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Item #: SCP-820-JP


SCP-820-JP in containment.

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-820-JP is to be stored in a dedicated containment unit built inside an unmanned submarine which is in constant motion. SCP-820-JP is to be returned to the surface periodically for inspection of its condition. While on the ground, SCP-820-JP must be relocated every two hours, with the inspectors and containment staff accompanying it. In the event that SCP-820-JP remains in the same location for more than three hours, its attached transmitter will signal and a Mobile Task Force will be dispatched immediately to retrieve it.

Description: SCP-820-JP is a stone knife with a design attributed to the Aztec civilization, decorated with a snake crawling up from the handle to the blade in a coiling motion. The handle is engraved with the inscription "如来観光 観光促進課 謹製"1 in Kanji characters; the Foundation has conducted ongoing investigations into this company. SCP-820-JP has a much higher resistance to destruction than items created from identical materials, and attempts to damage it have been unsuccessful to date.

When an individual has directly observed SCP-820-JP for more than ██ minutes, they experience an urge to use it to injure other people in the most conspicuous way possible. Once SCP-820-JP is used in an incident causing murder or severe injury, it imparts its own anomalous properties to the incident (hereafter referred to as SCP-820-JP-A).

Due to the above-mentioned properties, SCP-820-JP-A incidents almost always take place in broad daylight and in high-traffic areas; therefore, most SCP-820-JP-A incidents to date have been recorded by the police as the perpetrator being apprehended in the act. SCP-820-JP-A's anomalous properties manifest immediately after the perpetrator is arrested. If the incident itself is suppressed by the Foundation's cover-up efforts and amnestic treatment, the anomalous events described below do not occur.

Any information about SCP-820-JP and SCP-820-JP-A causes a mild psychological contamination in those who perceive it. Individuals who perceive information about SCP-820-JP/-A develop an impression that SCP-820-JP/-A is "intriguing" or "fascinating," slightly lose their own ethical judgment, and attempt to approach its vicinity whenever the opportunity arises.

As people gather to the SCP-820-JP-A scene, the surrounding area begins to be developed as a dark tourism destination2. Unlike conventional dark tourism, however, it is almost entirely devoid of remorse and awe that is supposed to accompany it, and focuses instead on simple entertainment and recreational sightseeing. Accordingly, dining establishments, mascot characters based on SCP-820-JP-A, souvenir shops, and other similar facilities are formed in the vicinity of the SCP-820-JP-A scene. As the information associated with these also carries a similar psychological contamination effect, the tourist site centered on SCP-820-JP-A expands limitlessly. If left unaddressed, SCP-820-JP-A can have a substantial impact on the economic activity of the surrounding area, leading to the unplanned investment to establish new stores and businesses in the vicinity of the SCP-820-JP-A scene.

Addendum-A: Document - SCP-820-A Record

Case Details Result
-1 A 13-year-old male fatally stabbed a male security guard near ██████████, a sightseeing spot in ████████ Prefecture, Japan. The perpetrator was arrested in the act. See below.
-2 Occurred in broad daylight on a street in the Greater Tokyo Area; 3 dead, 16 seriously injured. The perpetrator was immediately arrested in the act. As the attack took place in pedestrian zone, local chamber of commerce near the crime scene planned to hold a memorial parade. They attempted to invite Brazilian dancers to hold a carnival-style parade, which resulted in the leakage of SCP-820-JP-related information to South America. Even after the Foundation brought the situation under control, ██ Brazilian restaurants were haphazardly established in a 50m2 area.
-3 During a singing contest at a village festival, a middle school female student fatally stabbed a comedian invited from Nagoya on stage. The mother of the perpetrator published a memoir. Since the village lacked tourism resources, all villagers united to promote the conversion of SCP-820-JP-A into a tourist attraction. A plan was proposed to construct "Wacky ██████-san Hall" named after the perpetrator, and to relocate the perpetrator's private room to a part of it; this project was suppressed at the planning stage through the Foundation's efforts.
-4 An elderly civilian living alone was murdered in a residential area. The perpetrator cut the corpse into small pieces to scatter them on the street for self-exposure, and was arrested a few days later. As the victim happened to have served in the military as a nurse and kept many historical materials in his warehouse, his home was converted into an exhibition room. Development of a software program was commissioned to provide commentaries in the sampled voices of the victim; it was prevented in the planning stage. SCP-820-JP was recovered from the perpetrator's home during this case.
-5 See below. See below.

Addendum-B: Case-820-JP-A-1

Case-820-JP-1 was the first confirmed and most destructive case of SCP-820-JP's influence. Over █0,000 people were affected, in both severe and minor degrees, which led to subliminal amnesticization by various media-related Foundation front companies.

Subject: SCP-820-JP-A-1 scene

Undercover Agent: Agent Kurotsuchi

Note: Audio recording of Agent Kurotsuchi arriving in the area and walking to the SCP-820-JP-A-1 scene.

Agent Kurotsuchi: … I've arrived. As per intelligence, this is clearly an unusual situation. It seems certain that the information about that incident has a cognitive contamination effect.

Site personnel: Roger that. Are you fully equipped for sensory protection?

Agent Kurotsuchi: Vision, auditory, and olfactory protections are all functioning well. For now, I'm heading straight for the crime scene.

Site personnel: Please report to us immediately if you find anything.

Agent Kurotsuchi: Okay. … Now I'm at a sort of, um, marketplace? There are stalls offering souvenirs on both sides of me. A lot of people. The crime scene is supposed to be at the end of this road.

Agent Kurotsuchi: It's hard to make progress. … I can smell… roasting meat. … They're selling something called… "Slashed 'n' Grilled" up ahead, spicy and nice smelling. It costs 500 yen. Should I buy it?

Site personnel: No, please continue on your way.

Agent Kurotsuchi: Oh, it's a filleting show! A tuna filleting show is being held in the middle of the road. The chef is dressed in the same clothing as the perpetrator of the crime. Many people are taking pictures around him. Do you want me to take a picture?

Site personnel: No, please continue on your way.

Agent Kurotsuchi: … I'm almost at the crime scene, but it's covered by a tent so I can't see. Something… odd is standing at the entrance.

Site personnel: Something odd? You mean an anomaly?

Agent Kurotsuchi: No, it's just a costumed person, waving at me. A pig costume dressed up as the perpetrator. I guess it's a so-called yuru-chara. How cute! May I take a picture with them?

Site personnel: I don't care, just get inside the tent.

Agent Kurotsuchi: Roger that… I entered the tent. The admission fee was 1,800 yen, apparently children under elementary school age are charged half price. Inside, a series of panels depicting the perpetrator's life to date are on display. They have also placed a life-size wax figure and a panoramic painting that illustrates the situation at the time of the incident. There is another small tent where I can get a closer look at the crime scene; it will take me about an hour, but I'm willing to wait in line.

Site personnel: No problem.

Agent Kurotsuchi: … Now I'm inside the smaller tent. There are bloodstains on the bare ground illuminated by spotlights… I need to get out now, since there are still a lot of visitors behind me. Apparently the mother of the perpetrator is having a talk show today at the town hall beside me, should I attend that as well?

Site personnel: Not necessary. Please come back soon.

Agent Kurotsuchi: No, this is a good opportunity to do some more research, and then I'll return to the site. Oh hey, a museum store over there. What kind of souvenirs would be good to buy for you guys? Pennants? Maybe some small snacks would be good so we can all eat together… They are selling "Slaughter Cookies"; you can even sample them. Shattered cookies hardened with chocolate along with raspberries and other dried fruits…

Site personnel: Just get back here!

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Agent Kurotsuchi eventually returned 18 hours later with a large amount of baggage after making numerous purchases around the SCP-820-JP-A-1 scene. None of these items were noted to have any anomalous properties. Although the site personnel who received the audio report were unharmed, Agent Kurotsuchi showed signs of cognitive contamination immediately upon entering the SCP-820-JP-A-1 scene; the site personnel were instructed to leave the agent to their own devices from the middle of the operation. Agent Kurotsuchi was treated immediately upon their return.

Addendum-C: Case-820-JP-A-5 (SCP-820-JP-1)

On 2010/06/██, a male civilian visited Site-81██. Following the interview he was promptly administered amnestics and returned to his home.

Subject: Mr. ██████

Interviewer: Agent Kimura

Agent Kimura: So, I'd like to ask you a couple of questions now. First of all… why did you come here?

Mr. ██████: Uh, well, you have the thing here, right? Y'know, that thing. The knife. I just wanted to see that.

Agent Kimura: Knife? Well… sure, there might be some knives here3, but… why again?

Mr. ██████: For curiosity. I just heard a rumor that there is something here, and I thought I'd like to see it for once. That's what sightseeing is all about, isn't it? I really don't have an answer for you.

Agent Kimura: … Did you hear the rumor from someone?

Mr. ██████: Uhm, I don't recall. I happened to visit nearby, and remembered that there was such a thing, so I came here. This is a pretty nice place, by the way. I didn't know such a spot exists just a ██ minute drive from ██████ Station.

Agent Kimura: … Um, did you… come here by car?

Mr. ██████: By cab. I told the driver about such-and-such, and he said "Oh, you're going to an unusual place," and brought me here.

Agent Kimura: … That should be enough, thank you very much.

Mr. ██████: Anyway, where is the knife?

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Although the cab driver who brought Mr. ██████ in was successfully identified based on records and interrogated, he did not recall how he knew about SCP-820-JP and Site-81██'s location, claiming that he learned about them through "rumors."

Since the initial containment of SCP-820-JP, the number of people who learned of its location through unknown means and visited the site for tourism purposes continued to increase, eventually leading to requests from media companies to interview. SCP-820-JP was transferred to its current containment unit in order to prevent the Foundation sites from being located.

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