms the subject, the designated personnel should weaken the fire using a fire extinguisher while keeping in mind not to extinguish it completely.

Description: SCP-817-KO is a twenty-year-old healthy male with a height of 178.2cm and a weight of 73.6kg. The subject is from Salt Lake City, Utah, and has amber eyes, light brown hair a full beard. The subject agreed to be contained in the Foundation facility.

On the left chest of SCP-817-KO is a hole that shows a lighter suspended by three blood vessels instead of the heart. The lighter is constantly ignited and on fire, seemingly without replenishing oil. The flame grows when the subject needs extra cardiac output, such as increased exercise, replacing the heart's function. In ordinary situations, the flame retains the size of a human heart. Despite this, SCP-817-KO experiences no difficulty in everyday life.

According to the subject, SCP-817-KO was shot in the heart while fighting in the Vietnam war, lost consciousness and then woke up to find himself in his current status. The oil lighter was inside the subject's left shirt pocket, blocking the bullet. The bullet can be seen stuck on the lighter. The Foundation checked SCP-817-KO's service records and has confirmed testimonies from four soldiers from his battalion. They visually checked that SCP-817-KO was deceased and exited the battleground.

SCP-817-KO's oil lighter is a gift from his fiance, who died in a car accident after SCP-817-KO was deployed to Vietnam. The anomalous nature of the lighter might be linked to this fact, but nothing is confirmed.

As described above, mentioning his lover or combat to SCP-817-KO will result in the flame growing and rattling back and forth, so extreme caution is advised. Nightmares and seizures may also result in the same effect. The flame typically moves in a manner that causes the least harm to SCP-817-KO(though SCP-817-KO seems unable to control the flame himself), but when the subject is highly agitated, the flame may harm the subject, so manual extinguishing by designated personnel is required.


SCP-817-KO Psychoanalysis Log ██/██/████

Initial anxiety seems to have gotten better, but PTSD remains. The unfamiliar atmosphere seems to hinder effective treatment. SCP-817-KO seems to have grown very close to Agent [REDACTED] as a sort of mental escape route. Admittedly, her being there does make treating SCP-817-KO easier, but in the long run, she may be a burden in containment. SCP-817-KO is very likely to be overdependent on her.

-I will observe further. (Signature of Site Manager)

SCP-817-KO Psychoanalysis Log ██/██/████

More frequent nightmares. SCP-817-KO is often seen crying alone. PTSD remains, in addition to the sadness caused by the loss of his fiance. Agent [REDACTED] seems to greatly remind SCP-817-KO of his fiance. Suspicions of megalomania.

-Designated Agent [REDACTED] relocated. (Signature of Site Manager)

SCP-817-KO Psychoanalysis Log ██/██/████

SCP-817-KO understood and accepted Agent [REDACTED]'s relocation. However, the subject will most likely be more mentally unstable for some time, so caution is advised. PTSD symptoms are manageable as of now, but they may worsen. In preparation for when SCP-817-KO becomes uncontrollable, regular relaxation therapy with an armed agent is proposed.

-Authorised. (Signature of Site Manager)

Security Log SCP-817-KO
██/██, 04:37 SCP-817-KO is sitting on his bed. The flame grew in size a few times, after which SCP-817-KO proceeded to let out a deep breath and nod. From this point, the flame shrunk to less than half of its original size.

SCP-817-KO Psychoanalysis Log ██/██/████

SCP-817-KO started to ask for the former designated agent, [REDACTED]. Despite former symptoms of maniac depression, SCP-817-KO seems to be determined, lacking the overdependency. Symptoms are expected to relieve. We are proposing to let the subject meet her.

-Will examine. (Signature of Site Manager)

SCP-817-KO Psychoanalysis Log ██/██/████

Analysis showed no emotional or physical problems with SCP-817-KO, but the flame is gradually shrinking. Further action is needed.

-As proposed, the subject should meet Agent [REDACTED]. (Signature of Site Manager)

Security Log SCP-817-KO
██/██, 18:55 SCP-817-KO is moved inside the interview room. Soon the subject meets Agent [REDACTED] waiting in the room. SCP-817-KO sits and looks at her.
██/██, 18:57 SCP-817-KO starts talking with Agent [REDACTED].
██/██, 19:01 SCP-817-KO "I now know that you're not Mary."
██/██, 19:06 SCP-817-KO "I know she loves me, and she's aiding me. However, so much time passed."
██/██, 19:07 SCP-817-KO "…It was continued chaos. Squirming in pain, I met you. And I… felt my vow to Mary start to shake." (SCP-817-KO's flame is visibly fluttering.)
██/██, 19:11 Agent [REDACTED] "But you…"
██/██, 19:13 SCP-817-KO "I know how it'll end. Mary is dead, and so am I. And I can't stand the fact that I'm having these thoughts with my dead body."
██/██, 19:14 SCP-817-KO "Do you believe in the afterlife?"
██/██, 19:16 SCP-817-KO "I'm sorry. For all of you… You knew it, didn't you?" (SCP-817-KO's flame is reduced to the size of a ping-pong ball)
██/██, 19:16 SCP-817-KO "I went through countless sleepless nights. Here burns the scorching proof of her love. Am I right to leave her like this? How can I rekindle my burning love to her?
██/██, 19:17 SCP-817-KO "She will leave me, wounded. And so will I. Maybe every one of us will be wounded."
██/██, 19:19 SCP-817-KO "That's why I thought it was right to confess my feelings. For me, for you, and Mary… It shall reignite."
██/██, 19:20 SCP-817-KO "I love you." (SCP-817-KO's flame flutters and disappears.)
██/██, 19:21 SCP-817-KO falls to the desk. Security rushes in to pull away Agent [REDACTED] and runs toward SCP-817-KO.

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