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Item #: SCP-823-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-823-JP is contained at Site-81██, in a low-risk biological containment cell. This cell has a window for SCP-823-JP to look at the sky. If SCP-823-JP shows any kind of reaction that hasn't been documented, report it to the containment head.

Description: SCP-823-JP are moon-shaped dangos1 with a consciousness of their own. SCP-823-JP consists of two parts: a sanbō2 and the dangos, with the sanbō being the same size and material as the sanbōs commonly found. The mechanism used by SCP-823-JP to be able to move autonomously is unknown. SCP-823-JP does not talk, but is capable of producing very simple words.

SCP-823-JP can move while the lower part of the sanbō is touching the ground. SCP-823-JP is able to reach a speed of approximately 5 km/h. SCP-823-JP can jump up to a height of approximately 30 cm.

SCP-823-JP expresses its own emotions by making objects emerge from within the sanbō.3 When SCP-823-JP feels happy, Chinese silver grass will emerge, and when it feels angry, a mallet will emerge. SCP-823-JP swings the objects harder the more excited it gets. All objects have a reduced size in order to fit trhough the holes, only their upper part being visible. When the emotions of SCP-823-JP calm down, the object that had appeared disappears by being pulled into the sanbō.

The dangos are pilled over one another, with nine as the base, four in the middle, and one on top. They are normal and edible, made from rice flour. SCP-823-JP defends against the consumption of the first-layer dangos with the mallet, but due to the small size of the mallet and its narrow range of motion, it does not pose significant harm to the offenders. When the number of dangos decreases, SCP-823-JP slows down, and when all dangos are consumed, SCP-823-JP temporarily stops functioning. Even if a tangerine, a stone, etc., is placed on the tray instead of a dango, they will be replaced by dangos at a rate of one every two hours.

SCP-823-JP was found and contained at a convenience store in ██ City, Kyoto Prefecture, upon reports from a civilian. Surveillance camera footage recorded SCP-823-JP suddenly appearing in an empty space and producing some Chinese silver grass, which it shook up and down. Witnesses were interviewed, but no relevant information was obtained, and they were amnesticized and subsequently released. Given that SCP-823-JP has never demonstrated the ability to teleport through space since the time of its containment, it is suspected to be connected to other anomalous entities.

Addendum 1: On ██/██/20██, at 9:00 P.M., while SCP-823-JP was in a field test to ascertain its ability to move, it produced Chinese silver grass and shook it vigorously. It is speculated that something on the outside excited SCP-823-JP. Due to the possibility of discovering information that could lead to the identity of SCP-823-JP, a window was installed in its containment cell, and the special containment procedures were updated.

Addendum 2: SCP-823-JP has been found to be excited by the moon. Particularly, it gets more excited when there is a full moon.

Addendum 3: On ██/██/20██, at 10:00 P.M., SCP-823-JP showed an unknown reaction to the full moon. SCP-823-JP produced Chinese silver grass from the sanbō, but did not shake it. SCP-823-JP turned to the window and made no movement until the full moon disappeared. When Researcher ██ entered the containment cell to check on the safety of SCP-823-JP, it slightly shook the Chinese silver grass and resumed its usual activities. Researcher ██ reported that "the votive paper of SCP-823-JP was a little damp."

In addition to the full moon, that day it was snowing.

Addendum 4: On ██/██/20██, Researcher ██ found some text appearing on the votive paper of SCP-823-JP. No such text had been identified in previous studies.

The text reads as follows:

How are you? I'm fine.
There's nothing here but night and snow, I'm jealous.
I have to go now.
So I'll leave this child in your hands.
I think he's going to be annoyed because he's lonely.
But please be kind.

             From Drunkness Street, with love.

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