Rejection Notice

Rejection Notice

To the Director of Site-27K1

You are fine. The reactions you've shown are a perfect example of humanity. On the contrary, you are most human for you feel that way.

We know they are human too: humans that pursue happiness, that drown in sorrow, that can burn every bit of passion one has for love. We assume you requested amnestics because you know that painfully well, too.

Mr Hwang-Bo, we cannot amnesticise you, as long as you are an administrator. However horrible the Foundation can be, the most humane should take lead, precisely for that reason. The bleak, barren system is only worth whatever "Justice" the Foundation operates for, because us, us compassionate enough to weep for the worst convicts on death row, hold it. You must bear the burden of obvious evil, for it is the way for the fallen, and will-be-fallen, the way for the greater good.

Suffer from the deepest, most dreadful nightmares, toss yourself in a swamp of lament, and wail. The most arduous, challenging days, then seasons will pile behind you, dulling your senses, and then and only then will you not feel the pain when you force the herd of poor unfortunate souls into the test chamber.

We will reach out to you when you truly notice yourself in such a situation. We can rekindle your embers of guilt whenever you desire. There are plenty of drugs of that kind.

From ███, Korean Ambassador of the Ethics Committee

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