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Item #: SCP-827-KO

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-827-KO is to be contained in a sealed safe. Air containing SCP-827-KO-1 is to be provided to vehicles with an isolated gas circulation system (e.g. Space stations) until SCP-827-KO-1 in the Earth's atmosphere is reduced under a certain threshold.1 Mobile Task Force Epsilon-75 ("Filter") is to search for means of neutralising SCP-827-KO-1 and monitor additional incident occurrences.

Description: SCP-827-KO refers to twelve present boxes of an approximate size of 30x30x30cm, wrapped with green wrapping paper tied with a red ribbon. Currently, nine of the twelve instances are open. Two unopened instances are under the Foundation's possession. The GOC currently owns the other instance.

SCP-827-KO is extradimensional, with a notably wide space inside.2 The space of the Foundation owned SCP-827-KO instances is full of an extremely volatile substance. The other nine opened instances, though unobservable, is thought to contain a significant amount of the substance.

SCP-827-KO-1 is an olfactory cognitohazard exclusive to humans, which manifests during the vaporisation of the aforementioned substance. Recognition of the subject causes one of the following:

  • Giving out gifts to neighbours. Reported instances of giving away all of one's possessions, including real-estate.
  • Loud laughter. The maximum length of reported laughter is 11 hours.
  • Decorating nearby trees.
  • Wandering around singing Christmas carols. Moving along with other people seen singing carols.
  • Sending Christmas cards to more than 50 random people on average.
  • Cooking or consuming large quantities of food.
  • Heading to a local church, occasionally resulting in injuries or death due to crowding.

People under the object's influence perform the actions above before everything else. In this process, basic actions vital for survival and social stability such as medical practice are ignored, resulting in significant confusion. (Refer to Document: Ac/PF-DS/827ko)
The effect of SCP-827-KO-1 lingers approximately from 5 to 48 hours. The affected can recall memories of its effects after it wears off. The immunity to the subject's effects that the affected show is but a temporary phenomenon; isolation from the substance from 10 to 72 hours of exposure to a higher concentration of it makes the person vulnerable to its effects. (Refer to Addendum 2: Ev/827ko) This is thought to be due to the olfactory nature of the cognitohazard. Extended exposure to its smell renders the nerves obtuse, making it unable to recognise the object anymore.

SCP-827-KO-1 exists globally. To date, no effective methods of clearing it have been found.

Addendum 1: Timeline Ac/PF-DS/827ko
The record mentioned below shows the proliferation of the effects of opening SCP-827-KO. Time is based on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

01/12/21: Instances of SCP-827-KO appear in twelve different locations. It is noteworthy that two appeared in a Foundation site, and one appeared in the United Nations Headquarters building. The two instances were temporarily contained by the Foundation, at which time it did not notice other SCP-827-KO instances beside them.

01/12/21: Four SCP-827-KO instances were opened, paralysing their nearby cities. The Foundation dispatched agents to the cities, who lost contact immediately after arrival. Agents wearing Class-C hazmat suits were again deployed, finally noticing that SCP-827-KO-1 exists through analysis.

02/12/21: Five more SCP-827-KO were opened. An investigation uncovers SCP-827-KO's existence, leading to the Foundation reinforcing security over the objects. An SCP-827-KO retrieval operation was executed to no avail due to the uncertain location of the subjects.

02/12/21: Site-███ was affected by SCP-827-KO-1, causing the containment breach of SCP-███ and SCP-████. Ten hours later, Protocol AA-B was activated. The SCP instances were contained three days later.

03/12/21: The Foundation and the GOC agreed on cooperating.

04/12/21: Communication with Site-███ resumes, confirming the site is no longer under SCP-827-KO-1's influence. The Foundation designates the cause of the incident as SCP-827-KO. Its exclusive MTF unit, Epsilon-75 is formed.

05/12/21: Two other bases are affected by SCP-827-KO-1. Epsilon-75 is dispatched.

06/12/21: The O5 council receives a report for the proliferation of SCP-827-KO-1. PF-Class End of the World scenario declared.

06/12/21: Blackout in ███. The GOC intervenes to restore electricity after 6 hours.

07/12/21: Six more SCP-827-KO instances contained. Containment protocol established.

08/12/21: ██ cases of containment failure at Site-██. Contained five days after.

08/12/21: A church burned down at ████, killing everyone inside. The fire spread to the neighbouring buildings, incinerating 70% of the city’s infrastructure before being extinguished by Epsilon-75. This was the first instance of a large-scale fire ever reported. ██ more similar cases occurred after.

10/12/21: Blackout in █ countries, one of which caused a radiation leak from a nuclear power plant at ██. MTF unit Beta-7 ("Maz Hatters") is dispatched for cleanup.

12/12/21: SCP-827-KO proliferation information reaches the critical point of the Masquerade. Under the agreement with the GOC, selected information of the PF-Class End of the World scenario is purposely leaked to the public.

15/12/21: Twenty-five percent of Foundation personnel are currently in Epsilon-75. A medical team and firefighting team under Epsilon-75 is formed, dramatically reducing civilian casualties. Containment procedures partially revised.

17/12/21: All known instances of SCP-827-KO are contained.

19/12/21: Forty percent of Foundation personnel are currently in Epsilon-75. A follow-up team is formed. Containment procedures partially revised.

23/12/21: Ninety percent of the Earth’s surface is affected by SCP-827-KO-1. Seventy percent of Epsilon-75 personnel are undertaking follow-up procedures.

25/12/21: The entire Earth is affected by SCP-827-KO-1.

28/12/21: Termination of the subjects affected by SCP-827-KO-1.

19/01/22: All follow-up procedures complete. Personnel of Epsilon-75 reduced.

24/01/22: End of Scenario declared. Total damage amounts to [REDACTED]

Addendum 2: Ev/827ko
On 22/03/22, Agent ███, who formerly stayed in a Foundation-owned space station returns to Earth. The agent showed symptoms after the return and was retained as a result. This incident triggers considerable confusion to the Foundation, as the person has already been exposed to the object. Following this, the Foundation conducted a series of ██ experiments, proving the hypothesis that former exposure to SCP-827-KO-1 does not grant permanent immunity to the subject. After this, information describing the anomalous nature of the subject has been added. Containment procedures have been updated to the latest methods.

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