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Item #: SCP-819-KO

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-819-KO is to be contained while installed on the ceiling of Room 15, Standard Object Type Containment Room, Site-21K. Testing or interviewing SCP-819-KO requires the approval of Level 4 or higher personnel as it causes unnecessary loss of life.

Traces of the origin of SCP-819-KO are currently ongoing.

Description: SCP-819-KO is a spotlight light mainly used in plays, decorated with an angel statue at the top. A total of three lights were connected to one rod, and when one was moved, the other two moved together accordingly, always illuminating the same place.

If someone enters the light illuminated by SCP-819-KO, SCP-819-KO will follow the person's location and shine a light no matter where SCP-819-KO moves within its radius. The above phenomenon applies only to one person who enters the light, and when multiple objects enter, the person who enters first or has a criminal record is followed first. However, in the case of a murder convict, the connection continued to follow regardless of the range of movement that could be lit by taking turns. At this time, a metallic sound was heard from the connection part of SCP-819-KO, but after testing, there were no signs of damage.

When SCP-819-KO illuminates a human with a previous murder record for more than 34 seconds, the following anomalies occur:

  • Subjects illuminated by SCP-819-KO become rigid. At the same time, the light of SCP-819-KO is focused on the subject, giving the appearance of the test subject standing in the center of the light. Since then, it has failed to force the test subject out of the light of SCP-819-KO.
  • A human-shaped shadow appears behind the test subject. The number was the same as the number of humans killed by the test subject, and the hairstyle and body shape was also different for each shadow.
  • Shadows come out of the plane and have a physical shape. The shadow in this state is referred to as SCP-819-KO-1. SCP-819-KO-1 neither exerted nor affected any personnel other than the test subject.
  • SCP-819-KO-1 approaches the test subject and embraces it. From the moment of this embrace, the shape of SCP-819-KO-1 spreads around the test subject's body.
  • When the test subject's entire body is wrapped in SCP-819-KO-1, the test subject spontaneously dematerializes while wrapped. In the missing place, there will be an 8cm x 5cm paper with lines from various plays "Hamlet."
  • Five days later, the test subject is found dead inside the containment chamber. On the corpse, the cause of death of the human being killed by the test subject is comprehensively displayed.
  • At the time of discovery, the light of SCP-819-KO illuminates the corpse, and when the corpse is pulled out of the light, SCP-819-KO automatically turns off.

SCP-819-KO first revealed its anomalous properties to the actor ██████ ███████, who was arrested for murder at the ██████ Theater in England and released due to insufficient evidence. ██████ ███████ went missing during rehearsal for the play Macbeth due to the anomaly of SCP-819-KO. A Foundation agent, who was undercover at the time, identified the anomaly in the disappearance report and reported it to the Foundation. Afterward, the body of ██████ ███████ was found in the containment chamber, and SCP-819-KO was confirmed to be the cause and is now contained.

Addendum: SCP-819-KO Interview Log

The hypothesis that SCP-819-KO is intelligent in terms of its ability to move on its own and the ability to detect a murdered object has been consistently suggested, and communication methods have been continuously studied. In the █ test, when the test subject was given a piece of paper the same size as the note left by SCP-819-KO, with the interview details written on it, it was confirmed that the answer was written on the back of the paper left behind by the test subject. The following is an interview with SCP-819-KO from the subsequent experiments.

Question: I want to talk. We have a lot of questions for you.

SCP-819-KO: A conversation is always welcome. Because it is a reality that is difficult to talk about with this body.

Question: What do you mean by "Hamlet" that you always leave behind?

SCP-819-KO: It doesn't mean anything else. We punish those who sinned. I just use the right word for punishment.

Question: Is it a kind of agency?

SCP-819-KO: Not an agent. I just help them get revenge directly.

Question: Are the shadows real people?

SCP-819-KO: It's an echo. We have a lot of echoes from the dead.

Question: Does 'we' refer to your three lights?

SCP-819-KO: No. It's 'me'.

Question: So are you part of an organization that says 'we'?

SCP-819-KO: No. 'We' is 'me' in the majority.

Question: It's difficult to understand.

SCP-819-KO: It will be easier to understand than a spotlight that kills people.

Question: Rather, such puns are more difficult and less interesting

SCP-819-KO: Still, I think you're a funny person.

Question: Why?

SCP-819-KO: Aren't you talking to me while killing people?

Revised ██/██/20██: It seems clear that sacrificing Foundation resources for a simple conversation with SCP-819-KO is an unnecessary loss. Personnel who fail to derive valuable information from future interviews with SCP-819-KO will be subject to disciplinary action.

Question: Only straightforward questions were allowed. So I'll ask you a simple question, who are you? Who made you? How the hell are you talking to us?

SCP-819-KO: I can only answer this. Someone made me I don't understand him either, so I have nothing to say about him. He makes 'we'. That 'we' is 'I' and 'I' is 'we'.

We are many
We are single.
We are the audience.1

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