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Item#: SCP-818-JP

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The area affected by SCP-818-JP and the surrounding 300 meter perimeter is isolated by a 4 meter tall block wall. The wall shall be patrolled by three unarmed D-class personnel disguised as security guards, as to prevent intrusion by the public with collars equipped with a means of remote termination. D-class personnel assigned to patrol shall be equipped with a portable camera, and its images monitored by Foundation personnel with a minimum 10 minute delay against a duplicate. In the unlikely event of observing voices or images of SCP-818-JP-1 while patrolling, the responsible research team shall be promptly notified.

All humans exposed to SCP-818-JP-1 shall be contained within the containment facility located in Underground Site-81██, and shall be terminated using the incinerator that is provided. This operation will always be performed by D-class personnel, and those that execute it shall only be instructed using relayed communication through at least three D-class personnel. When any interviews need to be performed with the victim, this shall be performed in a similar manner utilizing at least three or more D-class personnel.

Description: SCP-818-JP is an abnormal phenomenon occurring in a vacant land of 50 square meters existing in █ mountain, Saga prefecture. Within the center of the affected area of SCP-818-JP stands a non-anomalous shrine that is approximately 1 meter in height. About ██ pieces of unknown stone fragments have been discovered from within the shrine. Due to observed traces of post-processing identified with these stones, it is theorized that an earlier object must have collapsed due to aged deterioration or external causes. However, due to the extreme deterioration of each piece coupled with some stone pieces being lost, previous attempts to reproduce this into its original form have failed. With the exclusion of snowfall, the environment within SCP-818-JP shall be fixed in a state where soil can be seen at all times with the naked eye.

SCP-818-JP occurs when humans (hereinafter referred to as victims) are conducting acts that are generally considered within the modern nation of Japan as good conduct, or courteous in behavior (hereinafter referred to as appearance condition) within its perimeter. Humans who have met this appearance condition will then be confronted with an instance of SCP-818-JP-1 (generalized term referring to both SCP-818-JP-A and SCP-818-JP-B) in the surrounding area.

SCP-818-JP-1 is a collective term referring to the humanoid entities that in appearance look like an elderly couple in their 70's. The male type is referred to as SCP-818-JP-A and the female type is referred to as SCP-818-JP-B respectively. The appeared SCP-818-JP-1 will begin to offer words of praise to the victim, with the praises being terribly exaggerated and fully vindictive of the victim's actions, while using the term "great" more often. The usage of this term will be made even in instances where it would be both grammatically or semantically inappropriate, and since no corrections have been made after point this out, it is therefore presumed that there is some obsession in its usage of the term "great".

While SCP-818-JP-B can conduct relatively normal conversations, SCP-818-JP-A will only converse with its victims in words of praise or in short phrases. However, SCP-818-JP-B's speech pattern is very unstable, and will often times create discrepancies within its own conversations. After its initial encounter, SCP-818-JP-1 will disappear from the area after offering a certain extent of praises to its victim.

Once the victim is exposed to SCP-818-JP-1, even if condition is fulfilled outside the affected perimeter they will still be confronted with SCP-818-JP-1 giving words of praise. The impact of this behavior will vary based on the elapsed number of days counted from the victim's initial encounter with SCP-818-JP-1. Although, there are large individual differences in its progression, the effects of SCP-818-JP-1 are known to accelerate as the number of encounters increases. As confirmed currently, the required duration needed for its effects to reach to its final stage are a minimum of 4 days to a maximum of 20 days. By administrating amnestics the effects of SCP-818-JP can be temporarily relieved from the victim, but due to irreversible increase in frequency of SCP-818-JP-1 appearing, the speed of progression will soon return to its original speed within a very short time span.

A summary of the criteria used for the progression speeds of SCP-818-JP are outlined below.

Early-term Effects
The victim will feel an extreme sense of accomplishment through acts that receive the praise from others, and will proactively satisfy the appearance conditions of SCP-818-JP-1. At times, the victim's personality is found to become more optimistic and forward-looking. This thought to be not due to the effects of SCP-818-JP-1, but due to the vindication of their actions and a boost in their self-confidence.

Mid-term Effects
The appearance conditions of SCP-818-JP-1 will become more simplified. At the same time, the victim will feel a sense of sarcasm and irony from words of gratitude or praise given by humans other than SCP-818-JP-1, resulting in clashes with their peers. The clashes are at times the root of some incidents in the like of destruction of property, assault, and murder.

Late-term effects
The appearance condition of SCP-818-JP-1 will become "being able to speak Japanese", "walk very well", "being born in good health" and the like, where the threshold for the appearance condition will fall to a level that is impossible to avoid. Because of this, the appearance condition of SCP-818-JP-1 will perpetually be maintained and will appear continuously around the victim. The victim themselves will also heavily depend on SCP-818-JP-1 and only respond to the words given by SCP-818-JP-1. Victims that reach this stage do not need to eat or sleep or perform any other life supporting activities for sustenance.

Although the SCP-818-JP-1 that appears in all stages are also observable to other humans, usually it will not respond to people other than the victim. However, by satisfying the appearance condition within the perception of both SCP-818-JP-1 and its victim, SCP-818-JP-1 will appear as if the appearance condition was satisfied within the affected perimeter of SCP-818-JP. Since the appearance condition at this time will depend on the progression term of its victim, eventually it will become a situation where just approaching a victim in its late-term will fulfill the appearance condition. Correspondingly, since the termination of a victim whose progression is mid-term or later may trigger the appearance condition of SCP-818-JP-1, early retrieval and deposal of the victim is required.

Attacks against SCP-818-JP-1 are expected to yield results not beyond that of the temporary repulsion of SCP-818-JP-1 and furthermore, because they have the possibility of satisfying the appearance condition of SCP-818-JP-1 attacks against SCP-818-JP-1 are not recommended.

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